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FALLOUT by Lisa Phillips (Benson First Responders #7), Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

(Benson First Responders Book 7)
"Jasper had to choose between his parents, his job and Destiny. One choice might lead to happiness. The other was his duty. How on earth was he going to choose?"

Some might assume that Detective Jasper Hollingsworth led a charmed life based on his prominent family and ease of opportunity. Even most of his fellow officers did not know the full story, and up until this point Jasper had been reticent to correct their misconceptions . . . but for Destiny. Destiny Reed had a way of making Jasper believe that second chances might be possible.

"Do we have to understand the why of the pain to find the depth of comfort in healing? . . . you can trust God to bring you through all of this."

" . . . all of this" was proving to be a pretty big test of Destiny's faith. While trying to navigate her feelings for Jasper, her Vanguard Private Security and Investigations team members were being pushed to the limits by a criminal who was determined to destroy everything good about the town of Benson.

While sensational, the plot jumped through multiple hoops at such a rapid pace that it was a little disconcerting. However, on a scale of one to ten, the romantic tension was a solid nine, making this story really fun to read and a solid contribution to the series.
*I purchased this and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars

BackCover Blurb:

A second chance.
Destiny Reed went to Africa hoping to make a difference, but when a dangerous group kidnapped her and another woman, her life took a dark turn. Recovery has her working as the executive assistant at Vanguard under the watchful eye of the team who rescued her. She might be willing to help the company that saved her, but if she lets go, the people she has at arms’ length will discover her dark secret.

A fight for the future.
Detective Jasper Hollingsworth compartmentalizes his life out of necessity. After all, his personal life could tear apart the professional world he’s built. He loves his job as a cop, but one wrong move will bring it all crashing down. While the police department hunts a deadly kingpin, Jasper grapples with his own history and his place in a world that bleeds blue.

March 2024. Available in digital ebook and paperback at Amazon

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