Monday, June 30, 2014

Murder at the Mikado Release Party

It’s party time once again! And this is no ordinary shindig. This is the launch party for the very latest Drew Farthering mystery. Murder at the Mikado by Julianna Deering is now available! Shout it form the mountaintops!

Fans of the first two mysteries featuring the Delightful Drew will not be disappointed by this latest foray into the glitz and glamour of the 1930s.

"When a CELEBRATED ACTOR IS FOUND MURDERED IN HIS DRESSING ROOM, All signs point to Drew's Old Flame. But Behind the Curtains nothing is what it seems and this Quickly Becomes his MOST puzzling case YET."

Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

But, before you run off to download your copy (here) join us for the celebration. We’ve brought out the stores from the depths of Inktropolis. Gorgeous vintage Chanel and Lanvin gowns. (I call dibs on that rather spiffy black and red number.) If you’re chilly there are a few furs. And of course, there is plenty of jewelry on loan from Tiffany.

The masseuse is on hand and every imaginable spa service is available. We've got the whole day to relax and make sure we're glowing for the pinnacle of the party this evening. 

Once everyone is dolled up we’ll hop in the Rolls, because we’re going to the opera. Light opera, of course, Gilbert and Sullivan to be specific. Who knows, maybe if we’re lucky, something dastardly will happen and we’ll get to see Drew in action. I’ve heard rumors that he’s going to be here…

With a hero that handsome, we don't even need a murder to make the night interesting. From what I hear, his faithful pal, Nick, is no slouch either. So bring on the pin curls and bias cut silk!

Strawberries and champagne to the left, hairdressers to the right, make-up straight ahead, and chocolate pretty much everywhere. Duke Ellington is on the record player and the day is young. Let’s make the most of it!


  1. Hurray! I've enjoyed the first two books in this series and look forward to reading this one too!

  2. I'll take the works, the strawberries and champagne, and the icy blue dress. Thanks, DeAnna for a great reason to party.

  3. Delicious! Congrats Julianna/DeAnna on another fascinating release. What an exciting period in history.

    And Elaine, so glad you made the party. I love running into like-minded readers at...
    ...oh... I thought I heard Cary Grant call my name... excuse me while I check... you never know at these things...

  4. @Elaine ~ So glad you've been enjoying the series! Thank you. :)

    @Dina ~ Isn't that blue dress divine? Enjoy the party!

    @Anita ~ Thank you! Did you say Cary Grant? :::starts looking around:::

    @Lisa ~ Thanks so much for the lovely party. That's a delicious photo of Errol Flynn. :::happy sigh:::

  5. Congratulations, DeAnna. That Drew - he truly is a handsome man! I am really looking forward to reading this one. Excuse me for a moment. I simply must try to steal Mr. Grant away from Anita.

  6. Oh my. That Drew is a cutie!
    I think I'm going to have to get out the strawberries and champagne when I read this one!

  7. Congratulations, DeAnna! I will have to go and see what Suzie and Anita have done with Cary Grant. It must be my turn by now, eh? If he's still busy I can have a nice chat with Errol. I'm up for a lovely spin in Drew's motor car.

  8. @Suzie ~ Isn't Drew too gorgeous? :::sigh::: But, re: Cary, you might have a fight on your hands.

    @Niki ~ I think they got him just right on this cover. :)

    @Barb ~ Oh, dear. Now there's going to be a big tussle over Cary. Watch out for Errol, though. He's rather a roue! Do take a ride in the Rolls. You'll love it!

  9. wowza. Nice party. I am making my own fashionably late entrance. No fur needed. Glad for these fancy ceiling fans...
    I am so happy for you, darling Julianna! Excuse me while I go powder my nose and then you must introduce me to that fascinating man in the corner!

  10. @Deb ~ Oh, do hurry back, darling. He's just perishing to meet you!

  11. Sorry I'm late to check in...a problem with the Rolls. But I'm here now and Oh, lookie at that gown. There are still plenty of strawberries, I see.

    So thrilled for our dear Julianna. I LOVED this book!

  12. @Susie ~ Thank you, darling! Yes, plenty of treats left. Enjoy!


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