Monday, December 3, 2012

Release Party for Debut Author Susan Diane Johnson!

Have you ever attended a party inside a lighthouse?  
Well, today you will.
Welcome to Admiralty Lighthouse on Whidbey Island off the Washington coast!

Release Party!

Congratulations Susan Diane Johnson
on the release of NO SUBSTITUTE!

Photo from Admiralty Lighthouse Website by Phil Williamson

Today the Inkies are celebrating with our sister Suzie as she delves into new territory as a published author. Somewhere on this page is the actor who inspired Suzie's hero Quentin. Hmmm, I think his photo shows up twice.

Take a walk up the circular staircase into the top of the lighthouse 
and you will have a beautiful view of Puget Sound. 
Today, we are not allowing any rain (it's all on the east coast), 
so sit back and enjoy as our waiters see to your needs. 

This is the first time we've had Colin O'Donoghue visit. 
We will keep an eye out for crocodiles, eh?
Colin is running Gina's Latte machine. I hope he knows what he's doing!

Okay, you will notice a theme here.  It's December. We are going no-stress today. And who doesn't love easy meals?  It just so happens to have a link to our story.  "Hero" Quentin is a single dad to teen daughter Shayna. You can guess where that is going...

There's  two or three big salads, but the other star of the day is


Nathan has a special place in our hearts.
He has no time to get to the kitchen, because we keep him busy talking
about the new season of Castle!

Suzie will be surprised to see Pierce. One can never be too careful, but I promise he will not bring any firearms inside the building. He'll also see that you get your choice of beverage. Coffee, Tea, Juice, Water? Anything else you'll have to talk to Captain Hook.
"Please wash your hands! Twice."
And then sit and relax. This is Suzie's big day!
Once again, Matthew is brightening up the room with that killer smile.
He's pretty handy in the kitchen, too. 

Bring out that big bowl of salad, will you?
Yes, as promised, there will be a few rousing rounds of Charades to keep everyone energized after we've had too much to eat. Thanks Hugh!

The gorgeous smile competition just got a bit more intense. Suzie, look who's here!

Sadly my search for New York Style Pizza has been unsuccessful. 

Chicago -style, anyone?

 We are so happy to celebrate your big day!


(Okay, so pizza can be filling.
You were supposed to have a nice big salad along with those three slices!)

Still, we do need some chocolate, right Suzie?

Come back and visit throughout the week as we share more about Suzie and NO SUBSTITUTE! Tomorrow, we'll be touring Whidbey Island, Washington before you hop back on the ferry. 
Thanks for stopping in!

To purchase NO SUBSTITUTE:

Please leave a comment during the week of Suzie to be eligible for a drawing to receive Suzie's debut novel NO SUBSTITUTE!


  1. I'm going to be a lousy hostess today because I must dash off TO WORK! YAY!

    Hey, how can I be a bad hostess and have Captain Hook serving latte'? I take that back.

    Suzie, congratulations on your release. We are so happy for you and thrilled to enjoy your big day with you!

    I'll pop in later. Enjoy!

  2. Congrats Suzie on the release of your debut book! Enjoy celebrating this week :) Please don't enter me in the book drawing - I've already read No Substitite and love it! And you can all enjoy pizza and coffee while I retire for the evening and sleep through your celebrations, lol.

  3. Nathan Fillion, Pierce Brosnan, AND Tony Shalhoub? That's three-for-three, for me. It's going to be a great party. :D

    Congratulations, Suzie!

  4. Yay!!! I'm so excited and happy for you Suzie. I actually read this book a while back. It's the first book I ever endorsed as a published author. Very charming and funny. I really enjoyed it.

  5. Hurray for Suzie and No Substitutes!! And Hurray for the wait staff! I will go scarf down some breakfast pizza, but will be back for seconds I'm sure.

  6. I don't drink coffee, but today - just this once so I can meet the gut running the latte machine... might even come back for a refill.

    Thank you, Deb. And thank you for inviting the germ patrol.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go visit with the waitstaff. The only problem is, I'm not sure which one to visit first. Decisions, decisions. I think they all need to be a hero in their own book.

    Can you all guess from the cover which waiter is the model for my hero?

  7. Oh Deb, I forgot to say, congratulations on your job and have a great first day!

  8. Sweet dreams, Narelle! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your kind endorsement. Maybe when you wake up you'll find a critique of your chapters in your in-box.

  9. Thanks Barb! Hey, don't hog Monk, okay? I was very happy to see Mr. Steele show up.

  10. Thank you, Dina! I'm so honored to be your first endorsement. Wow. I didn't know that and I appreciate it so much.

  11. Congrats Suzie, on your debut!!! I popped over to the website and read the exerpt. Hoo boy! I'm hooked. Have to wait until i get home to do the actual purchasing though (bummer...)

    as always, i enjoy the eye candy each debut party here at the Inkwell provides. Is the mr. castle dude the inspiration for Susie's hero?

    Heartfelt congrats!

  12. Thank you, Lisa! And thank you for designing the beautiful header for my week. :-)

    Like Lisa, I have disappear for a while. But I'll check back soon. I have to get to work before I'm late. I'm not sure I can tell my boss I was too busy drinking lattes to get to work on time.

  13. Thank you, Deb H. I'm glad you liked the excerpt. Oh, yes, you know exactly who my hero is. :-) He's such a good dad.

    Did you want to be in the drawing?

  14. congratulations on your book! I look forward to hearing more about it -- and reading it, of course!
    I also read your interview in the December issue of the newsletter! Congratulations!

  15. Thank you, Elaine. I appreciate it. Do you want to be in the drawing?

  16. Sure! I'd like to be in the drawing.
    elaineking1 at hotmail dot com

  17. Yay for Suzie! I am downloading my copy from Amazon as I type this!

    I do believe this is the first time we've had pizza at a release party. YUM! You know those quizzes that ask you what food you would choose to eat every day? Pizza is mine. Best. Invention. Ever.

    So the hunky hero archetype at the top of the party page, is that HOOK from Once Upon a Time?

    1. Hi Niki,
      Yes that's Hook. My new favorite OUAT character. =)

      Shayna, the matchmaking teen in my book, would eat pizza every day if her father would let her!

      Thank you for downloading the book. I hope you enjoy it!

  18. Oh, woot! How exciting to see No Substitute debut at last!

    Snoopy dancing for you, Suzie!

  19. Thank you, DeAnna. I would Snoopy-dance if I could, but my best imitation would be more like Elaine Benes.

  20. Wahoo! Congratulations, Suzie! I am so excited for you! Happy dancing...

    No Substitute is a delight to read. Yay for Suzide!

    For some reason I can't see all of the photos of our waitstaff today. I only had ONE photo of Nathan Fillion come up. What a tragedy! And none of Hook. (Did you see OUAT last night, Suzie? Oh. My. How can they leave us like that for however many weeks?

    1. Oh Susie, so sorry you can't see the other pictures. I'll have to send you some at lunch time. Thank your kind endorsement of my book. :-)

      No, I haven't watched OUAT yet. I'll watch tonight. It's off until January 6th, I think. Boo hiss sob.

  21. Captain Hook doesn't have to serve lattes to me. He can just sit here and let us admire . . . umm, he tell us stories of his grand adventures on the sea.

    I'll have an iced latte since my throat is on fire.

    Suzie, I haven't read your book yet, but based on the awesome syno we helped you polish, I'm sure it's a winning story!

    FWIW to any Inkies listening, 2013 is the Year of Colin. I hereby nominated him to be our lead barista and, umm, storyteller.

    1. I second your nomination, Gina! I'm trying to figure out which book will be his. ;-)

      Thank you, Gina.

  22. Happy release party, Suzie! I'd eat some pizza but I'm too busy drooling over the guy who inspired Quentin. Oh, my, how have I missed that handsome rogue? LOL Chocolate, oh, well, I'll force myself to have a piece of cake.

    As you know, Suzie dear, I loved NO SUBSTITUTE! Can't wait to read more, so get crackin'. What? You have to work at a day job? You can't just write around the clock? Oh, well, guess I'll have to be patient.

    So happy for you!!!

    1. Please ignore the sound of my horrified gasp!

      Sharon, had I known that on Saturday, I would have stepped on a mud puddle and splashed you.

      Nah. I wouldn't really do that. Not to you, especially. Thank you for the encouragement. It means the world to me.

      How about a chocolate pizza? Yum!

  23. oh m gosh. I have been thinking about Pizza all day. Survived a real day of work and a drive to the city (no not New York City) and here I am finally!

    looks like you've had a nice day and the wait staff has done a great job keeping the place clean.

    Oh Mozzarella I LOVE YOU.

    I admit I don't watch OUAT BUT. I did hear a collective sigh across state lines the day Captain Hook showed up for the first time.

    Why do people in Hollywood keep trying to tell us that Pirates wore eyeliner? I don't get it.

    Pumpkin latte is okay to have with white pizza, right?

    1. I think they're just trying to set there pirate heroes apart from the rest. My husband doesn't like Hollywood pirates. He just doesn't understand.

  24. eyeliner or not,
    capt'n hook is hot

    1. Gina, since my son might read this - I'd better not respond. ;-)

  25. Congratulations Suzie!
    Debra let me know on Facebook so had to pop over and share the fun.
    Looks like the Week of Suzie is off to a PAWSOME start.
    Relish every moment!!!

    1. Thank you, KC. I'm glad you stopped by! Is that May in your picture? She's so cute!

  26. Thanks KC and May!
    Hope you grabbed a piece of pizza. Is that on May's diet, or does she stick D O G food?

  27. Suzie, so happy for you. Looks like everyone has been having a great time. I hope your wait staff still has some food left in the kitchen to bring out.

  28. Thanks CJ! I think there's still plenty. I'm not sure about the lattes, though. I had to put our gorgeous latte server in time out after I started watching last night's OUAT and saw what he did to sweet Belle. I sure hope he can redeem himself because I found a heroine for him on Whidbey Island in 1903.

  29. oh Suzie, i would love to be in the drawing.

    nm8r67 at hotmail dot com

  30. I know I'm WAAAAAAAAY late to the party, but Suzie, I just have to throw out a big CONGRATS to you! Way to go, girl!


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