Friday, April 27, 2012

Just Add Drama

by DeAnna Julie Dodson

I know. I know. Our lives are complicated enough as it is!

Who needs more conflict? Who needs more trouble?

But what is life without its ups and downs? How bored would we all be if things were always exactly the same day in and day out.

I'm a very no-drama kind of person. Don't try to push me out of my comfort zone. Don't ask me to do anything I haven't done before (and liked). Don't expect me to change my hairstyle.

But sometimes I like to be brave and do something wild and crazy (as long as it's legal and moral). We need a little drama in our lives. It's good for us.

As much as I love cool weather and hate summer, I know the changes in the seasons are necessary. Not only so plants and animals can go through their growth cycles, but because as humans we need the variety.  God knew that when He made us and when He made the world.

So maybe it's time to look at the drama in our lives in a different way.  Yes, we need calm.  We need stability and comfort.  We need rest.

We also need change. We need a little drama. It's good for us.

If nothing else, it makes us appreciate the peace when we have it.


  1. We had drama just getting this post together, didn't we? Blogger did a complete renovation and really messed us up. It's like going away for the weekend and coming back to find that the team from Extreme Home Makeover were there. It's your house but you have no idea where anything is...

    But the video is worth the trouble it was.

    I like those non-drama weeks, and when they turn into non-drama months... but it doesn't last long. And if we have family or friends, we find someone is always having drama (it's nice when they take turns!)

    In my little circle of friends it often happens that our dramas happen one at a time and we can all help that one person. Thankfully!
    Great post, DeAnna

    DeAnna, who has some exciting drama news today too....

  2. oops, I mean "WAS THERE ... TEAM WAS THERE, not TEAM WERE THERE." A little grammar drama for you. Sorry.

  3. Great video! I like some drama, just not too much. I like a lot of comedy too.

  4. Love the video, DeAnna. It reminds me of the Just For Laughs Gags TV show we watch on the Comedy channel.

    We don't like the Just For Laughs show that is stictly stand-up comedians, we only watch the Gags show. It's out of Montreal and so much fun. They use situations just like this to catch people's reactions and is a great lesson in human nature.

    When the new Betty White show started, I thought it would be similar, but her show is specifically from a senior's pov and is... well, not funny at times. I didn't think some of the gags were socially correct and much of it is dialogue.

    The situations on Gags aren't from a Christian pov because after all, La Belle Province is the most liberal of all the Cdn provinces, but they are very funny and mostly without dialogue. However, you sure can guess what some of them are saying by their gestures. LOL

    Thanks for the laugh DeAnna. I needed it today.

    Anita Mae.

  5. Glad everybody enjoyed it. I love those "get in the middle of a regular crowd" and make something happen moments.

    Like the flash opera singers or flash Hallelujah Chorus. I always wish something like that would happen to me.

    And, yes, Debra, I went from feeling like I could handle my own posts (with videos, thank you very much) to incompetent boob overnight. Thank goodness my fellow Inkies could help me out.

    And I don't have any dramatic news myself, but I did hear that Julianna Deering just got a three-book contract with Bethany House for a cozy mystery series! :)

  6. Glad you liked it, Dina. I think we need to laugh as much as possible every day. :D

  7. You know, Anita, when I used to get Center Ice and get to watch Canadian broadcasts of hockey games, I used to see some commercials for Canadian comedy shows (and even some TV movies) that I really would have liked to see.

    Of course, the feeds cut off right after the game ended. Sigh.

    Some really great Canadian beer commercials though. :D

  8. Tell Julianna Deering we wish her the best with her series and can't wait to have her visit! :)

  9. Ditto what Deb said about Julianna Deering. ;-)

    Sometimes I think my life has too much drama and I need a lot more comedy.

    And I'm very resistant to change, but I do agree that change is good. But I still don't like it....

    I will try and look at my drama differently though, DeAnna. Maybe it will make it easier to choke down. Lol.

  10. That's great news for 'Julianna' Deanna? Not aquainted are you by any chance?


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