Thursday, February 6, 2014

Who am I?

We've all been enjoying a plethora of various personality tests and quizzes on Facebook in the past few weeks. I, personally, have discovered that I "am" Snow White, the Evil Queen, Bones from Star Trek (the original series), that I "should" be a writer (good thing THAT quiz came out right!), and that I "should" live in Paris (tell my husband!)... among others.

Don't get me wrong, these quizzes are fun. Most of them are silly, some are actually rooted in psychological studies and testing, and all of them are an entertaining way to #1) Waste time and #2) Identify with each other. They aren't meant to guide your life, or decide your future, or limit you to a finite character with no hope of growth or change. 

What if God had an app, and offered daily quizzes for us to identify where we're at spiritually? Can you imagine?
Personality quizzes by anjusabu on deviantART

"Which OT Bible Character Are You?"
"Which Apostle Are You?"
"What's Your Pharisee Score?"

Now, I don't know about you, but I've taken some quizzes and NOT shared my results. Why? Because I didn't like the results. I have a feeling if I ended up with a "Jonah" or an "Eve" or a "Judas" or "Doubting Thomas" or an "85% Pharisee" score I would hesitate to share those results with friends and family. 
The thing is, we've got a quiz we can take every day, and, unlike the mysterious results of those online quizzes, this one is an open-book test. Wherever we come up with unappealing results, we have the immediate opportunity to change. 

Where do we find this quiz? In the Bible. You can call it the "In Him" test. Take a concordance (thank heaven for online Bibles... remember those giant concordances?) and look up the words "in Him" and "in Christ" in the New Testament. 

If God had a personality test for you, those would be your results. Naturally, they would be individually colored and uniquely shaded, but the words... accepted, chosen, redeemed, etc... are the framework of who we are as believers, as children of God. And where we miss the mark, where our results are not desirable, He offers forgiveness and grace to change, grace to become the very best we can be in every area: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social. 

So the next time your ID feels a little shaky, before you whip out another personality test online to see who you are, pull out your Bible and ask God to use those ancient texts to reveal your real "test results."



  1. An 85% Pharisee score would be downright scary. Although, sadly, I think a lot of Christians would score high on that scale. I could go on about that statement, but all I'll say is it makes me sad when I see Christians behaving that way.

    I rather enjoy those online personality tests. I am Belle, I am Penny, I am Spock. I pray I am not a Pharisee.

  2. Suzie, I agree... a Pharisee test would be terrifying!

    I forgot about the Big Bang Theory Test. I got Amy Farrah Fowler. :)

  3. Very timely, Niki--and an excellent reminder. I, too, wonder how high I would score on the Pharisee test. It makes me want to examine my expectations, judgments, and heart.

    Those quizzes are nice mental health breaks, btw. I'm an elf, Snow in OUAT, and I don't even remember what else, lol.

    1. I love reading through the Gospels, and examining my reactions to people and situations as compared to Christ's. It's always such a wake-up call to realize how often we fall over into Pharisee behavior and think it's normal because it's such a part of our American Christian identity.

      Hey, I'm an elf, too! And I can't remember what I got in OUAT... I'll have to take it again. LOL.

  4. Well, since my Sherlock test scored me as Mycroft (snooty, reserved, and knows more than I say), I'm pretty sure I'd get a high number on a Pharisee test. Ouch.

    1. I haven't taken the Sherlock test yet. I'll have to try that one.

      And, suffice it to say, I'd bet we'd all get a higher Pharisee number than we'd like to think! Thank God we can change our God-quiz results!!!

  5. Well before I run off to find the Sherlock test... I have to say I like to use the song of th same name to remind myself that God sees me differently than I see myself. Its rather crazy. I have to believe what He says over what the enemy says. Hooray!
    Btw...I think we'd probably skew our own answers in the Pharisee test. So the result would be closer to60% :)

    1. LOL. I just took the Sherlock test... I'm Molly Hooper. I think I'm going to have to watch the show... it's another one I'm behind on starting.

      We used to sing a song with a line about God seeing us through the Blood of Jesus... it always made me think of rose-colored glasses. :)

    2. Sadly, I was Sherlock. I guess I need a cool new overcoat to go with my sociopathic tendencies...

  6. wow. what a different angle of thought on who I am. i haven't taken a personality quiz thingy in quite some time. that Pharisee one would be scary for me, I think. I agree with Suzie - afraid most Christians would score high percentages on that one and THAT is sad.

  7. Lol, Niki and Suzie... I laughed at the Pharisee test, then sobered up when I considered the results. Thanks for the encouragement to search Scripture for God's word on who we are in Him.

    Dotti :)


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