Wednesday, June 3, 2020

THE BLACKSMITH BRIDES Collection, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

The Blacksmith Brides Collection by Amanda Barratt, Angela K. Couch, Pegg Thomas and Jennifer Uhlarik.
"Had she truly flirted with the blacksmith?" She'd never flirted with anyone before. Never wanted to, even if her brothers would have allowed it." - Worth Fighting For by Pegg Thomas

"She'd agreed to wed a stranger because he owned a cottage with a roof that didn't leak." - Forging Forever by Amanda Barratt

"A laborer doused with sweat? Or a man with the power to wield iron into something of worth? Able to be something of worth." - A Tempered Heart by Angela K. Couch

"Trust doesn't come easy for me. Anyone I've ever trusted has died . . . or turned on me." - A Malleable Heart by Jennifer Uhlarik

As you can see, these four notable novellas are filled with a wide range of emotions; their heroines certainly second guessing themselves more than once. Thankfully, laughter is good medicine when it comes to dealing with big, bold, strong, sweaty men who who handle tools of iron, but possess hearts of gold.

What a great collection! 
*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.

BackCover Blurb:
Hearts Are Forged by the Flames of Gentle Love in 4 Historical Stories

Worth Fighting For (1774—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) by Pegg Thomas
Talk of war has surrounded Meg McCracken, including her father and four brothers. Alexander Ogilvie doesn’t care about the coming war; his plans are to head west. When Meg comes to his smithy, sparks fly off more than the forge. But can they build anything during unstable times?

Forging Forever (1798—Cornwall, England) by Amanda Barratt
When the actions of Elowyn Brody’s father force her into a marriage of convenience with blacksmith Josiah Hendrick, she consigns love to a bygone dream. But as Elowyn comes to know her new husband, her flame of hope begins to burn again. Until heartache threatens to sever the future forged between them.

A Tempered Heart (1861—Charlottesville, Virginia) By Angela K. Couch
Buried under a debt that is not his own, Thomas Flynn’s only focus is gaining his freedom. He has learned to keep his head low and not pay attention to the troubles of others, until a peculiar boy and his widowed mother show him how empty his life has become. After years of protecting her son from slights and neglect of the people closest them, Esther Mathews is not sure how to trust the local blacksmith with her child…or her heart.

A Malleable Heart (California—1870) by Jennifer Uhlarik
A hard-hearted blacksmith finds acceptance with the town laundress. But when his past comes to call, will he resist love’s softening or allow God to hammer his ruined life into something of worth?

Barbour Publishing, May 2020
Available in digital ebook and paperback:
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  1. This is a great team of (award-winning)authors! Thanks for sharing your review, Rebecca!


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