Tuesday, May 21, 2024

LADY OF BASILIKAS, Droseran Saga Novel #5 by Ronie Kendig, Reviewed by Kim #ReleaseDay

I have so wanted to know more about Vorn and Aliria and how they came to be together since reading the Droseran Saga, (which you absolutely must read if you haven’t already! It is one of my all time favorite series!) especially with the snippets we got to read in the paperback copies. Let me just say, it was totally worth the wait! I’ve always liked Vorn, but now? Now, I may have a slight crush! Lol. I absolutely loved him and how his relationship with Aliria came to be.

From the very beginning of Vorn’s story, we see that he has a bit of changing to do. I loved that my first impression of him was oh so wrong! And I loved watching him change. I seriously loved his redemption! Aliria also had some changing to do, but in her case, it was more of a maturing and I loved watching her do just that in this story. Their romance was perfect and I love them together! This is such a great story! Do not miss it!
Ronie Kendig never disappoints. I love everything about her writing style, her characters, and her storylines. All her books are must reads!
*I purchased this story. All opinions are my own. All. The. Stars.

BackCover Blurb:
She's determined to prove this errant king unworthy. He's determined to prove her wrong.

Under attack from without and within, Jherako teeters on the brink. Vaanvorn Thundred, suddenly in possession of a throne he never expected to inherit, will do anything to pull his kingdom from the edge, even if it means striking a marriage bargain with the formidable Faa’Cris. But a skycrawler opens Vorn’s eyes to realities outside his world, and his limits are tested.

Lady Valiriana has one goal when she is sent out from Deversoria: prove this Jherakan king, the one his people call the Errant, unworthy of an alliance with any Faa’Cris. When she exchanges her freedom for that of another, Valiriana finds herself under house arrest—in the king’s house. Determined to take advantage of her proximity, she delves into the depths of the king’s character. What she finds turns her mission on its head.

Vorn must decide: break a planet-wide Accord, risking his throne and life, or leave his country—his planet—vulnerable to threats far bigger than he ever imagined. And Valiriana grapples with unpalatable truths as she discovers the king is anything but errant, while her heart, on the other hand, is a different story.
Enclave Publishing, May 21, 2024

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