Thursday, July 7, 2011

Faith that Reaches Out

By Lisa Karon Richardson

The video below, is a genuine response to a man who shared his faith without being offensive. I want to live in that place. I want to be the person who isn't ashamed of my Christianity. But also isn't into judgment, but love.

What is your reaction to this video?


  1. I know of quite a few really "good" people who just do not want to be part of any religion because history has painted religious causes as being the source of many of the world's conflicts. I respect their opinion. Christianity is not our religion but our faith reflected by actions, such as that man honestly sharing one to another human being. Yes, to have that kind of strength and dignity is to be a true Christian.

  2. wow...
    what struck me was Penn commenting on the fact that if we truly believe in Jesus and eternal life, we must really hate someone to NOT share the salvation message. i need to remember that the next time i even feel an inkling of self consciousness about sharing my faith. BE BOLD is basically what Penn is telling us to do. put your money where your mouth/faith is. now there's a sermon! and from a man professing to not believe in God.

    i think i will pray for Penn to experience the Lord in such a way as to reverse his belief that there is no God. Lord help me to be more like that "good, good, man" who was bold in his Faith.

  3. Great video! I've seen that before at church.

  4. Wendy, I think you're right. So many people have used religion as a club that others don't want to be associated with anything of the kind. Hopefully an honest, loving Christian can help change minds one person at a time.

  5. DebH,

    That's exactly what struck me about this video because I'd never thought about it in those terms. If I truly believe someone is going to be lost for eternity, do I love them enough to risk rejection by telling them about the alternative?

    Penn is definitely a thoughtful and intelligent guy. Very much appreciated his perspective.

  6. Oh.My.Goodness.
    I'm torn between tears and wanting to email blast this to every Christian I know (which I will probably do).

    Tears for Penn (first time I ever saw him he was doing a guest spot on Miami Vice!). Not just because he's an atheist, but because I shudder to think what happened to him that got him to that point? No one starts out as an atheist, now do they?

    Second, if this one man impacted Penn so much that he made this video, what would the impact be if every believer he'd ever encountered was a "good man" or good woman?

    Wow, Lisa. Thanks for sharing. This was a Spirit-led post! : )

  7. That's the way it affected me the first time I saw it too, Niki.

    I don't know that Mr. Gillette would ever admit to being hungry for something spiritual. But I can't watch this video without feeling that hunger in him.

    I go back to that Christian song, Will They See Jesus in Me?

  8. Wow, Lisa. Thanks for sharing this. I was really struck by how many times he said the guy looked him in the eye. And of course, I, too, was struck by the "how much do you have to hate someone" comment. Like you, I never thought about it in those terms before. made my stomach hurt to hear him say there is no God. I really was on the edge of my seat waiting to hear him say he now believed. However, I think that very bold and respectful gentleman that shared with Penn planted a seed. Penn is sharing that seed with others, and who knows how many people will come to believe because of it? Maybe Penn, himself, eventually.

    Great post, Lisa.

  9. Susie, you bring up an interesting thought. I wonder if anyone might be brought to truth in some small part because of this video? Or perhaps a fence sitter sees this and has his faith renewed.

    The guy with the Bible just shared with one person. But his small offering could touch a multitude. Like the boy with the loaves and fishes. I love, love, love that God can use the smallest offering to accomplish his purpose!

  10. Wow. Thanks, Lisa. I just did two things: added it to my Facebook page and added Penn to my prayer list. Wow.

    Write on!
    Because of Christ,
    Sharon Kirk Clifton

  11. Thanks, Sharon. I think he'd appreciate your prayers.

  12. Don't you suppose, deep down, Penn just might actually really believe there is a God? As is the case with many Atheists, confusing Religion with Faith tends to be problematic. It was out of Faith the man gave Penn the pocket Bible. The mustard seed is pretty small! I have faith it will grow.

  13. An excellent point, Diane. I've often heard there are no atheists in a fox hole. If the time ever comes when Penn is open to the idea, I hope he will seek as earnestly and with as much dignity as he exhibited in this video. if he does, I think he will find the answer to his need.


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