Tuesday, May 7, 2024

SECONDARY TARGET (The Secrets of Kincaid #1), by Angela Carlisle. Reviewed by Rebecca and Paula #ReleaseDay

(The Secrets of Kincaid): (A Small-Town Thrilling Cold Case Romantic Suspense Debut Novel)

"Goosebumps prickled her arms. . . she'd periodically felt unsettled, like someone was watching her. Nothing tangible was ever out of place . . . so she'd begun to chalk it up to her imagination."

Corina Roberts certainly wasn't imagining the large vehicle rushing up behind her, increasing its speed until "she heard a sickening crunch, and her head smacked the radio as she was thrown forward . . . " What in the world? . . . especially after overhearing an odd conversation the next morning between her father and one of the responding officers.

Bryce Jessup's recent return to Kincaid, Kentucky had not prepared him to see Corina up close and personal again so soon . . . as in living right across the street. His sister Allye, Corina's best friend, had omitted that little detail. She was still as beautiful as ever, even considering the aura of sadness that permeated her expressions . . . Corina had lost so much . . . they had all lost so much. That was then, this was now, and despite their painful past, and even if she wouldn't admit it, Corina needed him. Things were about to get pretty dicey, and even that was an understatement; Corina was a living, breathing target.

"But I do know, positively, that God has not left us - no matter how it looks or how we feel."

What an impressive debut! With a diabolical villain who slinks in and out of every corner of Corina's well-ordered life, trying to figure out the next move is nearly impossible with continually evasive clues, violent attacks ratcheting up in intensity, and no place to hide. Fans of fast-paced (light) romantic suspense will love this story!

*I received a copy of this novel from the author and publisher. The opinions stated above are entirely my own. 3.5 stars

Wow! This is a fantastic debut suspense novel.

Corina has been living with her dad while repairs are being done to her house. Then strange things bein to happen. Her dad, Will, is secretive about their past and why her mom and brother were murdered years ago. Old boyfriend, Bryce, and his sister Allye who is her best friend are there to help her. Corina is a determined and independent lady who tries her hardest to figure out who wants to kill her and wonders why God is silent.  

 So many surprises and twists to the story. And the author has penned a crafty, ruthless, and obstinate bad guy. But justice prevails and Corina learns to trust in God again, thanks to supportive Bryce who prays for her.

I am sure more exciting things are in store in the next book where we learn more about Allye.
Do not miss this well crafted start to a new series by Angela Carlisle.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House on behalf of the author and an ecopy from NetGalley. I was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are mine alone.*

BackCover Blurb:

A ruthless murderer. A deadly secret. An unbreakable love.

After the brutal murder of her mother and brother twelve years ago, Corina Roberts built a new life in Kentucky. But when strange things begin to happen, she is thrust into a perilous game of life and death. With nowhere else to turn, her best hope of survival depends on her ex-boyfriend, army veteran Bryce Jessup.

Recently returned from service, Bryce has every intention of staying away from Corina, but when threats close in around her, he isn't willing to leave her safety to chance. As their search for answers uncovers lethal secrets her detective father kept hidden, Bryce and Corina must untangle the mystery of the merciless killer intent on terrorizing and eliminating Corina's family before it's too late.

Bethany House Publishing, May, 2024
Available in digital ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook:


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