Friday, November 2, 2012

Review-A Wild Goose Chase Christmas

By Lisa Karon Richardson

Following her grandmother’s passing, Izzy Fontaine is visited by an elderly man bearing a gift. At her grandmother’s behest he has brought Izzy a valuable heirloom quilt that was created by her ancestors. Along with the quilt comes a note that indicates that the quilt could lead Izzy to a treasure. Her time with her sprightly visitor is cut short when his handsome grandson shows up at Izzy’s door.

Max Logan is the curator of a local history museum and the sight of the sight of the quilt in Izzy’s house has his jaw dropping open. Her grandmother had promised him the quilt for an exhibit.

Toss in a couple of quirky, self-interested relatives whose ears perk up at the idea of treasure, and Izzy’s holidays are not shaping up like she’d have planned.

A Wild Goose Chase Christmas is a fun Christmas read with just enough meat to leave a reader’s appetite satisfied. You’ll love Izzy, and her little dog, too. Jen excels at creating warm, empathetic characters that we identify with immediately. Even her antagonists can cause us a pang of self-recognition. Her main characters live out their faith in very real ways. Sometimes flawed, always trying to do better. But while the spiritual thread is there it doesn’t overpower the story or feel preachy.

The little puzzle of the treasure hunt adds an extra element of interest to this fun, festive romance. It is a great addition to Abingdon’s Quilts of Love line and would make a great addition to someone’s stocking. 

Psst, if you're wanting to get in some early Christmas shopping, here's the link.


  1. I think people will really enjoy it. It's only the second in the line, but they are establishing a great tone and flare with the stories they've selected so far!

  2. Delightful review, Lisa.

    I know I've said it already, but this is one of my favorite Christmas books ever. Jen is a terrific writer: her plots and characters are model-worthy for aspiring writers. I also love how she weaves Christmas throughout the story.

  3. Good morning, Ladies. Big hugs all around! Thank you all (and especially Lisa) for the kind words about the book. I have to say, this story was probably one of the most fun to write, because Izzy and Max kept surprising me!

  4. Lisa, great review! Jen, I can't wait to read this. I love the puzzle element so much.

  5. Lisa, so well put. Jen has such a gift for characterization. I can't wait to read this one!

    great review. I think you would have sold me if I wasn't already such a fan of Jen's writing. A little mystery and romance and Christmas!!

    Dont' forget that Jen is giving away a copy this week!

    I missed one day of being online and didn't even stop in yesterday and, this sounds odd, but I missed you all.

  6. Jen, my characters rarely surprise me, but it's usually interesting and enlightening when they do. A moment of growth for them and a twist in the plot for me!

    Sounds like Izzy and Max kept you guessing.

  7. We missed you too, Deb. The web is just too quiet without you.

  8. Oh, that sounds like so much fun. And her little dog, too. ;)

  9. the book sounds like a great read. i appreciate the review, now i just need to tell my hubby that he's going to buy this book for me for my birthday (monday - got to stay home because of Sandy...)

    off to go follow that handy link...

  10. Well, Deb, we are also giving away a copy... ahem. The week's drawing won't be done for a few days but you are definitely in the running. NOT THAT WE EVER DISSUADE anyone from buying an Inky book!


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