Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Movie List

Just for fun, and to avoid actually doing anything constructive, I've made a list of "Christmas Movies" as suggested by.. the internet. Next year, I promise to bring in a "made-for-TV movie' expert, but for now, I'm sticking with box-office productions,
(However...check out my links below!)

The oldies (yes, these were oldies when I was a kid): 
A Christmas Carol 1951, starring Alistair Sim
Christmas in Connecticut 1945, a comedy with Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan
White Christmas 1954, a musical with Bing Crosby. Rosemary Clooney and Danny Kaye
Holiday Inn 1942, a musical with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire
Shop Around The Corner 1940, a romance with Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan
The Bishop's Wife 1947, a comedy with Cary Grant and Loretta Young
Miracle on 34th Street 1947  (and again in 1992), with Maureen O'Hara
It's a Wonderful Life 1946,  with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed

And some consider these 'Christmas' tales:
The Apartment 1960, a comedy with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine
Meet Me in St. Louis 1944, a musical with Judy Garland

"More recently" we have:
A Christmas Tale 2008, a dark drama with Catherine Deneuve
Nightmare Before Christmas 1993, a Tim Burton animated movie
Arthur Christmas 2011, animated
Mickey's Christmas Carol 1983, animated
Ernest Saves Christmas 1988, goofball comedy
Prancer 1989, family tale
Elf 2003, comedy with Will Ferrell
Home Alone 1990, comedy with McCauley Culkin
A Christmas Story 1983, with Peter Billingsley and Darrin McGavin
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 1989, comedy with Chevy Chase
Love Actually 2003, adult comedy with Hugh Grant and ensemble cast
Bad Santa 2003, adult comedy with Billy Bob Thornton
Scrooge 1970, with Albert Finney and Alec Guinness
Polar Express 2004, family animated movie
The Santa Clause 1994, comedy with Tim Allen
Fred Claus 2007, comedy with Vince Vaughn
Muppet Christmas Carol 1992, family animated movie
How the Grinch Stole Christmas 1967, family animated movie
Jingle All the Way 1996, comedy with Arnold Schwarzeneggar
Christmas with the Kranks 2004, comedy with Tim Allen
The Holiday 2006, adult comedy-drama

And who can forget these ?classic Christmas stories:
Batman Returns 1992, with Michael Keaton
Die Hard 1988 with Bruce Willis
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2005, adult drama with Robert Downey, Jr.
Edward Scissorhands 1990, with Johnny Depp
Gremlins 1984

My favorites are in the first list, and I'll admit to taking my kids to see Home Alone 1 and Ernest Saves Christmas. Thanks to cable tv in the 90s, I've seen plenty of the others, but not all.

What did I forget? What movies will you watch this year? Which movies from the list would you like to see this holiday season and why?

Just for fun, I'm adding links to more Christmas movies that you'll ever need! Go check them out and then come back and Thank Me. Yes, You're Welcome!

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Merry Christmas from Humbug. Wish You Were Here!

It’s 1933 in the good old US of A. In the midst of drought, the Depression, and gangsters on the lam, America finds solace in Hollywood's Golden Age. 

Ex-pilot Eugene Tanner, determined to pen the lyrics for the movie industry's first "Best Song" award, books a rushed December stay at the remote Humbug Creek Guest Ranch (A Gold Mine of a Getaway!) Where better to find inspiration for an epic Western, than amid all that trail dust and burnt coffee? 

Thea Knight gives up her short holiday break from the studio’s costume department to play cowgirl hostess at her family’s struggling guest ranch. But instead of helping their witty and handsome guest, she becomes his biggest distraction. Old flames and past regrets take a backseat when the pair become embroiled in a ghost town mystery marring Humbug, Arizona’s rustic Christmas. Thankfully, the cowgirl is as fast with her Winchester as she is with her comebacks.

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  1. Haven't seen that many of these, oddly enough. It's a Wonderful Life is one of my top three Christmas movies ever, tied with How the Grinch Stole Christmas and (depending on my mood at the time) some version of A Christmas Carol. Merry Christmas! God bless us every one!

  2. My mother's favorite was Miracle on 34th Street and I'm hoping to catch it this year. I try to watch White Christmas each year , and I'm sort of inundated with It's A Wonderful Life because of where I live. But I love Christmas is Connecticut, and I'm hoping to find the original Shop Around the Corner, too. Merry Christmas to you and your Dad, DeAnna!

  3. You made me very happy by including a photo of the hero of Nine Lives of Christmas and his catr, Ambrose. <3 <3 <3 I love that Hallmark movie!

    That's quite a list! We watch some of those movies year after year (like A Christmas Story). I don't remember seeing The Nativity Story above, but we watch it every year or so, and let's see...Bill Murray's Scrooged, too.

    Merry Christmas to us all! Hugs!

  4. I'm going to take a mental health break tonight and watch something from my list. I don't have Hallmark ( I suppose it's an app I could pay for, right?) so I'm limited to whats on NetFlix or Prime.

  5. Okay. The Family Stone. Missed that one.
    Elyn Edwards suggested Sleepless in Seattle. (but what about You've Got Mail?) Some movies have Christmas in them but may not be the focus...

    okay, yes, I COULD watch Hallmark app for a week free. That could be distracting!

  6. I love your oldies list and most of your others too! One of my favorites is While You We're Sleeping.
    I've been bingeing on sappy Hallmark movies for the last month. There have been a couple good ones, others not so good.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Debra!

    1. I tried to watch one of those sappy movies last night but I couldn't get through it because it was too far-fetched in plot and I hate when it's all based on one character lying 'for a good reason.' Watched a Radio City Music Hall Christmas instead. There must be hundreds of made-for-tv Christmas movies!
      I watched While You were Sleeping again, this past summer. It's probably my favorite Sandra Bullock movie. Thanks for stopping in Andrea! Merry Christmas to you, too!

  7. Great list, Deb. My go-to-fav is It's a Wonderful Life although I don't catch it every year. I enjoy Christmas With the Kranks, and hubby can't pass up National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I usually stick around for the squirrel in the tree scene, but then can't seem to pull myself away. Too many other likes to list.

    This year, my daughter Jessica and I watched a couple of the Hallmark movies that I'd saved on my DVR from the W Network up here in Canada. She had a request though, as she'd seen a lot of social media attention about a Netflix movie, A Christmas Prince, and wanted to watch it before flying back to South Korea. It was a very good movie. I needed a tissue. Or two. Will probably watch it again next year. Sigh.

    1. Is A Christmas Prince the one with the young girl in the wheelchair , and her brother is snooty, and the heroine is a journalist pretending to be a governess? If so, I didn't finish it. I fear I'm not their target audience. I tried to watch three Hallmarkish movies this season and didn't get through any of them. There. I've admitted it to the world.

      I hope your daughter had a wonderful trip here and a good trip back.


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