Monday, June 4, 2012

Release Party! Congratulations DeAnna Julie Dodson

Celebrate with us this week.
DeAnna Julie Dodson's new book The Key in the Attic is out!
Annie Dawson and her friends from the Hook and Needle Club have an attic full of mysteries to solve. DeAnna Julie Dodson's second contemporary mystery (following Letters in the Attic), The Key in the Attic is Book Sixteen of the Annie's Attic Mystery Series.  DeAnna has also just signed a contract to write Book Twenty-Five of the series, The Diary in the Attic.

Letters in the Attic and The Key in the Attic are available exclusively from Annie’s Attic Mysteries. Their website is set up for a subscription to the series, but if you'd like to buy just Letters in the Attic or The Key in the Attic, you can contact Customer Service at (800)282-6643 (8 a.m. - 7 p.m. [CST] Mon. - Fri.) or e-mail them at

The Key in the Attic

Up in her grandmother’s attic, Annie Dawson finds an antique key that is the first clue in a 150-year-old mystery. As she and the ladies of the Hook and Needle Club try to make sense of the clues, they must also figure out how to help Mary Beth when she fears she will lose her beloved needlework shop. Perhaps the key to both problems is in Annie’s hands.

Her Annie's Attic books are not DeAnna's first novels! She had three medieval romances released before she joined Inkwell Inspirations. But this is our first chance to celebrate a new release with her. As you can see, everyone is very happy for her~

Our wait staff is ready to take your order - we have creamy vanilla lattes as the day's specialty but there's also a full range of teas and coffees and juices.  To celebrate the Annie's Attic setting, we've got wild blueberry-topped Cheesecake, vanilla ice cream with real maple syrup, a variety of tea cookies (Annie's grandmother's favorite recipes) and creme brûlée' (just because I asked for it).

So just ask any of our waiters, John, Guy, Richard or Lucas and they'll be glad to serve you. Find a seat and I promise DeAnna will be over to chat. Come back throughout the week to learn more about her and this series. It's party week at the Inkwell~

 You don't have to sneak around like you are with some secret government department, just go ahead and grab a little treat or two. We don't indulge all that often around here but calories don't count during Release parties! 

(We do like our desserts around here, but if you are serious about your calorie intake, we're glad to send one of the waiters out for something more to your liking.


Wow, that is yummy!

There will be no fighting over sweets, ladies! There are rules around here and Sir Guy is set to see that you follow them.

*****More about DeAnna and her other books:
DeAnna was born in Dallas, Texas, and has lived in the Dallas area all her life. The first book in her medieval series, "In Honor Bound," was published in 1997, followed by the sequels "By Love Redeemed" and "To Grace Surrendered." Besides her work for Annie's Attic, DeAnna also writes an original mystery series under the name Julianna Deering.  The Drew Farthering Mysteries, romantic whodunits set in 1930s England, will be released by Bethany House starting in the Summer of 2013.  DeAnna says, "I am so thankful for the life God has given me and want more than anything to use it to please Him."

We are so happy to have DeAnna as an Inky sister and are thrilled to celebrate her continuing success as a author.
Watch for Julianna Deering's Drew Farthering Mysteries coming in 2013 from Bethany House!

Congratulations, DeAnna!

We love you!


  1. I am actually laying out a light breakfast buffet of fruits and scones and a nice baked egg dish, so please take something if you are here early. You might not want ice cream at 7 am...but if you do...

    go for it!

    Thank you DeAnna for sharing your special week with us and for checking out certain "party" details before the guests arrive.

    Ahhh, wonderful. The first to arrive is Mr. John Thornton. He has such a strong work ethic - hmmmm, just like DeAnna!

  2. HI, Deanna,

    Congrats on the new series. The Drew Farthering mysteries sound great! Love the location and time period! I also live in the Dallas area and write for BHP. Would love to connect sometime!

  3. Yay, DeAnna's party is here! I'll take a virtual latte and hmmm...

    We could always put the fruit ON the ice cream. (I've been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables anyway.)

  4. Yay for DeAnna!!!! I'll take that pretty latte, the creme brulee and the cute guy please.

  5. Good morning, DeAnna. Congratulations! I'm so happy that we get to celebrate with you.

    Are there any cranberry orange muffins? Black cherry tea? No? Okay, I'll settle for a nice Earl Grey and a scone delivered by one of those English guys. Please tell him to hurry because I have to go to work. Thank you much.

  6. Oh, wow! All this and Richard Arnmitage, too? I AM blessed. :D

    Hey, everybody! Thanks for stopping by. I feel so . . . loved. Awwww!

    Thank you, Deb, for making everything especially beautiful (dreamy sigh) and tasty (dreamier sigh). And, yes, I'll take my ice cream now, thank you.

    Hi, Anne! I'm SO excited about being with BHP. Next summer can't come soon enough for me. I'd love to chat with you sometime. :D

    Hmmmm . . . you may just have the right idea, Barb. Fruit on the ice cream would be tasty . . . as long as it's not Rocky Road.

    Hey, Dina, just don't take John. He's my favorite! (Not that any version of RA is hard on the eyes, mind you!)

    Earl Grey, Suzie? Did RA play him, too? ;)

    Thanks all for the lovely get together. This is SO fun!

  7. Congratulations, Deanna! I'm looking forward to reading these!

    And now I'm going to have to try out this vanilla ice cream with maple syrup thing...

  8. Hurray, DeAnna! And Hurray Deb for throwing such a great party!

    Can't wait for Drew Farthering to arrive on a bookshelf near me. I love cozies.

    Now, DeAnna, inquiring minds want to know... Does Drew bear any resemblance to John, Guy, Richard, Lucas?

  9. Niki - just make sure it's the real maple syrup!

    Lisa - good question. I can see RA as a good sleuth, or good guy or bad guy or even a dwarf....

    Dina - which cute guy? ha ha

    Suzie, how was your breakfast treat?

    DeAnna and I had a good laugh at my expense before the party began. oh dear...I was a bit dazed for some reason.

    DeAnna, I am looking forward to the week and more 'insider' information on you. I have a North and South viewing party planned with my daughter this summer--I'll let you know if John and Margaret get together this time or not. :)

  10. Wasn't it nice to see Anne here this morning!

    I hope you two can get together some time.

    Barb, I might have to boat to your house if it never stops raining. Oh, and definitely yes on the fruit on ice cream! Strawberries are ready here in upstate!

  11. Thanks, Niki! I'm soooooo excited.

    Hmmmm, Lisa, I'd have to say Drew's not quite as formidable as RA in any of his incarnations. Very dark and handsome, of course, but more lighthearted most of the time. Lots of (I hope) witty banter and stuff. Think of Nick and Nora Charles or Lord Peter and Harriet. I'm DYING for him to make his debut!!

    Oh, Deb, I'm jealous of your N&S party. That's when I really fell for RA. Homina, homina, homina!

  12. I love Nick & Nora. I do hope Drew has a corresponding Nora. Can you share? Ooh, do you have an Asta character?

    Or are they more like Tommy and Tuppence? Sigh! The Young Adventurers. Fall 2013 is too far away!

  13. Wahoo, DeAnna! Dancing for you. I enjoy cozies and can't wait to read these.

    I am in desperate need of a latte... and maybe some tea sandwiches for lunch? With berries and ice cream to follow? Yoo hoo, waitstaff (snap snap). Ah, much better.

  14. Oh, yes, Lisa. Drew has Madeline, the pert American debutante who loves mysteries as much as he does and is determined to help him solve them, even though she ruins his concentration and turns his spine to blackberry jam.

    No Asta, but there is Mr. Chambers, and tiny little white kitten named for Drew's stoat-like Latin professor.

    I'd say they're sort of a mix of Tommy and Tuppence and Nick and Nora. Yes, 2013 is FAR too far away. Sigh.

    Thanks, Susanne! I hope you like them when they finally get here. :D

  15. hold on a minute. At my age... I am not looking to rush into 2013. That new mystery will be worth the wait. Jeeepers creepers 2012 is soon to be half over with.

    I over did it on chocolate cookies, so I'm off sweets for the rest of the night. But I could go for a nice cup of tea. Earl Grey again. yes. thank you.

    So...coming up this week, an interview with DeAnna, some talk about cozies, a review of Key in the Attic and I'm going to get the waiters to do some work around my house before they go but that won't be a blog post of course...

  16. Now this is one party I don't want to miss. Oh, waiter...! I'm thinking this late on a warm day, I could use ice cream.

    Congratulations on the release. Here's to many more!

  17. Hey, Deb, if you could send the waiters over here to vacuum for me, I'd be terribly happy. :D

    Thanks, CJ!

  18. Richard Armitage in all his major characters. Dreamy. Ill have the cakes too as well.

  19. Congrats on the new book. Do you think the Chastelayne Trilogy might be republished perhaps?

  20. ACK! Sorry I missed the party. But HUGE congrats to you, DeAnna!!!

  21. ACK Sorry you missed the party too, Jen. I should have thrown a flare into your writing cave. I'm afraid there's nothing left but some wimpy fruit salad and a cheese danish. Ice cream, creme brûlée, cookies and scones and all the waiters are gone.


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