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In case you ever wondered . . .

I know.  I know.  We've all wondered what cats actually say when they're playing pattycake,  Here's the actual truth:

Now that you know the truth, have a happy day!  :D


  1. DeAnna! This is a scream! The perfect ending the the wonderful week of DeAnna!

  2. You know I'm always a beat behind. I should have said the "purr-fect" ending. Meow!

  3. Cute! A sweet finale to our week of DeAnna.

  4. Isn't that too cute? Those boys did the purr-fect voice overs, didn't they?

    Heh heh.

    Good for a Saturday smile.

    Thanks to all of you for this lovely week!!

  5. I love this! And do you know what's especially fun about it?
    It reminds me of a hand game my hubby plays with his mom where you put your hand out flat, palm down, and the other person tries to smack it. They've played that everytime they get together. No words, just one puts their hand out and away they go.

    But the best part is that when I was loading my Author Memories post about Noah and Ethel's love story last week, Nelson said it was Grandma Ethel who taught him that hand game! LOL

    I gotta show him this when I go in later. :D

    Thanks, DeAnna.


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