Thursday, April 19, 2018

THEIR AMISH REUNION by Lenora Worth, Review by Trixi Oberembt

How could he expect true forgiveness from others if he didn’t have the courage to look at himself in the eye and offer forgiveness to the man he’d become?

Forgiveness is such a powerful tool to free ourselves from self-guilt and shame! It’s a lot harder to forgive ourselves when we know we’ve hurt others in the process. How do you go about reconciling those past mistakes? Jeremiah wrestles with this very thing when it comes to feeling like he’s failed his family and the woman he was to marry years ago. He sets out to prove he’s no longer that old man and strives to make up for those lost years. When all along it’s God who can work in the hearts of those he’s wronged. Finding forgiveness and open arms in the One who can truly heal hearts and lives!

Ava has her own struggles when she knows Jeremiah is back for good. Contending with the fact he left the Amish to become a Navy SEAL and how it conflicted with their faith. She must work through her own feelings to come to accept him as a changed man who relies on the Lord for His strength and his willingness to become part of the community. 

I loved that this made me feel all the emotions Ava and Jeremiah felt! There were times when my heart ached for them both and a few times I cried real tears. I could picture everything in my mind and I was so wrapped up in the story! Naturally, the faith elements were alive and well and played a huge part in the story. Faith, forgiveness, redemption, love and a couple of precious children all rolled up into a great start to an Amish series.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book and was under no obligation to review nor leave a positive review. 

Back Cover Blurb:
Return to Lancaster County
Love blooms in the Amish Seasons series

Widowed single mother Ava Jane Graber can’t believe her eyes. Her first love is back in Lancaster County. Years ago, Jeremiah did the unthinkable: left the Amish—and her—for the Navy SEALs. Now the prodigal hero wants redemption from his community, his family and from the woman he never forgot. For the ex-soldier, becoming Ava’s husband is his ultimate mission.

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  1. It's an intriguing combination! I'd love to see how Lenora pulls this man back into his old community. She OBVIOUSLY did an amazing job. Thanks Trixi!

  2. Debra, this is Lenora's first Amish story and I really hope she has more, it would make for a great series!! This certainly is one of those that pulls your heartstrings. I think you would enjoy it as well and that you get a chance to read it.

  3. I should add, she has written many Love Inspired books but this one is her first Amish one.

    1. Oh yes! She's got quite a few! But I didn't realize this was her first Amish story. Thanks!


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