Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gems of Wisdom by Angie Breidenbach

by Gina Welborn
When the idea of starting a team blog germinated in my mind two years ago, I knew one day during the week would have a focus on devotionals. I love devotionals! They remind me of micro-Bible studies. Since Inkwell sauntered on the internet scene, the Inkies have blessed my life with the Sunday glimpses into their faith.

Tell me the testimony of your salvation, of a growth in your faith, of how you endured (or even failed) a trial yet how God was glorified through it all.

Be real.

If today I had to make a list of the things Angie Breidenbach and I have in common, that list would be surprising longer than I’d thought when I first met Angie four years ago at RWA convention in Dallas. She's utterly poised, polished, and prayerful. So when she eventually shared with me snippets from her devotional/Bible Study, I realized Angie lives her life being real.

When you read GEMS OF WISDOM, you won’t find a author hiding behind spiritual platitudes and religious escapism. How can she when she asks such pointed questions as “How skewed is your fairness meter?” and “What is more important, the satisfied feeling of being right or solving the problem?” Ouch.

GEMS OF WISDOM FOR A TREASURE-FILLED LIFE invites readers on a treasure hunt for important concepts represented by the beautiful stones God created as modern-day memory aids to anchor wisdom in both heart and mind. An adventure revealing hidden treasures and how to prevail over the pirates who try to steal them, this unique book is for women who are dealing with buried emotions and the behavior or lifestyle of those closest to them.

The tidbits about the gemstones were fascinating. My  favorite aspect of the book were the Personal Place: Angie's Story segments. As the chapters near an end, Angie writes: "The more recognizable my victimhood, the more I realized that I needed mentoring to sandblast misconceptions."

That reminded me of this week with this Inkwell ladies. We share our prayer requests, and also go that extra step of mentoring one another and speaking truth over another's trials and tribulations. You, me, we can't make it through life with success when we try to do it all on our own. We need one another. Like the Na'vi and their blue interlocking tails.

As I read through GEMS OF WISDOM and sought to apply its principles to my life, God reminded me again and again that this is a journey of togetherness because we need one another.

Or as Angie put it: "I believe that because I am a broken vessel refined by God, I will leave behind a legacy of love that helps others overcome the victim mentality too. Those others, in turn, can discover the adventure and follow the map, polish the gems of wisdom in their treasure chests, and pass on an excellent legacy to someone else on the journey."

I know I am blessed to have a mentor in Angie to help sandblast my misconceptions. And 'twas God timing that this week was the one when I sat down to read GEMS OF WISDOM. Guess He knew the reminders of truth I need to hear.
Well done, Angie!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Gina. Gems of Wisdom sounds like a powerful tool to deepen one's faith and strengthen fellowship with other believers. I'll have to check it out.

    This reminds me to be thankful for all of those who've mentored me... Your encouragement and wisdom have helped me so much, Gina!

  2. I'm so, so touched, Gina. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. It gets scary being transparent. But seriously, there's no other way to really reach into and help others. If that's what my mission is, then I have to keep stepping out and being available. Each day, I try to remember my mission. That gives me courage to stay open. I hope you can too.


  3. Gina, I've been looking forward to this book for a long time. Thanks for the great review. You made look forward to it even more. And I ditto what Susie D said.

    Angie, you are amazing, and have been such a great inspiration to me. I miss the FTB loop and the daily doses of encouragement I received from you and the other FTB loopers. I really need to renew my RWA dues.

  4. Angie, transparency is so tough, but I admire you for it. And I think it's invaluable in a culture like ours. You stand out for sure!

  5. Suzie, you so need to come back to FTB! We do miss you.

    Lisa, thank you. One of the hardest parts of transparency is often other people are involved in our story. Another tough thing is that people who are transparent have to have a form of discretion. But the line is so fine it can easily get blurred. I appreciate your encouragement!


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