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Guest Blogger: Author and Editor Fay Lamb

The Inkwell is pleased to welcome author and editor Fay Lamb.  Fay's newest release is Stalking Willow, an inspirational romantic suspense novel. 

The cover alone makes me want to read this book.
by Fay Lamb

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to the life of an author. Yes, there are some overnight successes in the business, people who seemingly decide to take up writing and receive a contract, but that is not the norm. In truth, what often looks like an overnight success to someone on the outside, has been a long journey for the author.

You’ve heard it before. “I write, therefore, I am a writer.” I began to take writing seriously at a very early age, therefore, I have been a writer for thirty-seven years.

Looking back with that 20/20 hindsight, I realize that God had a plan, and if I’d been published when I was so much younger, I wouldn’t have learned a variety of lessons, which I’d like to share with you:

Humility: God has always been faithful to chasten me for my pride. To get my attention once, God took my writing away from me for three painful years until I learned a valuable lesson: when God gives a talent, He expects it to be used to the utmost. Talents aren’t often handed to an individual ready to be displayed. To present the very best to God from what He provides, authors need to practice their skills. Pride says I have nothing to learn. Humility bows before the Master and asks what is to be done with the gift so that it is returned ten-fold to Him.

Family: Yes, immediate family is important, but Christian fiction is a unique industry. It allows writers the opportunity to meet, to befriend, and to work with their brothers and sisters in Christ. A writer may not know every one of his peers, but they are still spiritual kin. For that reason, I have learned to take time to come alongside members of my writing family not only to encourage and to direct but to be encouraged and to receive direction.

Happiness: When an author rushes to publication, there is a tendency to forget the joy of doing what God has called him to do. I revel in my fantasy worlds. Bringing them to life for a reader and infusing them with a message that can draw someone closer to Christ is one of my greatest joys in the world. Time is a gift from God. Rushing to publication before I am ready wastes the time God has given to me to enjoy what He has asked me to do.

Reality: Sometimes authors feel that their story just needs to be read. The message is ripe for the world, and the author has to make sure it gets out there. The reality is that God is in control. He knows how, when, where, and even if He wants the message delivered. Remembering Who is the director of my path, keeps me from tripping and falling on my face every time I am tempted to run ahead of God.

Continuity: Authors often focus on their first book to the extent that they do not see the overall picture. Like the king who was told by the prophet to shoot his arrows, and he shoots so few that he doesn’t realize the full blessing God meant for him, a writer losses the opportunity to place several more stories in his quiver because he gets too busy pressing that one fantastic book and never writing any others. In my thirty-seven years, I have written a number of books. I have twenty other books started and in various forms of completion. I didn’t just write one book to rush to publication. I actually used one book to practice all of the elements of storytelling, and I’ve applied it to everyone I’ve completed, and I continue to grow and to apply what I have learned to the unfinished work as well. When God opened the doors wide for me, I had several books and many ideas to offer my publisher. All of my ideas or stories may never get published, but I have a quiver to draw from, and I plan to keep shooting those arrows until God calls me home.

Patience is a great virtue for a writer. Our time is best spent waiting for God to show us the paths to our writing career. That time isn’t wasted when, while we’re waiting, we’re studying the craft of storytelling, building our library of books to offer to publishers, taking the time to enjoy the gifts God has bestowed, and fellowshipping with other authors to encourage and be encouraged.

Fay Lamb is an acquisition editor for Pelican Book Group. She also provides freelance fiction edits.

Her emotionally charged stories remind the reader that God is always in the details. Fay has recently contracted with Write Integrity Press for two four-book series. Stalking Willow, the first in the Amazing Grace romantic suspense series is currently available for purchase, and Charisse, the first release in her The Ties That Bind contemporary romance series will be available in July, 2013. The second story in the Amazing Grace series, Better than Revenge, is set for release in September 2013.

Fay is a past-secretary for American Christian Fiction Writers. She served for four years as the moderator for ACFW’s critique group, Scribes. For her volunteer efforts for ACFW, she received the Service Members Award in 2010. She was also a semi-finalist that year in the ACFW Genesis Contest.

Fay and her husband, Marc, reside in Titusville, Florida, where multi-generations of their families have lived. The legacy continues with their two married sons and five grandchildren (with the sixth on the way).

Links for the book:
Amazon for print book:

Links for Fay: (Fay’s website and blog: On the Ledge) (personal FB page) (Fay’s fan page) (Fay is the Tactical Editor, sharing self-editing tips) (Fay’s Twitter address) 


  1. Great advice Fay. Thanks for stopping by the Inkwell.

  2. Thank you, Fay, for visiting with us today. This is really wonderful advice.

  3. Great article. I'm going to share this on facebook.

  4. Fay, I'm going to print this one out and put it in my journal to reread when I get discouraged and feel like giving up! Thank you!

  5. Fay, thanks for sharing with us.

    Your post reminds me of being at ACFW conference the year the unofficial theme seemed to be "I'm Waiting". Hearing 650 people singing that song in worship knowing we're all in the same industry catches my breath every time I remember it.


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