Monday, August 19, 2019

Back to School and a Normal (?) Routine

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by Susanne Dietze

Has school begun for the year in your neighborhood? For most of my friends and family, it has. I see pics on their Facebook feeds of their kids in with new backpacks. Or, for the teachers, pics of decorated, fun-looking classrooms.

This time of year can be fun, but also one of anxiety for kids starting new classes, and for parents who have to grow accustomed to the new routines, as well.

For a long, long time now, my life has revolved around my kids' schools and activities. Drop off, pick up, volunteering, attending events, you know the drill! That's all changing for me this year as my kids go to college.

As every parent knows, there are pros and cons to having an empty nest. But regardless of what's on those lists for you, the bottom line is, we raise our children to grow up and leave us, and our hope is to put ourselves out of a job. I think it was Katie Couric who said boats are safe in the harbor, but that's not what boats are built for. (Yep, Katie Couric--thanks, google!)

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My kids have been moored in a safe, calm harbor. I like them there. As a mom, I probably qualify as one of those "helicopter parents." I fight the urge to hover. It isn't because my kids are incapable people. It's because I love them, I'm invested, and yes, I'm broken. I don't want them to struggle in ways I had to. 

But I also realize it's up to them to figure things out in life. To make their own decisions, try new things, fail--because failure is integral to success, in my experience--and become the "boats" God made them to be, if you'll bear with me going with the Katie Couric quote one more time.

God has new seas for them to explore. 

And God has something new for me. Will it be more writing? A different job to bring in some money on top of writing? Finally cleaning my closet? (My husband undoubtedly hopes so.) 

I don't know the answer yet. Not for my future, or my kids'. But God is at the destination, just as He's with us at the beginning and along the journey. 

Time for all of us to get into our boats and try new waters.

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