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Backlisted Fiction: Which to Choose?

Over the last couple years, the Inkies have compiled various lists of backlisted fiction. Too often we skim bookshelves looking for a new release and don't look at older books. While we want readers to buy new releases, we also want to remind you of some gems you could be missing. Please know these lists aren't all-inclusive. If you click on the HEADERS, you'll go directly to the original blog post or follow the link at the end of each backlist description.

IF IF IF you are an author (or know of an author) with a book(s) that would fit in one or more of these lists, please leave a comment on the blog post. Thank you!

Prior to asking around, I knew of only a handful Christian authors who've forged a career in the ABA market or in both the ABA and CBA markets. Oh how little I knew. Lemme introduce you to a handful or so of these literary "pirates"...and their "buried treasures."

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During my years of working as a church secretary, I certainly became privy to the inner workings of the church and the challenges pastors and their families often face. Bottom line, I have great respect for those who live their lives on the front lines of ministry. So for today’s backlist, we’re looking at fiction which features these folks. We’ve got pastors, their wives, chaplains, missionaries, female pastors, pastors’ wives who fight crime, even a church secretary and a rabbi who solve mysteries together… there’s something for everyone here!

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The surge in YA popularity provides a prime opportunity to dip into the wealth of inspirational YA fiction available today. Inspirational YA fiction isn't limited to sweet romances or gentle historicals, either. These stories are gritty, edgy, and address difficult subjects, both natural and spiritual. In fact, some of them are addressing issues adult inspirational fiction has tended to avoid.

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Check out these "backlist" titles, all inspirational, California-set stories....and be sure to check the end of the post, with a few forthcoming titles. The titles are alphabetical, unless a book is part of a series, in which case the first book appears alphabetically and the subsequent books follow in order of publication. All titles are inspirational, though not all of them are published by CBA publishers. While most of these books sit on my shelves, some are new to me, so use your best judgment.

I love reading Christmas romances and wanted to share these books with you. My last year's Christmas Backlist listed Christmas Romances from 2009 only. It stands to reason then that this year's will contain Christmas Romances from 2010. I've listed the books alphabetically according to their publishers.
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Of course medieval novels can fall into a variety of genres, come from a number of countries, and span from about 800 A.D. to about 1400 A.D. Some are nearly in the dark ages and others on the brink of the Renaissance. You may think you don’t like medieval, but guess again. With so many variations, you’re bound to find a few you that please you. For the purpose of this article I haven’t included anything with fantasy elements such as monsters, elves, or dragons. If you like that stuff, there’s plenty out there, but I’ll have to save it for another post.

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In honor of Gina Welborn's debut novella, Sugarplum Hearts, (part of Barbour's HIGHLAND CROSSINGS Novella) we've chosen a subject near and dear to us all. Food. As always, we simply list titles within a theme but we do not seek to promote them. While the Inkies have read some of them, this is not a recommendation list, simply a source, and the degree of foodiness varies.
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Despite that little independence holiday we just celebrated, many readers love to return to Mother England. Here's a list of some recommended novels set in England or with English protagonists. Cheers!

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I’ve heard it said more than once that the Christian fiction market is all-but closed to novels with international settings. Ha. I laugh at that. (Only because prior to making my list, I too believed that false premise. So please know I’m laughing with you, not at you. Not that I’m sure you feel better about my laughing. Sorry. I’ll stop now.)

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The Celtic nations historically include the people of Scotland, Ireland and Wales, as well as Brittany, The Isle of Mann and Cornwall. A rich mix of truth and myth, and a bit of fascination with the ruggedness of the Celts and their lands, have made their way into many works of fiction, even in the Inspirational market--as you can see by the list!

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 Publishers and Writers love SERIES--a nice, long-term commitment. Readers love them too. Okay. What’s the singular and plural forms of 'series'? Does anyone know? When we find a story we love, it's great to know there are (usually) two more to read that should be just as good. And we get to stay in touch with those characters we grew so close to.
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 It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lot of us just can’t get enough of Jane. In the ninety years since Georgette Heyer began penning novels set in Austen's England, the demand for Regency-set novels has remained relatively strong. Yet readers still crave more than stories similar to Austen's. They crave more of her characters. More of Jane herself.

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 April. Come join with me in celebrating National Welding Month! No? While you are pondering what to wear on Tweed Day (3rd) and Look Alike Day (20th), please enjoy perusing this list of backlist books that inspired some of my favorite Christian fiction authors:

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I was not allowed to read or watch sci-fi or fantasy while growing up. That’s right. No Star Wars, Star Trek, or ET for me. Even Disney movies were closely monitored. Good should be good and evil should be evil and there should be no confusion. The concept of “good magic” was not appreciated by my parents because, let’s face it: there is no good magic in the real world, only the power of God and the power of Satan. Of course, with my own children I’ve taken a different approach, talking with them about the symbolism and how it can be applied to the actual spiritual universe.

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  1. I'm still working my way through many of the books on these great backlists. Thank you, Gina, for reposting the links.

  2. They sure do look pretty marching along here! thanks, Gina
    Thanks for pulling them together!

    I have found new authors this way and new friends!

  3. Hmm...I think I'd like to check out more of the international ones. I just read Glamorous Illusions (new) which included the grand tour of Europe. That was really cool. And right now I'm reading The Rose of Winslow Street (also new) which has a Romanian hero and lots of memories from Romania and Romanian culture. I always enjoy that stuff. Plus, I just edited the 2013 release Captured by Moonlight by Christine Lindsay, the second in her British Raj series. All I can say is, wow!!! You should definitely be looking forward to that one.

  4. I know at some point I need to go through the comments on each backlist and add those books to the official list.

    Fun lists!

    Reminds me that I also have about three or four lists I started compiling books for yet never finished.

  5. Inkwell Inspirations is such a wonderful site. Thx for being here!!! :)

  6. Thank you Nike! We appreciate the heads up and having you share our blogoversary and backlists with your friends and followers!

  7. I'm here because of a message from Nike. :) I'm certainly interested in seeing what's out there and perhaps getting my books on your list as well.
    Tracy Krauss

  8. Thanks for putting this together, Gina! I love our backlists. The only downside is the lack of time I have in a day to read all the fabulous books I've discovered in these lists.


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