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SET IN STONE by Kimberley Woodhouse, Reviewed by Winnie and Rebecca

Treasures of the Earth Book #2: 
(Christian Historical Romance Book with 
Adventure and Women in Science)


With a setting in Colorado in the late 1800s, a female paleontologist who has her own dig, and a sigh-worthy hero, Kimberley Woodhouse’s second book in her Treasures of the Earth series caught my attention and kept it captive. I enjoyed the history behind the story, including the Bone Wars and the finding of dinosaur bones in the Colorado/Utah area. Woodhouse has obviously researched the subject well and worked her characters and story around it carefully. I particularly enjoyed the epigraphs at the beginning of the chapters with quotes by Earl Douglass. They were inspiring and gave a little clue as to what the chapter would bring.

Paleontologist Martha Jankowski is competent, passionate about dinosaur digs, and motivated to succeed in unearthing an intact dinosaur for display in a museum. Jacob Duncan is a student of paleontology and is hired by Martha to help on her dig. Jacob’s work ethic, honesty, and integrity were exemplary, and contrasted greatly with some of the other characters in the tale. I enjoyed seeing their relationship change and grow as they worked together. 

Plenty of history, suspense, twists and turns, and inspiration combine to make this an intriguing and entertaining story. A dash of romance is added in for those who enjoy a bit of that along with their historical fiction. There are very strong inspirational elements woven throughout the story with focus on faith, forgiveness, trust. The contrast between good and evil was very evident. I recommend this book to those who enjoy faith-filled historical romance.
*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from Bethany House Publishing through Interviews and Reviews. All opinions are my own.

"To watch him dig and find bones in the ground was a treat far greater than hearing the stories when he came home."

Paleontologist Martha Jankowski has followed in her father's footsteps, being granted an opportunity to earn a display in a Denver museum, a prestigious step forward in her career . . . however, there is one catch . . . it's a competition with very strict guidelines . . . and an almost impossible deadline. When Martha happens to meet paleontology student Jacob Duncan at a science lecture, their invigorating conversation sparks an acquaintance, which coincidentally leads Martha to offer Jacob a job on her dig. Unfortunately, Jacob's desire to be honorable and honest eventually places them both in a nearly impossible situation.

This is a very fine historical romance, but it's also a wonderful journal of faith; Jacob learns to dig deeper (pun intended) when he is forced to trust God wholly in the midst of perilous circumstances . . . and Martha . . . she discovers who she really is below the surface (another intended pun) without a genuine faith in the Lord, creating a genuine thirst for a relationship with the Creator whom she already admires begins to grow. Both of their lives are going to get very, very dusty and dirty before this story is over, for clever malevolence is on the prowl. There's more going on than meets the eye when it comes to "the bones war".

" . . we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. "

*I received a copy of this book from Baker Publishing through Interviews and Reviews. The opinions stated above are entirely my own.


BackCover Blurb:
A dangerous scheme could bury their long-held dreams forever. . . .

From the time she was little, Martha Jankowski has been digging in the dirt, much to the dismay of her mother. Now she dreams of being a paleontologist and is determined to make her parents proud by uncovering the next big discovery. When Martha finds what she hopes to be a fully intact dinosaur skeleton--one that could win her an acclaimed exhibit--she learns another team is competing against her and could steal her chance at being recognized for this momentous discovery.

Paleontology student Jacob Duncan has fulfilled his dream of digging for dinosaur bones at last. In a race against time, he and his team are bent on unearthing a complete skeleton to claim a museum exhibit with their names on it. But when Jacob meets their charming competitor Martha and uncovers foul play within his team, love and danger grow hand in hand until a menacing ruse threatens to destroy it all. 

Bethany House Publishing, March, 2024
Available in digital ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook:


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