Monday, January 31, 2011

Plastic Romance Resurrected

by Niki Turner

Current events can be depressing. We've got "Snowmageddon 2011" on the east coast, continued economic difficulties and high unemployment, a war that drags on and on, reports of an impending horrific volcanic eruption in Yellowstone expected to destroy the US as we know it, a nation deeply divided politically, and more. But I ran across some happy news this week, Ken is wooing Barbie again, and hopes to win her back by Valentine's Day.

Ken and Barbie split up in 2004, 43 years after their first television commercial together in 1961.
Those who considered them the epitome of the ideal couple in all their blond, blue-eyed perfection were traumatized by the news of their break-up. While Barbie continued to increase in popularity as an independent career woman, Ken faded quietly into the background.
The NEW Ken

But he's back now, sporting a new look (with real hair again!), a new tagline (Sweet Talkin' Ken), and a plan to win back the woman he loves complete with public declarations of love on LA billboards, Facebook flirting, and special orders from elite NYC cupcake bakeries.

Western Ken
My first Ken doll was "Western Ken"
Will Barbie reconcile with Ken? What triggered their breakup to begin with? Will being able to run her plastic fingers through his newly-rooted hair reignite Barbie's original love?

How about you? Do you love or hate the idea? Do you think Barbie should have moved on to a new fella?


  1. I knew they'd get back together. I think their time apart helped.

    Strange, but true, they each spent some time reassessing their lives while helping out in Haiti and Sri Lanka.

    I think Barbie has even decided to stop using hair spray out of concern for the ozone. Ken has learned that all that whitening toothpaste has left his teeth extremely sensitive. Ooooh, mine hurt just thinking about it.

    They'll come back into this relationship with their eyes wide open.

    Wait. Their eyes are always open.
    well, you know what I mean.
    Personally, I'm a bit choked up about it all.

  2. Oh too cute!!! I have no idea why I'm up this early, but this was a great way to start the day. And the even better question is, why is Deb up before me?

    That commercial would have fit perfectly into the Corny Collins show on Hairspray.

    Yes, I'm all for a Barbie and Ken reconciliation. That break up was just wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Oh, but I'm very happy that Barbie had her breast implants removed. She's a much better role model now.

  3. They couldn't stay apart forever. They were just made for each other.

    And I'm sure Ken's new look doesn't hurt. Dashing is always stylish. I think that now Barbie's had her run as president and made it as an astronaut and a rock star, she may just be ready to settle down for awhile.

  4. Good Morining Niki,
    Personally I love Deb's comment:
    They'll come back into this relationship with their eyes wide open.

    Wait. Their eyes are always open.

    What a riot! Go Deb! And if Barbie hasn't put on more weight I just don't think I'll be able to stand the woman. She needs a therapist. Maybe Ken should have moved on by now.

    I wonder who Ken was hanging out with since 2004? Hmmm.

  5. Maybe they'll reunite at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentines Day!

    Someone should warn Barbie not to run too fast in those heels... maybe she should wear flats for this one... oh no... She can't because she has that foot deformity thing!!!

  6. Yes, dear readers, we Inkies are a bit loopy.

    I like to think Ken had a brief fling with Midge, hit bottom at one of those Malibu beach bars hanging out with Skipper's loser friends Fluff, Tiff, and Steffi. Ken wrecked the pink Corvette and ended up in the plastic penitentiary.

    A prison ministry team led by a kinder, gentler G.I. Joe helped Ken turn his life around and realize Barbie is the only woman for him. And the saga continues...

    I like Ken's new lips, myself.

  7. FYI...Apparently, Barbie did some running around with an Australian surfer named Blaine during the breakup.

  8. Back when I knew him Ken was into Disco. He had hips that could move like John Travolta's and wore shiny purple shirts and tight pants. Barbie was seeing Luke Skywalker on the side. It was a weird time. I'm glad they have re-found happiness.

  9. I remember Barbie's little fling with Luke Skywalker. Always wondered why she didn't go after Han Solo instead. But then, I didn't have a Han Solo... did anyone?

  10. Ah, true love. I think it's pure PR genius to put them back together. And I hope it's a sign of the times. I mean, if people couldn't accept their break-up and 'running around', that must mean something, right? Don't the dolls represent what's going on in the world today?

    Great post, Niki.

    btw - What volcano at Yosemite?

    Anita Mae.

  11. I agree, Anita! I think most people were saddened by the plastic people break-up. I don't care who you are, everyone loves true love.
    The supervolcano is actually supposed to be in Yellowstone, not Yosemite. (Oops, my bad. That's what happens when you never go camping.)
    Every few years a new story comes up about it. Media fear tactics, IMO. Here's a link to check it out:

  12. Well, I'm glad for Midge in one way, because she always had a thing for Ken, but where does this leave her now?

    Does anyone know if she's saved? I'm thinking GI turned Pastor Joe might be the man of her dreams.

    I think I had a Barbie-ish doll named Tammy. She wasn't quite so...hmmm, how to put this??

    By the way, I'm looking for Birkenstock Barbie for my granddaughter, so let me know if anyone sees her.

  13. I tried the link Niki, but it didn't work. I'm kinda glad it didn't... I'm only a couple days away and if it messes up the US, it'll do the same up here. :(

    I'll keep my ears peeled for news of it, though. And I'll pray.

    Thanks Niki.

    Anita Mae.

  14. Ken and Barbie broke up? How did I miss this? You know, even though I'm a girl, I'm kinda jealous of Ken's new head of hair.

  15. Deb,
    Couldn't find a picture, but here's the description of the one you're looking for: "Boulder Barbie
    This doll is made of actual tofu. She has long straight brown hair, archless feet, hairy armpits, no makeup and Birkenstocks with white socks. She prefers that you call her "Willow"...
    Having been to Boulder, this is sadly apropos.

  16. Suzie, where have you been??? You must not waste nearly as much time on the Internet as the rest of us...
    : )


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