Friday, January 28, 2011

Daily Detox

by Susanne Dietze

Did you know that the Hebrew word for God’s glory is kavod, the same word the Hebrews used for liver? You’d think if God’s glory were described as an organ, the heart or brain would be somewhat more appropriate. But not to the Hebrews. Kavod is also translated as “heavy,” and the liver is the heaviest organ in our bodies -- if one of the least glamorous.
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The other day in the store, I passed a display of medicinal teas and I noted a “Daily Detox” blend which supposedly helps one’s liver purge contaminants from the body. Now, I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on this blog, and I am in no way endorsing or promoting this product. But considering that one of the liver's main occupations is to break down toxins, I was intrigued by the idea of getting rid of the garbage that might be lurking inside of me.

Not that it’s only physical pollutants festering under my ribcage right now. My life has been in an “interesting” season (for lack of a nicer term). Sometimes we can choose what we let into our lives, but sometimes bad stuff just comes our way and we have to deal with it. Whether it's by my own fault or circumstance, as I sit here, I'm buried under stuff. I’ve realized that I need to get rid of some of the sin, fear, disappointment, and frustration that have lodged in me for too long.

Burdens, whether they’re physical or spiritual, are best dealt with as they come, however, before they grow so large that they take a toll on our health and relationships. A spiritual, physical, and emotional “Daily Detox” seems a wise way to get rid of the bad stuff in a healthy way, to me. Here’s what I came up with, no medicinal tea required.

Psalm 51Image by kellycrull via Flickr--Make God part of your daily habits. Spend quiet time with Him and give Him your burdens. Whatever life throws at you, He wants to help you handle it. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).

--Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me… (Psalm 51). Confession, as they say, is good for the soul. And the body too. Living with unconfessed sin is not only burdensome, but it’s against God’s will. He wants us to be set free from the darkness that binds us. Ask Him to reveal the areas of your life needing cleansing, and then seek forgiveness. He’s promised to wash us whiter than snow.

--Get a Life – A social life, that is. One study shows that being with friends can help reduce our bodies’ productions of cortisol, a stress hormone. Stress weakens our systems and weighs down our spirits. God doesn’t want us to handle stress alone: we’re supposed to carry each other’s burdens (Gal 6:2).

--Watch what you eat. We all know certain foods are healthy choices, but a few vegetables may be of particular help to the detoxification of the liver. (I’m not promoting any home remedies, but these foods are wholesome, no matter how they help us.) Beets clean the blood and absorb heavy metals. Garlic may do the same with mercury. Artichokes increase bile production, an important liver function, and cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower help produce enzymes and flush our systems.

--Exercise! This seems obvious, but when I’m down in the dumps, the last thing I want to do is take a walk around the block. In addition to getting your heart rate up, stretch. Try trunk twists to squeeze out your organs a bit (as one exercise instructor told me). Then drink water.

--A cheerful heart is good medicine (Pr. 17:22). Laughter increases our endorphins and lowers blood pressure, and nothing helps my family decompress better than indulging in our favorite comedies. Find whatever it is that tickles your funny bone, and make it a deliberate part of your day.

--Praise God. He intimately knows us, body and soul, and He knows the difficulties we face daily. He alone is big enough – heavy, kavod enough – to bear our sin and make us clean. He deserves our praise, no matter our circumstances. Looking to Him first puts the rest of our lives in perspective.

Serious Question: Do you have any tricks for getting garbage out of your life?

Silly Question: Beets are not my favorite food, but I'm trying to eat more of them. Especially with blue cheese, which makes everything better. If you like beets, do you have any suggestions for recipes?

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  1. Beets and blue cheese, huh? Never thought of that.

    For me a detox is no white flour/sugar for a few weeks or so. That's not to say less calories because some of the things that are good for you are not low-cal! I have to do that to get the cookie monster back in her cage.

    Another good detox is a good cry. You know, like the first time I saw Titanic and trying to do the silent sob thing. No, seriously, don't underestimate the power of an ocular flush.

  2. Gaaack!!! Seriously, you picked all the foods I dislike the most. Maybe I'll try some of that tea insted. Tea and tummy twisters, and more time with God. I love it, Susie, and I Peter 5:7 is one of my favorite scriptures.

  3. What a good post. I do a detox in life by cleaning the house. Once or twice a year I've reached my limit with the clutter and everything gets scrubbed and rearranged. Lord help the child who doesn't get their stuff out of my way. They will find themselves without that stuff. But once it's done I can finally breathe again. It really is a cathartic experience for me.

  4. Detoxing physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Excellent. For some reason, I think worship dance is a good detox for me. Probably combines the time with God, exercise, and joyful endorphins all in one power punch. If you do it in a group, you get the community aspect as well.

    Won't touch beets. But I do sometimes use a detox tea.

    Lisa, I'd like to detox my house, but it sounds like an awful lot of work.

  5. Lisa, I do the same thing. the best cleaning goes all the way to new wall color! I planned to do some heavy cleaning over my 'break' but I've actually let things get worse. Book first. Cleaning secondary.

    Suzie -no artichokes?
    such a shame. (Hope you got a good rest last night by the way!)

  6. Good morning! Yeah, nothing says "good morning" like beet recipes. (But yes, pretending beets are a salad and sprinkling them with blue cheese crumbles and a nice balsamic dressing helps me immensely.)

    Deb, I've tried the no white flour/sugar thing, and it's so good for you, but sooooo hard. For me, anyway. I use very little white sugar anymore, but it's not as noble as it sounds. I use organic sugar, which isn't as processed. But I still try to limit sugar.

    I love the idea of detoxing through a good cry. Excellent. Sometimes you've got to let it all out.

    I sobbed during Titanic. Some movies I won't go see because they sound too painful and I know I'll bawl in the theater, like "Rabbit Hole" with Nicole Kidman. I am not a delicate cryer.

  7. I LOVE beets! But I'm the only person in my household who does, so I don't get them often. Had no idea they help clean the blood.
    Have you tried borscht (Russian beet soup)?

    I love how God confirms things through our sisters in Christ... I spent my morning prayer time asking God about doing a fast for the month of February, specifics about things - natural and spiritual - that I need to purge from my life.

    One year I took communion by myself every day for 30 days, meditating on the Lord's body broken for me and His blood shed to cleanse me from sin. It was very powerful.

    You blessed me with this, Susie! Definite confirmation from the Spirit! Thank you!

  8. Suzie, I'm doing a trunk twist with you, right now at the computer!

    I guess we won't be sharing artichoke recipes any time soon, LOL. I do enjoy artichokes. Even at six am.

    I bought a new tea yesterday, Peach Detox. Not precisely peachy in flavor, but it has cinnamon and ginger oils in it and I thought it was pretty tasty, compared to other medicinal-type teas. The box says it's safe to use for about a month, and then you need to take a break.

  9. Oh, I forgot... my youngest read in his science book that tears actually contain natural antidepressants, making the cathartic cry doubly good for you!

  10. Oh Lisa, I completely agree about the soothing effects of purging junk from my house. Unfortunately, I haven't done it in a while. My closet and office are in desperate need of detox. I'm looking at my desk right now, thinking, "Yeah, I know..."

  11. Dina, you're on to something with the dance. It brings you joy; it's healthy exercise; you're praising God...what a blessed combination.

    Funny thing about beets. Once, my mom grew them in the garden and it was my first time not minding (dare I say, sorta liking) beets. They were more carroty in flavor than the canned stuff.

    Not that I'm farming beets now. But fresh ones are less, er, offensive to me.

  12. Niki, my beet-loving friend! So is borscht your favorite beet recipe? I have never made it, but my parents do. They didn't do this while I was growing up, but a few years ago they bought a Kitchen Aid mixer that came with food-processor type attachments. One of the accompanying recipes was for borscht. Now they are hooked and make soup in their mixer all winter, LOL.

    Cool fact about tears, Niki! I never knew that, but it makes sense. God gave us all sorts of gifts, didnt' He? Next time I'm boo-hooing, I'll tell my family that I'm creating my own natural anti-depressants.

    Fasting -- another great detox. Fasting in preparation for Easter (among other disciples) has made Easter much more powerful for me in recent years. Jesus fasted; it's Biblical, but it's something we don't talk about very much. I wonder why. I sense a new post, Niki...

  13. I think I'll try Titanic again in the privacy of my own home.

    I like all the veggies and fresh beets are certainly the best, but rather staining to your hands! wow.

    I did the no white sugar thing for a few months to the extent that I used brewer's yeast for my bread-making because I couldn't use anything else. (stayed away from honey,etc, corn starch) It worked pretty well. And then I went to Savannah and it was all over!

  14. I don't know if borscht is my favorite, but it's yummy, and so fun to say!
    My favorite is probably homemade pickled beets, but I'll take them straight out of the can, too.
    My kids and hubby say they taste like dirt.

    Funny detox tea tale... I bought some that was specifically for a colon cleanse. Son-in-law didn't read the label and drank it, then told me how yummy the new tea tasted, but he couldn't figure out why he was running to the bathroom all day. I got a good chuckle out of it.

  15. Beets are good with balsamic vinegar. But even better in chocolate muffins! :) Not exactly a detox recipe, but...

    And I'm feeling the heaviness of the fog this week, too... awesome post, Suzie. We really need a moms' group at church. Would you be free to join Claudia and me for coffee sometime, on a Thursday or Friday evening?

  16. Hi Amanda! I love sneaking veggies into other foods. And it's hard to say no to chocolate muffins. Thanks for the recipe!

    Moms groups are certainly near and dear to my heart. The group last year didn't gel, but maybe it's time to try something again. Let's talk soon!

  17. Niki, your poor son-in-law. :-) That's hilarious. Those teas can do the trick, eh? Well, at least it was tasty!

    How do you pickle beets? Do you have a recipe? I'll try it.

  18. I'd have to watch Titanic completely alone, Deb. I'm telling tales on my husband, but he hated that movie. I don't know if it was Leonardo DiCaprio (or was there something about revisionist elements in that movie? I don't remember now), but it got under his skin. I huffed and said, but the love story!

    Good thing I wasn't pregnant when I saw Titanic. When I was pregnant, I cried at pretty much every movie I saw. Even "Air Force One." Titanic would've undone me.

  19. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy finding new recipes to share with everyone.

    Feel free to check out my recipes also.

  20. Great post. I really enjoy reading your blog very much.

  21. Thanks for sharing. You have excellent content that is worth reading daily.

  22. Excellent post, Susie. To detox, I use green tea with acai berries.

    I love beets! Fresh from the garden, boiled and eat while still warm after slipping the skins off. Oh, and pickled beets are a staple of the pickle tray. Especially Spiced Pickles Beets. But the best is a recipe I was given in Gr 7 Home Ec class and still use. (I still have all 6 yrs worth of Home Ec recipes) It's Beets in Orange Juice and I'll post it here if you want when I get back from the city.

    Oh but you wanted detox beet recipes, eh. Hmmm, I have a cookbook that takes root vegetables and turns them into dessert. But I'm not sure how that would work for detox either.

    Anita Mae

  23. root vegetable desserts, folks!

    Where else in cyberspace do you get this kind of fascinating stuff?

    all kidding aside, Anita, whatcha got for potatoes?

  24. Anita, yes, I do want the recipe for Beets in Orange Juice! I love oranges. Sounds fun.

    Do you have a specific blend of green tea with acai berries? Or do you blend them? It sounds yummy.

    Oh Deb, potatoes are my favorite thing. Twice-baked, mashed, scalloped, Anna, roasted...

  25. Hi Recipes! I enjoy finding new recipes too, so thanks for the heads-up on your site. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  26. Thanks for coming by, Easy Recipes! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I'm always looking for quick meal ideas. Thanks!

  27. Hi Kevin S! Thanks for coming by. Your chicken recipe looks great!

  28. I've detoxed today with a good laugh and a few tears. My friends and are remembering the friend we lost in October. More laughter than tears, though!

    My other blubbering movie is Out of Africa. The funeral scene usually puts me down a few pints.

    When we are all wickedly wealthy authors we'll just do a Spa weekend, 'kay?
    Beets for everyone. I'll eat Suzie's and her artichokes thank you very much!

    So, you guys are still socked in with fog?

  29. Oh Deb, my heart hurts for you over the loss of your dear friend. You must miss her like crazy.

    Still foggy, though it burned off today and I actually see sun (gasp!). Are you buried under snow?

    I think I'm going to have to make something with artichokes this weekend. I've been thinking about them all day.

  30. I'm up for a spa weekend anytime. Or maybe a cruise with a spa.

  31. Count me in, Dina. I think I'd like a detox pedicure/facial/swedish massage pretty well!

  32. Beets with Orange Juice

    Heat oven to 350 deg F.

    Mix in a saucepan:
    - 2 tbsp sugar
    - 1 ½ tsp cornstarch
    - ¼ tsp salt

    Add ½ c orange juice and cook over direct heat until it comes to a boil, stirring constantly.

    - 2 c (15oz can) dice cooked beets
    - 1 tbsp butter or margarine

    Place in baking dish and cook for 20 mins, uncovered.

    - For SuperSweet Beets in Orange Juice, use canned Harvard beets
    - If using home canned beets, drain first.
    - Can also be made using top of double boiler and placed on bottom with hot water for last part.

    *This is the recipe from my 1971 Home Ec handout.

    Anita Mae.

  33. Thanks, Anita! I copied the recipe down and I look forward to trying it. I'll let you know how it turns out!

  34. Thanks, Anita! I copied the recipe down and I look forward to trying it. I'll let you know how it turns out!

  35. Susanne, I have a better way for liver clensing than by eating beets, which smell so bad I can't have them around me. In fact, I abhor every vegie you named. Give me my baby spring mix and I'll eat it all day. Or some lovely baby spinach--fresh.

    This is simple: Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass before eating anything in the morning. No sugar added. Just pucker up and down it. That's it. When I worked in the chiro office, we recommended it to patients who wanted to cleanse after being on a lot of meds or were in the hospital for surgery, etc. They were all amazed at the difference it made. The proof is in the end results. We used to send in hair analyses and the difference showed up there, which is better than a blood test for toxins.


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