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Cara C. Putman & Giveaway

A Birthday Party for Two
by Cara C. Putman

For Christmas I went home to Nebraska. My family spent a week with my parents, siblings, spouses, nieces and nephews. When you put us all together there are 26 soon to be 27. It makes for a chaotic, but fun time as the adults play games and chat while the kids run around and play.

While we were together, we started talking about earliest memories. Apropos as I considered this post. I often wonder if my earliest memory is really mine. Or if it springs from the host of photos that accompany the event. I’ll let you decide.

Growing up in Georgia, I had a best friend Joanna. She and I shared a lot. Loving families. Parents that brought us up to love and serve God. And birth month. In fact, only one day separate our birthdays, so often we shared parties. The earliest one I remember is when we were two.

We were barely able to sit at the table, in our frilly dresses surrounded by other little girls, party hats, and balloons. We played games, blew out candles, and ate cake. Most important, we started a tradition…sharing our birthdays. Often throughout the years, we would do that. Not every year, but often enough that it always felt right.

Photo is not of that party. Can’t find those. Boo!
But it’s me, my sister Janna, and Joanna. Joanna and I would have been four.

We’ve shared many things. A love of learning. A love of writing. The ability to tell a good story – though Joanna outshines me in that category…if I could only talk her into writing a book! A love of adventure and reading. A strong interest in politics and current affairs. A heart for God and serving others. Maybe, just maybe, it all started with that shared birthday party.

Growing up, did you have a special friend you shared everything with?

I'm giving away a copy of Cherry Hill Blossoms which contains my newest release - a novella, Dying for Love to one person who leaves a comment. Deadline midnight Friday, January 13th.


Dying for Love: Attorney Ciara Turner is horrified when she stumbles over a judge’s dead body in Alexandria. Will she be able to retain her composure and control when she joins her nemesis Daniel Evans in investigating the murder? Constantly on the opposite side of domestic cases, they have to work together to find the murderer…just in case the police and marshals run out of luck. As they are thrust back together, Ciara is reminded of how Daniel swept her off her feet as a clerk. Now she has to choose whether to risk her heart to love.


Cara C. Putman lives in Indiana with her husband and four children. She’s an attorney and a teacher at her church as well as lecturer at Purdue. She has loved reading and writing from a young age and now realizes it was all training for writing books. An honors graduate of the University of Nebraska and George Mason University School of Law, Cara loves bringing history and romance to life.
You can find Cara online at the following sites:


  1. Thank you Anita Mae and Cara C. Hey, I love seeing an initial in between your names, Cara!

    I had the chance to meet Cara and see her in action as she is a dynamic part of ACFW and making newbies to conference as comfortable as possible.
    Thank you for that!

    I didn't have much in the way of playmates until elementary school but somehow I had the sense to grab onto a few best friends who are still a part of my EVERY DAY life. While none of them are writers, it's really the whole support and encourage and stand beside thing that helps me in my dream. Love the photo, Cara. How sweet!
    Thank you for sharing it with us today and talking about one of my favorite subjects. My best friends are my sisters, aunts to my kids and grandchildren and know all my deepest dreams and secrets (I better be good to them, eh?)

  2. My childhood best friend and I shared the exact same birthday, except she is a year older than I. Apparently, when my parents brought me home from the hospital, her family came over to visit. She toddled over to where I was sleeping and saw me. We've known each other ever since. We shared many, many birthday parties growing up -- and usually with two cakes! I especially remember the cake she had once with a brown sugar icing. We did many other things together during the years also - sleepovers, camp, church youth group, sharing teenage secrets and so on.
    As is often the case, we drifted apart as we entered adulthood but the memories of our shared birthday parties are sweet!

    elaineking1 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. Thanks for sharing with us, Cara. That photo is so cute. And appropriate too, since we having Christmas Day at our house today. Our eldest daughter flew in last night and we're having a big turkey dinner as soon as the boys get off the school bus. Then opening presents. LOL

    They could've opened their stockings this morning, but they did that 3 wks ago when they opened their 'Santa' presents. But we saved the majority of the gifts for today when we're a complete family again. :D

  4. Marry Christma Anita Mae! I hope you have a very special day of blessings!

    Elaine I wonder if you've felt the tug to get in touch with that friend?

    I think about children I played with once - I mean a memory of one day playing with someone that I never played with again after that --and wonder at the meaning of such a memory. It's so easy to lose touch with people as we age and move. Such a shame. thanks for stopping in. I'm thinking about Brown sugar icing myself now!

  5. Debra, I do run into that friend from time to time, usually at the grocery store. She lives in a small town just outside the city where I live. We keep promising to get together. The last time we saw each other, we finally exchanged email addresses so we are in more frequent contact now. One of these days we will actually meet for lunch or something. Maybe this is the push I need to try to nail down a date with her!! Thanks!

  6. My best friend and I share a birthday too, but we didn't meet until adulthood. Our very first ACFW conference in fact. Still so grateful God has placed her in my life!

  7. I love hearing about your best friends. So fun! God blesses us so much through the people He brings to our lives.

  8. I would love to be included in the drawing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Lovely post, Cara. Girlfriends are true treasures, aren't they?

    And what an adorable picture.

    Merry Christmas, Anita!

  10. Thanks Susie and Deb. I was so busy with the turkey and getting things ready, I forgot to check for comments. LOL

    I don't remember any girlfriend until I was in Grade 3. And then it was 2 best friends. The problem was, we couldn't be a trio - it was always 2 in and 1 out. So sometimes Sylvia and I would be together and sticking our noses up at Jeanette. And then the next week, I'd be out and they'd be ignoring me and so on. Someone always got hurt. I have no idea why. They were best friends when I moved there and perhaps I was the 3rd wheel. Thinking back, it just seems that we were too immature to handle more than one BFF at a time. I only lived there 3 years and it's a pity really. We could have had such fun - gotten into so much trouble together. :D

  11. I also had a best friend whose birthday is just a couple of days before mine. We called ourselves June Buddies. :-)

    It was fun to remember, so thank you, Cara. Your book sounds awesome.

    Anita, merry Christmas!

  12. I lived on a farm and was an only child so until kindergarden I didn't have many playmates. Fortunately, there was another little blonde girl like me who also lived on a farm and we formed a bond and were best friends throughout school! I still have contact with her.
    This sounds like a very good book.

  13. Sweet picture. My dearest friend growing up was my younger brother, we had so many adventures together!
    I'd love to win your book, Cara!
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

  14. I had many best girlfriends growing up, unfortunately as we got older most of us parted ways and took different paths in life. But they are friendships I will always cherish with fond memories.

  15. Elaine and Cheryl, you're entered. :)

    June buddies, Suzie? A fun play on June bugs, eh? And thanks, Christmas yesterday was very merry. In fact, it was so merry I had to run for the bathroom a couple times. LOL

    Rubynreba, that's one of the sad aspects of farm life - finding someone your own age who shares common interests. School is a great venue for encouraging friendships, which is the main reason I never wanted to home school. My childhood had been lonely enough. School was my escape. Thanks for sharing. I've got you entered. :)

  16. Merry, that's a relationship many people would love, but few can manage. Yes, you're entered as well. :)

    Angie, that's one of the benefits of Facebook - it gives people a chance to hook up with old friends if they wish. I'm glad you have fond memories to cherish. That helps during the rough times. Thanks for entering. :)

  17. My best friend when I grew up was my Cousin, we did everything together and are still BFF's until today, the only bad thing is that I live in the US and she lives in Spain, we grew up in Germany. We talk via Skype at least once a week.
    Your book sounds awesome, please add me to your Contest.


  18. I know this is almost last minute. But I would love to win, read and review this novel... Sounds wonderful. Thanks for that chance.

  19. Hey Ingrid, my husband was an army brat who lived in Germany from the age of 6-10 and then 14-17. He really enjoyed his time there since everyone rode motorcycles. He still has a love of them to this day.

    And yes, Spain is far, but thank Goodness for Skype. I used to imagine talking on phones where you could see the other person, but it was all a dream and too far from reality. Yay technology.

    I hope you and your cousin can get together often. Yes, you're entered. And thanks for taking time to leave a comment. :)


  20. Hey Rev Kim, nice to meet you. Yes, you're in time to enter. Thanks for taking time to drop a comment. We appreciate your interest in Cara's book.

    Have a great day!

    Anita Mae.

  21. I was very shy as a child and had a few close friends. It has been really nice to have found these friends again after so many years although we haven't met up face to face again yet. Hope to within this next year.

    Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.


  22. Hey Jo, I'm glad you've found your friends again. I'm still looking for my best friends from high school. I'm hoping God will get us together some day on facebook or something.

    I've got your name in the draw. Thanks for sharing. :)

  23. After assigning a number to each name, I gave them all to and the winner of Cara Putman's Cherry Blossom Capers is...

    Elaine K!

    Congrats Elaine, Cara will in touch with you about your postal details.

    Thanks for sharing everyone. We appreciate you stopping by.

    Anita Mae.

  24. My book arrived today. I am looking forward to reading it this weekend! Thank you!


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