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Sadie's Gift - Book Recommendation

a book review by Debra E. Marvin

Niki Turner’s recently released novella SADIE'S GIFT (99cent E book – here’s a link!) immediately brings the reader into a cold, snowy 1921 Colorado City and the bustle of last-minute Christmas shopping. One minute, heroine Sadie Hubbard is pawning a beloved family heirloom to give sick children a happy holiday and the next minute she’s watching an out-of-control Model T skidding to avoid her.

And here we meet Nathan Wells.

It’s not really a ‘cute meet’ as far as romances go, and indeed, our blue-eyed hero is anything but charming. But Nathan has just lost his brother to the horror of tuberculosis, and he’s angry.  The new damage to that brother’s much-cherished car isn’t exactly Christmas cheer.

Though the story deals with loss , I promise you’ll find it a sweet, uplifting read, easily enjoyed in a few hours’ time. The setting details pulled me in and the characters kept me there. Sadie can’t see what a strong, determined woman she is. Each day, she watches children face the uncertainties of life in a Preventorium, and rather than let it lessen her faith, it drives it. Her selflessness softens our irritable hero’s heart and helps him out of the isolation of his grief. And he's going to need that to help save Christmas.

A rich cast of secondary characters made Sadie’s Heart feel like a favorite Christmas movie that you’d watch again and again!

This is the first of the Christmas Traditions series that I’ve read and I look forward to catching more of them over the next few weeks.  If you missed it, here is a link to the Sadie's Gift Release Party (More on the story and the author)

I'm giving away a copy of Sadie's Gift for Kindle! If you'd like to be in the drawing, please say so in your comment and leave your email address safely like this yournameOrWhatever (at) . (yes, I'm such a big spender!)

Congratulations, Niki Turner! A sweet start with more stories to come!

Niki Turner        Niki's Blog: In Truer Ink


  1. Lovely review, Deb. Niki, I am so happy for you! I'm so glad readers now have the opportunity to see what a good writer you are. Yay! :)

  2. Great review--I love the story, too! So happy for Niki.

    Off to tweet about the review and giveaway!

  3. gosh what a day and
    I'm sorry to be so late to check in! thanks Suzie and Susie!

    1. Got home last night, headed back out this morning... Something like 14 hours of 48 in the car! Thank you Deb, for the awesome review!

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  5. Niki, just wanted to tell you congratulations on your first (of many to come) release.

    (And Deb, great review.)

    1. Thanks, C.J.! And Deb! I got home last night from Denver, now headed off to Grand Junction for our monthly ACFW meeting.

  6. Sorry I'm so late to the party, but congratulations on a lovely story. :D


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