Monday, January 2, 2012

Make 2012 be Your Year!

by Gina Welborn

Welcome 2012!

As I was looking for our Current Events header, I came across a new drawing my 8-yr-old daughter created over the Christmas break. Notice the words she wrote . . .

There is uglyness neoness.

What a way to view the world! Well, that got me thinking about New Year's Resolutions. See, I've never been good at making or keeping or achieveing them. Maybe that's because I always came up with overly hard resolutions. So as we were eating family dinner last night, I suggested instead of coming up with resolutions, we ought to make a 2012 bucket list. We could call these . . .

Bucketalutions or Resolucket List

My oldest son then said, "Mom, normal people call them goals."


(fill your name here)'s Top Fifteen Goals for 2012

1. What old or new movie do you vow to see this year?
2. Old or new novel to read?
3. Old or new non-fiction?
4. New recipe to cook (or try to cook)?
5. New food to taste?
6. Historic landmark in your state to visit?
7. US city to visit?
8. Video game (or app game) to play/beat?
9. Song to listen to backward (or lyrics to learn)?
10. World record to attempt?
11. Hobby to try?
12. College class to take?
13. Scripture verse to memorize?
14. Person to meet/visit/defriend?
15. Person's salvation to pray for?

2012 is a Leap Year. You, me, we get one extra day to make this year the best ever. Even if you are overwhelmed with answering those 15 Goals, what are you going to do to with that extra day we've been given?

Hopefully the 15 Questions I listed can lead you to the answer.

Welcome to the neoness of 2012!

To God be the Glory in all we say and do and live no matter how many or few days we're given.


Years—okay, eons—ago, Gina Welborn worked in news radio scripting copy until she realized how depressing human tragedy was, so she took up writing romances and now only thinks “It is time for a dead body?” when she’s at a lull in her newest manuscript. This Oklahoma-raised girl now lives in Richmond, Virginia with her youth-pastor husband, their five Okie-Hokie children, and a Sharpador Retriever who doesn’t retrieve much of anything (but he can sit really well). Her first novella, “Sugarplum Hearts,” part of the HIGHLAND CROSSINGS anthology, will be released by Barbour in February 2012. Her second novella, “All Ye Faithful,” in A CASCADES CHRISTMAS release later in 2012.


  1. Oooh finally a goals list that's fun.

    I sm also enjoying the fact a bunch of people have today off and its like another new years day. On a Monday no less!

    I will to my list and report back later.

  2. Those are fun, Gina. I think I will add your list to my list, because I'm crazy like that.
    And I cracked up over the "normal people" comment. *sigh* If we were normal our kids would be so bored.
    : )

  3. That's kind of more how I view it. Goals. I have some I started in the fall that I want to continue. Basically healthier eating and gearing my writing more toward an income earning career.

  4. I liked the list and definitely need to mull them over

  5. I think my tiny little brain has to just take things one day at a time. :)

  6. Niki, I agree our kids would be bored if we were normal. Then again, maybe normal is the new weird (or should it be weird is the new normal?).

  7. So everyone is mulling the list waiting for someone else to be the first to share.

    Okay, I'll go.

    Gina's Top 15 Goals for 2012

    1. The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers (can't think of an old movie)
    2. To Kill a Mockingbird and The Accidental Tourist (I read both every three years)
    3. Beloved Outlaw by John Eldredge (a Christmas gift I've read 3 chapters on but had to stop)
    4. Beef Bourgenon (yes, I butchered the spelling)
    5. Mango
    6. The Medical Museum in Richmond VA and the Spy Museumin WashDC
    7. New York, New York!
    8. Mario Galaxy Quest (with Jadan)
    9. (not sure what lyrics to learn)
    10. (not sure either on world record)
    11. does exercise count as a hobby?
    12. cooking class at Univ of Richmond
    13. Colossians 1:22
    14. I'd like to meet Marta Perry.
    15. Friend E

  8. 1. XMen First Class
    2. Will catch up on all Inky novels before we get so published I can't.
    3. "Arming & Fitting of English Ships of War"
    4.expand my repertoire of Indian food
    5. quinoa experiments
    6. Sacket's Harbor NY
    7. Newport News
    8. Angry Birds is inactive in my life
    9. Don't worry be happy?
    10. most questions asked to a historical reenactor at Colonial Williamsburg in one day.
    11. Any hobby I can turn into a cash cow.
    12. European History
    13. Jeremiah 29:11
    14. Gina (oh and this is 'meet' not defriend)
    15. this is a toughie? one person?

  9. Hmm... I'll have to give some of these more thought.

    I had really wanted to see Courageous, but I crossed that off my list thanks to a New Year's Eve showing at a local church. :)

    As far as books go, if I was dying to read it, I've read it already.

    As for hobbies, Anita's picture of a large nativity (for the lawn) has got me wanting to try to make one. I used to cut and paint full-sized figures to promote VBS, and I think I could do it given the time and the wood. Not sure if I'm ready to devote that amount of time. Still, it might be fun. We'll see how I feel about it come September.

  10. I love the "neoness" picture, Gina. Don't you just love kids' artwork? It's one of my favorite things.

    One of my goals for the year was to give up #8, so I've deleted the most tempting time-sucking one from my computer.

    #14: Each and every Inkie!

    #7: can it be a place I've already been? I'd love to go back to Williamsburg and San Francisco.

    #1: Puss n' Boots

  11. Deb, I'm envious of your world record goal. We should go to Williamsburg together. :-)

  12. Great lists.

    1. Cowboys and Aliens
    2. All the Inky books
    3. The Moral Premise
    4. not a goal
    5. not a goal
    6. Addison Sod Farm House, Kindersley, SK
    7. Los Angeles
    8. not a goal
    9. not a goal
    10. not a goal
    11. not even time for present hobbies
    12. craft classes at conferences
    13. haven't thought about it
    14. Suzie Johnson, Susie Dietze, Barb Early, CJ Chase, DeAnna Dodson and Niki Turner for starters
    15. my eldest daughter, Crystal

  13. that Anita Mae.
    She's just too stinking focused.

    I did choose Gina as I'm pretty sure I may just have the chance to meet her in March.
    We'll see. Maybe C.J.? I hope so!

    I think I am all caught up on current books except for DeAnna's Medievals and the cozy. With Gina's novella coming out VERY SOON, I need to get going!

    Hey, did you all see Lisa's new decorating scheme, and I hope our readers see that Dina has posted the revolving display of Inky books. Hooray!

  14. Great post, Gina. I like your list better than what I'd been thinking...My list tends to lean toward cleaning things. Gah.

    I'll answer a few:

    1. Hunger Games. I will be there opening day!
    8. Angry Birds. Sigh.
    13. Just memorize more Scripture in general.
    14. I am so excited to meet Anita Mae Draper and Suzie Johnson tyhis summer.
    15. I've got my list.

    Thanks, Gina!


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