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'Til Death Do Us Part

By Lisa Karon Richardson
One of the most rewarding payoffs for romance readers is to read about the hero and heroine’s wedding. And since this week is all weddings all the time what better time to highlight some of the best weddings in fiction.

1.     Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe-LM Montgomery built the romantic tension between those two for four entire books. The wedding scene in The House of Dreams isn’t terribly long, but it is incredibly sweet and just perfect.

2.     Irene Adler and Godfrey Norton-Who you say? Irene Adler was “the” woman, according to Sherlock Holmes. He is following Irene on behalf of the king of Bohemia when she sneaks into a church. In full disguise, Sherlock follows her only to be pressed into service as a witness at her marriage to a lawyer, named Godfrey. Love the irony, and through Caroline Nelson Douglas’s novels I got to see exactly what Irene saw in Godfrey.

3.     Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester-The wedding that wasn’t. I know it’s a trope now to have someone prevent the wedding at the last second, but think how shocking it was when the story first came out. You can’t stop turning pages after that for sure. How were they ever going to get together?

What about you? What books had your favorite weddings? What did you like about them? Weddings in books seem to be harder to come by than weddings in movies, so do you have a favorite movie wedding?


  1. Good morning, ladies! My attendance today may be spotty. Headed to ACFW conference. Hugs to you all though! Can't wait to hear what other books I simply must read!

  2. Have a wonderful time! I can't think of any weddings that stand out in my mind other than Jane Eyre... must start looking!

  3. Ahah, I am late and was just thinking that Lisa is on her way to ACFW today. I was right!

    Weddings in fiction, huh? Well, I loved the one in Outlander, (the book version) (and it's a buzzy subject this week) but, like Niki, I'm struggling to think of a fictional wedding. The Irene Adler one sounds quite interesting....hmmm... Is this where I publicly admit I never read any of the "Anne with an E" books?

    We don't get any kind of wedding description in Gone with the Wind that I recall... (given that there were three weddings for Scarlett)

    Ginger and Black Beauty don't really marry, even if they are soul-mates....

    I got nuthin!


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