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Bite sized suspense stories that lack nothing....except that I wished they were longer because I loved them so much! All three of these authors know how to write the kind of stories that keep me turning pages way past my bedtime. The “targeted” theme plays out very well in each one of these novellas.

In “On the Run” by Lynette Eason we have IT Specialist Daria and Dr. Ryker running from unknown killers with a death wish. Her late father was part of the mafia and would stop at nothing to kill those who got in his way. Could it be that even after his death, Daria is a target? My heart was pounding so much throughout this story. Daria and Ryker couldn't escape from the enemy who cut them off at every turn....what a thrill-ride! You'll have to read this to find out how it plays out.

In “Deadly Objective” by Lynn Blackburn, physical therapist Emily and Secret Service Agent Liam must keep the Vice Presidents son safe. Putting their own lives at risk and trying to stay one step ahead of the killers who seemed to target Mason. Another fantastic story that keep me on my toes!

In “Caught in the Crosshairs” by Natalie Walters, Army PSYOPS officer Ari and CIA officer Claudia must investigate the murder of a Saudi prince, all while being targeted by the murderers. Can they solve the case in time to also thwart a threat to America? I loved the depth of this one & how it kept me on the edge of my seat!

All of these stories are awesome! I loved that they had depth in spite of their short length, a fascinating storyline, a subtle faith theme and characters that I connected with. If you are a fan of inspirational suspense or any of these authors, then I highly recommend this book!
*I received a complimentary copy from Revell via Netgalley and was not obligated to leave a favorable review. All opinions are mine. *

"I understand you're in danger and you need help, but for some reason you really don't want to ask for it. So I'm not making you ask. I'm offering." - On the Run, Lynette Eason

"I don't date agents. . . Emily whispered the words again . . . Agents get hurt . . . Agents are lovely people. Dedicated. Focused. Salt of the earth. . . But agents are also over bearing, type A, overprotective workaholics who will literally put themselves in front of a bullet for someone else and who make terrible partners." - Deadly Objective, Lynn H. Blackburn

"This isn't the first time Ms. Gallegos has found herself in a . . . situation. I need you to figure out how she's involved in this and whether we need to be concerned about Ms. Gallegos's allegiance."

"Is this an official internal inquiry?" . . . "That depends on what you find out. - Caught in the Crosshairs, Natalie Walters

Three absolutely wonderful novellas with characters who are guaranteed to make readers laugh, cry, hold their breath, duck their head . . . or all four! Possibly at once. A "keeper shelf" collection that will be read and enjoyed numerous times.
*I received a copy of this book from the author and publisher. The opinions stated above are entirely my own.

Nonstop danger with a good dose of faith and romance.

ON THE RUN- Lynnette Eason
“What someone meant for evil, God took and turned it into something good.” Getting stabbed was something Daria did not expect, but she also did not expect to meet Dr. Ryker Donahue who patched her up and helped her realize a dream.

Someone was out to harm the son of the Vice President. Liam, his security, and Emily, his physical therapist, do all they can to protect Mason, but find it difficult in the middle of a remote forest. Something has been simmering between Emily and Liam for months. Could this be the real thing?

- Natalie Walters
Claudia gets a mysterious phone call for help, but when she gets to the house, all she encounters is death, and before she can call 911, the cops descend. After many close calls, she thinks someone is out to get her. What she does not expect is to get to know Army PSYOPS agent Ari Blackman. She tries not to let him into her head. But does not see him slipping into her heart!

You will not want to miss suspenseful tales by three of my favorite authors. We get to see some side characters from their wonderful previous series. Outstanding writing by three talented ladies.
*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell Reads Review Program. I was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*

BackCover Blurb:
Three women. Three men. Three unsuspecting targets.

Get ready for triple the thrills with three heart-stopping stories from your favorite romantic suspense authors!

On the Run, IT Specialist Daria Nevsky is a highly skilled FBI agent with the ability to hack any computer. She must go on the run to find out who wants her dead--and Dr. Ryker Donahue refuses to let her do it alone.

Deadly Objective, physical therapist Emily Dixon and Secret Service Agent Liam Harper are committed to keeping their relationship professional. But when the vice president's son enters the crosshairs of a killer, some lines will have to be crossed in order to keep him safe.

Caught in the Crosshairs, there is no love lost between former Army PSYOPS officer Ari Blackman and CIA officer Claudia Gallegos after Claudia is implicated in the murder of a Saudi prince. But to prevent a coup that would put America at risk, they'll have to learn to trust each other--before it's too late.

Revell Publishing, November 1, 2022
Available in digital ebook, paperback, hardcover, or audiobook:

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