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THE HEART BETWEEN US by Lindsay Harrell, reviewed by Karen Klepsteen

The synopsis of The Heart Between Us makes you think that the book was going to be primarily centered around Megan's journey around the world, but at least half of the story was about her twin sister, Crystal. The dual viewpoint in the story helped me to see both sides of the girls' relationship. It was exciting to see Megan come out of her shell and learn more about herself and what she wanted out of life. In some ways I was more drawn into Crystal's story, though. I feel like I got a better glimpse of her weaknesses and her struggles than I did of Megan's. Maybe this was because the story takes place three years after Megan's heart transplant, and most of her health struggles are in the past.

This story has so many themes: overcoming fear, moving past trauma, having or being a chronically ill family member, and correctly aligning our priorities. I feel like this story is very relatable since we all have struggles in life and have to learn how to prio…

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