Friday, September 20, 2013

Here comes the fall TV season

By Niki Turner

If I had been paying more attention, I would have scheduled my surgery for mid-September, instead of mid-August. That way I could have enjoyed much better entertainment (or at least fewer reruns) during my convalescent period. But, alas, I didn't, and now I'm looking at the upcoming seasons of some of my favorite TV programs and a lengthy list of new shows and wondering how much longer I can drag out my "I need to lie down" excuse to stare at the television screen. 

For those of us who are TV fans, September and October are like a mini-version of Christmas, with a multitude of new characters and stories to unwrap as we curl up in our chairs and sofas to be entertained on those increasingly dark autumn evenings. 

This year the major networks have 30 new shows laid out on their schedules. Some will slip silently into television's vast graveyard, and others will capture the hearts and minds of viewers, often to the surprise of critics and producers. Who, for example, could have imagined the wildly popular success of the BBC's Downton Abbey?

Since the new season of Downton doesn't start until January, that leaves us all with a few months of new shows from which to choose, and how do we know when to start programming our DVRs? 

Here are a few new programs that sound promising that are slated to begin this month or next:
Sleepy Hollow (premiered Sept. 16)
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (begins Sept. 24)
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (begins Oct. 10)
Reign (begins Oct. 10)
The Crazy Ones (begins Sept. 26)
The Michael J. Fox Show (begins Sept. 26)
Dracula (begins Oct. 25)
And then there are some of our returning favorites:
Castle (Returns Sept. 23)
Elementary (returns Sept. 26)
Once Upon a Time (returns Sept. 29)
Grimm (returns Oct. 25)
Downton Abbey (returns Jan. 5)
I know, I know... I left off The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and any number of other popular favorites. (I didn't even include my own guilty pleasures: Vampire Diaries and Duck Dynasty). And that's where all of YOU come in. What new shows are you interested in this fall, and what shows are you anxiously awaiting to return? You know, if it hadn't been for the intense devotion shown by all my Inkwell Inspirations sisters, I might not have bothered to watch all three seasons of Downton Abbey in three days this summer. (I'm still debating whether I should thank them or send them poison pen letters.) I, for one, appreciate the input of my friends when it comes to what I take the time to view. So what's on your fall TV schedule? Share!!!

(And of course, we all know that we're just biding our time until next spring, when Starz releases the ultimate series, for which I am saving up my pennies to afford the subscription: Diana Gabaldon's OUTLANDER.) 

Niki Turner is a writer, former pastor's wife, mother of four, and grandmother of two and a half. She has thus far been unsuccessful at coming up with catchy taglines for her writing, her purpose in life, or what she hopes to achieve in the future. Suggestions are welcome.


  1. I am so, so, SO looking forward to Once Upon a Time and OUAT in Wonderland. I love OUAT, so Wonderland better live up to it's parent-show. I can't wait for Castle to come back, and I'm really looking forward to Amazing Race which starts Sunday, but I'll be on the train so will have to watch On Demand.

    I can't wait for Downton Abbey. Did you make that meme? Can I put it on my pinterest page?

    I'm curious about Sleepy Hollow and also about The Crazy Ones.

    I watch way too much TV.

  2. I'm going to try to avoid picking up too many new shows this year to keep more time free. Plus, I've gotten spoiled by Netflix. I love being able to watch a series straight through on my own time. Current series, Alias.

  3. Dina! I have an unending love for ALIAS. Sydney Bristow is my hero! Bradley Cooper was adorable in that series, too. Covert Affairs is the closest I can get to my Alias fix.

  4. Suzie, I didn't make the meme. I found it here: There are some cute ones.

    I think you and I share that affection for OUAT. I'm looking forward to Hook's character development. Ahem.

  5. Dina, I'll have to check out Alias. I've seen previews, but haven't watched it. I wonder if it's on Amazon Prime?

  6. Yes, Niki, me, too. Bring on Hook and his character development. Alias was a wonderful show, and I would be surprised if it wasn't on Amazon Prime.

  7. This Fall I'm really looking forward to the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who, and the premiere of the new updated re-telling of The Three Musketeers (coming in Nov. to the UK, but I can watch online), I'm looking forward to Downton as well, it will be so different this year with so many main character deaths last season. I'm also looking forward to the return of Sherlock. And the return of Raising Hope :)

    Oh, and Alias is also on Netflix if any of you have access to it :)

    1. Ooh! The Three Musketeers sounds fun! I'll have to look for that. And yes, Dr. Who promises to be a wild ride this year!

  8. My fall highlight - I
    "think" it's coming this fall - is the new season of Sherlock. Otherwise I'm rather clueless. I watch nothing on network. I tried to watch Elementary and couldn't but I heard a lot of people enjoyed it.

    And I'll start watching Dancing with the Stars on Mondays, though I may skip it awhile.

    Downton in January!

    Wondering how explicit Outlander will be... I know most of them are :(

    1. I still haven't been able to find Sherlock on my satellite plan. Another one for Amazon, maybe.

      I have a terrible time with DWTS unless I really like one of the contestants, and somehow I don't think Bill Nye the Science Guy is going to last very long!

      I've wondered that with Outlander as well. I figure there will be some fast forwarding required.


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