Thursday, November 17, 2022

DEFENDING HONOR by Lynette Eason and Kelly Underwood, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"I've never met anyone like you. You showed up the minute I needed help and tackled me like you were ten times bigger than me . . . "

Laila Rabbonowitz might be petite in stature, but she sure packed a punch when called upon to protect the life of a client; her very handsome client, her very high-profile client, her very newlywed . . . husband??? A fake marriage was certainly one way to remain close to billionaire and former party boy Preston Whittaker, who obviously needed a bodyguard after the suspicious deaths of his father and brother . . . but what was the man thinking when he agreed to this plan? Laila didn't do "close" to anybody, notwithstanding the face that she and Preston were as different as night and day. Or were they? Neither found it easy to trust.

"Laila knew there was a reason she hated dressing up. She'd just never expected her cause of death would be her overpriced sandals."

Fast and furious. This story begins that way and continues at a frenzied pace, overshadowing the few awkward transitions in the beginning of the story; numerous characters had personal motives to thwart Preston's move into the executive head of Whittaker Enterprises, leaving the real instigator to slip through the seams unnoticed until the end . . . the very dramatic ending, when Laila decides that she "no longer had to do everything on her own, because whether she lived or died, she wasn't alone. It wasn't her battle anymore . . .Tap-tap-tap".

"Don't let her get away. Fight for love."

*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars
Sunrise Publishing, October, 2022

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