Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Memories of Connie Marquise

Today, it is with much sadness that we dedicate our post to our  Inky Sister
who went home to be with the Lord April 6th, 2013.

 Photo includes: Anne Mateer, Connie Marquise, Jennifer ALlee, Gwendolyn Stewart, Debra E Marvin,
 Lisa Karon Richardson and Anita Mae Draper at the 2009 ACFW Gala Dinner

"Connie was a quiet, classy woman. I remember Connie's shy smile at the ACFW conference in Denver 2009, which is the first time I met her in the real world. She was always smiling. It was like she was so happy to be at the conference, that she was going to enjoy every second of it."   Anita Mae Draper
 Anita Mae and Connie

 "Connie was such a sweet woman. She had a very gentle spirit. It was Christmas Day when I went to see her at UMC Hospital in Las Vegas. She'd had her surgery, and her husband was there with her. 
The thing I remember most about her is her positive attitude.
 I don't remember her having a negative thing to say about anyone."       
Jennifer ALlee

 "Sweet and kind, a "gentle spirit." That's what comes to mind when I
think of Connie.   Considerate and conscientious about her posts, about commenting, about
replying to emails... Connie set a good example for the rest of us herein Inktropolis. I wish I'd been able to meet her in person, but I'm gladI "met" her through the Inkwell, and thankful I can look forward to
meeting up with her in heaven someday."         
Niki Turner

"I never met Connie face to face, but through emails as we all got to know one another when we started the Inkwell. One thing I admired about her was how eager she was to affirm and connect with the rest of us. When we first started out, we Inkies shared our favorite books; she and I both loved Mrs. Mike. Connie had the grace and compassion to use our mutual affection for a book as a place to start a friendship--what a gift that was to me, and what an example of discipleship in action! Connie was kind, gentle, and had a spirit of adventure, too. Her excitement over her cruise through the Panama Canal was infectious. Even after she got sick, she never complained. Her Facebook posts were upbeat and sweet. She was a righteous woman who loved her family. I won't soon forget her kindness to me, a stranger whom she had nothing to gain by befriending."   
Susie Dietz

"My memory of Connie calls to mind the quote from Shakespeare, 'Though she be but little, she is fierce!' Connie viewed herself as small, perhaps insignificant. But I had a great deal of respect for her courage. Though terrified by the prospect of putting her words out in the blogosphere where they would be read and critiqued by thousands of people, without benefit of an editor or the cloak of a publisher, she didn't back away from the challenge, but dove off the cliff. She was a talented writer, a sweet, gentle spirit, and she is missed. I hope to be as brave when confronted by what frightens me."  
Lisa Karon Richardson

"I met Connie through the Touched by Love contest. She was one of my consistent entrants. We first connected because her entry had some formatting issues, so we had to e-mail back and forth. Lots of LOLing and Duh! moment from both of us. I also remember how awed and honored she was when I asked  her to join Inkwell. Her response was, "This is such an answer to prayer." While we only e-mailed a few times after she left Inkwell because of her illness, I always sensed joy and peace in her words. Someday I look forward to telling her what a courageous woman she was."   
Gina Welborn

"Connie was the type of person I would have loved to meet over coffee and talk about the ups and downs of  life whether that included writing, family, work, and world events. You know, the type.
 They're called friends. :)"
Jillian Kent

Jillian Kent and Connie

"Such a joy it was for me to meet Connie at my first ACFW Conference. Connie was one of the wonderful people who helped to make me feel very much like family at ACFW. We got to share meals together, along with our writing triumphs and trials. As a sweet Christian friend, Connie continued to be a blessing to me via Facebook and over at my blog. This dear sister will not be forgotten. I look forward to seeing her again when I too am with Jesus.”
Shirley Kiger Connolly
Connie and Shirley
"After learning that I could find a critique partner through ACFW, I contacted a woman named Constance Marquise. We exchanged some chapters and started to exchange a lot of emails. I learned about her family and  Riley (If you knew Connie, you knew Riley).  Connie took Riley to nursing homes as a therapy dog, and the library as a 'reading partner', and fretted over him as he grew older.  Connie loved talking about her daughter, son, and daughter-in-law and her granddaughters. But what I will always remember most about Connie was the way she loved Bob.  I don't think I ever met a woman who was so in love with her husband.  Bob and Connie had a remarkable habit of traveling and loving it and were school sweethearts, married 47 years. She was so pleased to be part of our group blog... Connie and I roomed together at the 2009 ACFW Conference and one night we laid awake far too long in the night talking like two school girls.  My heart broke when I learned, not long after, that Connie had a battle ahead of her.  She put every ounce of energy into fighting it and staying positive with the same strength she put into being one of the most kind-hearted people I've ever met. My prayers remain with her family as they heal from her loss."
Debra Marvin

We'll end today with some words from one of Connie's posts:

When was the last time you sat outside and did nothing but watch the sun set?

You may have something else to do this evening, but you don’t have anything better to do than to relax and just enjoy God’s creation. He created it for you.

A favor. Before you go to bed tonight, I’d like you to go stand in front of a mirror and check out His most perfect creation. The one he molded in His image. The one He loved enough to sacrifice His only Son. The one of whom, after viewing, he said, “This is good.” And then he rested.

To read any of Connie's posts, please click on her name from the list at the bottom right of your screen.

 A link to the online guest book: So many wonderful words about our dear Connie from friends and family.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear of Connie's passing! She was such a sweet lady. What wonderful tributes you all have written to her life.

  2. I'm so sad for you guys that this has happened. I know you must have heavy hearts, but she would want you to be happy for her now, I'm sure. She sounds like such a wonderful person.

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  4. Thanks Anne! We had such a lovely evening out in Denver with you. It's hard to believe it's been over four years.

    Connie went on a trip with Bob later that fall and later learned she had ovarian cancer. A sneaky, nasty disease. She put her writing aside and focused solely on getting better. And she did.

  5. Thanks Melanie. Connie and I weren't apart much at that conference so I think she was at that big table the night you talked about your appt. with the Zondervan editor. It seems like so much has happened since then.

    I had just send birthday wishes to Connie in March and was shocked to learn this news only a couple of weeks later.

    I am so appreciative that Connie's husband Bob took the time to let people know, and he is in my prayers now for what is such a huge loss.

  6. I also remember how in love Connie was with Bob. She was an amazing Christian woman. Hearing about her Panama cruise was a highlight to me. But the Inky post I associate with Connie whenever I think of her is the one she wrote about the Hawaiian Queen (I won't even try to spell her name),. Connie admired her adventurous spirit, and I admired that same spirit in Connie. I always prayed she'd come back to us. I picture her in Heaven; seeing, learning, soaking everything up and off on another great adventure.

  7. Deb, thank you so much for putting this together for Connie. I wish I could have met her in person. Guess I'll put that on my Eternity List.

  8. A few years back, Connie, Peg Phifer, and I went to hear Debbie Macomber and two other authors give a presentation at the Las Vegas County library. I don't remember much about the event, other than Connie's bright personality. One of the things that always impressed me about her was how the love of God just poured out of her. Not because she was doing anything overt... it's just who she was.

  9. Thanks so much for putting this together, Deb. Reading all the comments and seeing the photos brought a tear to my eye. Connie was such a sweet lady and it's definitely a sorrow to lose her. But we rejoice that she's with the Lord, even as we pray for comfort for Bob and her family.

  10. What a beautiful testament! I got chills! I didn't know Connie, but I see her beautiful spirit shining through.

    Hugs to you, her friends. Praying for your peace and comfort.

  11. Great idea, ladies, and a lovely memorial for a lovely lady.

  12. Hi Inkies,
    I took the walk down memory lane and read Connie's posts. What a woman. Time is moving so fast it's hard to believe how long it's been since those pictures were taken. I had such a great time with you gals.

    I love what you put together, Deb. I loved Connie's post about the Candy Cane and especially the post about the Journey and the Destination.

    Connie said: "And it hit me. All my prized possessions, everything I work for and covet – in the end, none of it matters. It will be my actions, not my accumulations, by which I will be judged.

    And, so, while the sights were spectacular, it was the people, brothers and sisters in Christ’s love, who made this trip special - those on the ship (waving to all we met, especially our Team Trivia partners) and those on shore. A smile, a nod, and a kind word transcend all barriers. Despite the differences in looks, culture and custom, we are all so alike – in our dreams, our love for family, our desire for peace. We have such a small amount of time allotted to us here on God’s perfect creation. Instead of fighting over a piece of land or demeaning one another for ideals not shared, perhaps today we could share a smile, a nod or an encouraging word with all those we encounter. Perhaps today we can be truly worthy of God’s love."

    Aloha, Connie. You are missed.


  13. Yes, this is such a treat to remember Connie - thanks for joining in.

    Jill, thanks for bringing in those wonderful words of Connie's. That is her legacy to all of us!

  14. My thanks too, Deb for putting together this tribute. I think she would have been overwhelmed. Can't wait to see her again on the other side.

  15. Debra,

    This is a beautiful tribute to your Inky Sister. Thank you for sharing your lovely memories of her and I hope that they bring you comfort. I am sure that this year's ACFW will be hard without her, but I hope you will take comfort in the encouragement that she gave to you all.



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