Monday, June 15, 2020

THE CAKE LIST by Dianne Wilson, Reviewed by Trixi Oberembt

Lists—there are some people who make them, and some people who hate them. Meg, now she's one who made one to cross off before her big-O birthday. In her own words “things I want to tick off before I eat that birthday cake”. But so far, it's not going so well.

I'm facing my own big-O birthday this year and I still haven't figured out or done even half the things I envisioned myself doing by this age. Maybe that's the whole point, my life isn't my own, it's in the capable hands of God and I don't have to have it all figured out. I just have to trust He'll lead me and guide me on the path I need to go. That’s my favorite item on her list “figure out God” and one lesson Meg will also eventually learn, she has to go on faith to know the Almighty.

“I used to think I had Him all figured out. He was the mean one who set up up to fail. The one who stood by with arms crossed while you floundered. Now...I know He can't be figured out. He's so far beyond what our minds can grasp. But what I do know, is that He's good. Whether it looks like He's bailed on the disaster that is my life, or not—He won't leave. He's altogether too good. Here's the clincher—I will probably never understand what He's up to.”

In an effort to “reinvent” herself after an engagement to her lifelong childhood friend, she takes up ballroom dancing and does all kinds of other things she never envisioned herself doing. I liked her a lot, in spite of the pain she went through, she's willing to go out of her comfort zone in so many ways. Her character growth was one I loved watching. In the process, she meets Dominic, her dance instructor. He's driven by the one thing he's passionate about, something called “The Phoenix Project”. 

I won't spoil it by telling you what it is, that's something you as the reader have the anticipation of finding out. There's also the rest of the dance troupe, each person different, each person lending their own personalities to the mix. This story truly is Meg's journey from the certainty of where her life was going to her world being upended and trying to find a new solid ground. I loved it! I loved every aspect, every twist and turn, every lesson learned, just everything. The humor kept me in stitches and made for a lighthearted read, there are some extremely funny parts I found myself chuckling at. I also found some of my own things to ponder because of the way the author wrote the book, and made the whole story relevant to myself. There just isn't anything I honestly don't like about The Cake List; I think anyone who reads this will enjoy it too. It's a funny, lighthearted mix of real life!
*I received a complimentary copy from the author and wasn't obligated to leave a favorable review. All opinions are my own.

BackCover Blurb:
Do Something Brave.
Do Something Selfless.
Do Something Kind.
Break a Never.
Stop an Always.
Figure out God.

“Some people write a bucket list, you know… things they want to do and tick off before they die. Honestly? Dying doesn’t seem half as scary as the big-O birthday that’s hunting me down. So I’ve made my own list. Things I want to do and tick off before I eat that birthday cake. So far, it’s not going too well.”
Fresh from a spectacular break-up and faced with a looming big-O birthday, Meg throws her cautious nature aside and signs up for dance classes. Little does she know that Ballroom will stretch more than just her muscles.
Between the charming dance instructor and his secrets, her grumpy neighbour and a fish that can’t swim straight, Meg’s list seems doomed from the start.
Heart-felt and funny, Meg’s list-crossing quest takes her so far out of her comfort zone, she may never find her way back.

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