Friday, September 1, 2023

ALLEGIANCE and BLACKOUT (Benson First Responders Series) by Lisa Phillips, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"His mother was as complicated as this case."

Police Detective Lucas Westbrook met the striking EMT Freya Olson when their careers intersected over a murder case with numerous unusual trails of evidence. A young Malaysian boy had been killed uttering Lucas' mother's first name with his dying breath, "Michelle". Coincidentally, Freya recognized the young man from a village in Malaysia where her parents had served as missionaries years prior. To further complicate matters, when Freya goes back to the scene of the crime she is nearly strangled to death by an unknown assailant warning her off the case before Lucas steps in to save her life . . . for the first time.

With its dizzying array of plot twists and gentle nods towards an allegiance of hearts, this story proved over and over again how "Love gave courage. It lent people strength"; pasts could be redeemed, mistakes could be forgiven. Faith could be restored. . ."giving both of them something they were desperately in need of. Home."
*I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars 

ALLEGIANCE BackCover Blurb 


A dead man.

EMT Freya Olson has lost her faith, but not her drive to save those who need her help. When the past that her family left behind after her mother's death shows up in Benson, Freya lands on the target list as well. But things aren't what they seem, and Freya’s loyalty will be pushed to the limit.

A disgraced cop hiding a dangerous secret.

Police Detective Lucas Westbrook has served his whole career under the shadow of his mother's betrayal. Only his faith keeps him from crossing the line or becoming the cop everyone assumes he is. This time there’s no escaping the connection between his deepest pain and the case on his desk.

Caught in a tangled web between friend and foe, Lucas will protect Freya. For as long as it takes to close the case—and find out what could be between them.

October, 2022. Buy ALLEGIANCE in digital ebook, paperback, and audio book at Amazon

"He'd lived his entire life in a blackout."

Trying to re-group after a social media fiasco, EMT Trey Banning attempts to fly under the radar. His work schedule has been reduced to filing paperwork while he recovers from a serious abdominal injury, sustained while responding to a crime scene. Thankfully his side job with a private investigation firm has the potential to break the monotony, but he never expected to land an assignment lending medical supervision for an ex-CIA agent with a critical heart condition . . . and a missing sister. Ember Hendryx is one of a kind.

"In reality, he needed to let God light up everything."

Trey and Ember are wonderful characters, caught up in the most unusual of circumstances while racing against the clock; Ember's heart could literally stop beating at any moment and she is determined to locate her sister before that happens. The circumstances surrounding Annalise's disappearance are murky, but even cloudier are the prospects for any lasting relationship between Trey and Ember. It would take a miracle they are not certain God can provide.
*I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars

BLACKOUT BackCover Blurb:


A missing woman.

Cut loose from the CIA after a devastating injury, Ember Hendryx only wants one thing—to live long enough to find her missing sister. The clock is running down. She’s got the skills to do this, but she’ll need the one thing she can’t do for herself if she’s going to succeed. With no leads and little idea what her sister was into, this just might take everything she’s got. And give her a future she can’t even dream of.

An EMT with a choice to make.

Trey Banning got sidelined after he was stabbed a few weeks ago. Now he wants back on the ambulance so he can be who he is: a hero just like his dad. Except all his attempts to get his life on track again get him is social media attention he doesn’t want. His reputation is under fire, and for the first time Trey realizes he needs to change the way he lives. Helping Ember has nothing to do with furthering his career, but this side gig with Vanguard could save a life.

When the search for Ember’s sister lands them in the middle of a deadly scheme, there’s more than just one future on the line. Can they get to the bottom of it before it’s too late?

Each Benson First Responders book is a stand-alone Christian Romantic Suspense.

December, 2022. Buy BLACKOUT in digital ebook, paperback, or audiobook at Amazon


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