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TO CATCH A CORONET by Grace Hitchcock, Reviewed by Rebecca and Paula #ReleaseDay

A Novel of Best-Laid Plans #1
"Baron Deverell, from the first moment I beheld you across the room of my parents' parlor last Christmas, I knew you were the only one for me."

"Murmurs filled the ballroom." (of course they did!) Muriel Beau had just done the unthinkable, proposed publicly, to a baron no less, in the middle of a crowded ballroom. (it gets worse) His answer was, "Why on earth did you think I'd say yes to such an unprecedented proposal?" (oops . . . . )

Naturally scorned by polite society and embarrassed beyond even her own belief, Muriel graciously accepts the kindness of her parents and follows through with their suggestion to visit mutual friends in the bustling city of London, where hopefully no one knows her name or her propensity for social debacles. Her bulging dowry should be enough of an incentive to catch the attention of an understanding noble, even if Muriel feels the most like herself in a kitchen, baking to her heart's content. Ironically . . .

. . . "of course you would find my kitchen" . . . (it's a kitchen where it all began . . . under just a teeny, weeny, itsy, bitsy shower of flour) . . . enter Captain Erik Draycott!

As you might imagine there is so much more to the story . . . friends, traitors, second proposals, no proposals, danger, more debacles, even more baking, finally! some kisses . . . all leading up to a most satisfactory conclusion . . . even though it was touch- and -go there at the end (what did you expect?!) as Muriel reaches out to catch her hard fought, well deserved coronet.

Beautifully written with exceptional story flow, perfect character combinations, delightful settings . . . witty, romantic, suspenseful . . . a delicious recipe for a highly recommended read!
*I received a copy of this book from the author and publisher. The opinions stated above are entirely my own! 4.5 stars

Ms. Hitchcock has flawlessly made the leap back in time to Regency England from her previous Gilded Age romances. This engaging tale pairs baker and recent heiress Muriel Beau with Captain Erik Draycott.
When they meet, Muriel mistakes Eric for a delivery man and Erik mistakes Muriel for the kitchen help in Sir Ingram’s household. As the story unfolds, they are attracted to each other. Muriel is an unconventional heiress and uses baking as a way to relax and think things through. Erik has his own secrets to hide in order to act for the Prince Regent and his country.
Full of opulent settings, subterfuge, spys and danger, it is not short on romance, humor and noble causes. Erik and Muriel never lose sight of their faith as they navigate society in 1813.
Such an atmospheric story that will resonate with historical fiction lovers. This will have you wanting to take English Tea. Thankfully, there is a delicious looking recipe for scones included.
I am looking forward to what will happen for friends Vivienne and Tess in the next two books.
*I received a complimentary ecopy from Kregel on behalf of the author via NetGalley. I was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are mine alone.*5 stars and a subtle faith thread

BackCover Blurb:
Sometimes the only way to outsmart a scandal is to find a crown big enough to silence it

Muriel Beau, country baker turned heiress, can't stop instigating outrage. She discards two arranged engagements, then further antagonizes Kent society by publicly proposing to a baron at a ball. His rejection leaves her with no choice but to flee to the city and to secure a coronet so splendid that her peers will forget her debacles. The glitter of the London courts convinces Muriel that it's possible to find the future she dreams of, until she finds herself entangled in yet another escapade--one that may cost her more than her crumbling reputation.

After years of serving as a privateer under an assumed name, Captain Erik Draycott, heir to Draycott Castle and soon to assume his uncle's title of Earl, returns to his London home to find it in disrepair thanks to his longtime nemesis. A staunch bachelor intent on returning to his ship, the captain is shocked when his mentor encourages him to take a wife. But while his alleged pauper status causes the potential London brides to turn their noses up at him, the ladies of Kent have no such qualms and are eager to fill his coffers with their fathers' wealth.

Caught in a whirlwind of high society and high seas, Muriel and Erik navigate a risky undertaking that threatens their futures and creating stakes that soar above the masts of Erik's ship. Will Muriel's bold charm and Erik's daring bravery be enough to outsmart the scandal and secure a future as glittering as the crown Muriel seeks?
Kregel Publishing, May 2024 
Available in digital ebook, paperback, and audiobook:

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  1. Thank you both so much for the amazing reviews!! I am honored and so happy you enjoyed Muriel's story!


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