Friday, June 12, 2020

SWEET SCENT OF FORGIVENESS by Delia Latham, Reviewed by Trixi Oberembt

“Gratitude filled the empty, scary places in her soul that had tormented her since she became an orphan at thirteen. And something else...peace. She hadn't experienced this kind of sweet, soothing calmness in so long she'd almost forgotten what it was.”
I loved watching Norah's life unfold and the journey she took to get where she is today. Her reflections on her past laid the foundation for getting to know her as a person, what she went through, and how it made her the kind of woman she is. Her transformation at a young age when she ran away from a life she no longer wanted, to accepting Christ as her savior was a joy to watch. My heart broke for the hard things that happened to her and all the scary years she endured. I think what I loved the most, was the moment she could truly forgive the people in her past that hurt her. It transformed her into the kind of woman God intended for her to be and brought about the soul-stirring peace only He can give. One of my favorite parts in this story, was the Pastors sermon at the end about how a rose symbolizes the fragrance of forgiveness Christ extends to all of us. It brought tears to my own eyes!

It's also about how she found love again after years of loneliness and a tragedy that took the life of her husband but left her a son to cherish. Her young son Donovan was such a delightful child! He has such a tender heart for all things Godly and an uncanny insight to people. He also loves to help his mom in the nursery they own nourishing plants; he has such a green thumb! He added his own little boy charm to the mix. I liked Marcus's character, he was charming, kind, sweet, and very much a Godly man who stirred not only Norah's heart, but feed her soul by supporting her spiritually. They made a heavenly match; I just really wished the author would have developed this relationship more, there’s so much more to tell in my opinion.

My only two complaints; the book ended much too abruptly for my taste and there was scene towards the end I didn't care for at all. It was still an enjoyable read and had a strong Christian message about forgiveness and how God takes the hard places in our past and makes them beautiful again.

Lastly, I liked how the reoccurring theme was based on Matthew 5:44 which says “But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”
* This book was provided courtesy of the author, through Interviews and Reviews.*
BackCover Blurb:

A life-changing message lies within the petals of a rose...

Norah Bradley has a delightful seven-year-old son, owns a thriving nursery business in the Sierra Blanca Mountains of New Mexico, and adores both. She’s past the horrors of earlier years and life is good.

Then Marcus Corman walks into her nursery looking for a couple of special rose bushes. Norah is surprised by her immediate attraction to the handsome customer. She hasn’t experienced this kind of magnetism since the day she met her late husband over eight years ago. Now she has neither time nor inclination for romantic nonsense.

Marcus isn’t looking for love either. His ex-wife abandoned him and their infant daughter years ago. Why bring another possible source of pain into little Juliet’s life?

Despite their reservations, Norah and Marcus find themselves thrust together when their children meet and become fast friends. But as their attraction becomes undeniable, a dark shadow from Norah's past finds her and her son. Will Marcus turn away as all is revealed?

Within the petals of a rose lies a profound message. Will they find it in time to save Norah's life and open the door to love?

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