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DEAD END and DEAD HEAT by Susan Sleeman, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney


Truth Seekers #3

"He's not my father? What do you mean?"

Seemingly impossible, but true. Sierra Byrd has just been handed some incredulous news, the man who has dearly loved and cared about her for her entire life is not her biological father. Naturally Sierra wants to meet the man who is . . . except . . . that man, Eddie Barnes, has left town under suspicious circumstances.

"The Fed was tall. Six foot two, Sierra figured, and wore what looked like a custom black suit that fit him very well."

The man had handcuffed her! It appeared that Sierra wasn't the only person looking for Eddie Barnes. F.B. I. Agent Reed Rice had been trying to piece together the reasons for the property manager's disappearance as well; from all appearances, the man had embezzled quite a large sum of money from his customers . . . and there was absolutely nothing on record about a daughter, who just happened to show up poking around the man's place of business.

Out of handcuffs, and suggesting that she lend her skills as a highly skilled forensics expert, Sierra offers Reed a teammate approach of sorts; they both want to find the same man, right? Before they can sort through all those details, the case takes a gruesome turn, and their partnership begins to exhibit all the markings of a "relationship", which has Sierra wondering what, or who, she is really looking for.

Definitely an "edge of your seat" story! 

* I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.


BackCover Blurb:
Evaluating trace evidence is her job…

When Sierra Byrd’s father needs a kidney transplant, despite her parents’ protest claiming they could never ask for her help, Sierra insists on being tested for the transplant. But when results prove it is physically impossible for her father to be her biological father, her family finally confesses their long-held secret. She was conceived in an affair her mother had the summer before her parents’ wedding. The man she’d come to know as father is named on her birth certificate, but he truly isn’t her father.

But the job just turned personal.Shocked and hurt, Sierra goes in search of her biological father in the small coastal town where he owns a property management business. But when she arrives in town to find her father has recently disappeared, and she starts asking questions, FBI Agent Reed Rice delivers her second shock in as many days. Her father is wanted for embezzling money from the properties he manages. Despite the evidence staring her in the face, Sierra holds out hope that her father isn’t the criminal that Reed believes him to be. But as Sierra’s desperate search for the truth unearths long-buried secrets and she runs into dead end after dead end, she ignites a killer’s fury, and suddenly her own life is on the line.

Available in digital ebook, audiobook, and paperback:
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Truth Seekers #4

"I'm FBI Agent Piper Nash . . . You're interfering in my op, and I need you to come with me before you blow our cover and the op."

Had she just kissed a man to get him to cooperate? Apparently, she had . . . and the handsome stranger had the gall to smile about it . . . right before he dropped, rolled and covered her body with his own as the bullets started flying.

Piper Nash meet Nick Thorn . . . cyber crime expert extraordinaire. Not only were they after the same criminal, Nick was the man recommended to work with the F. B. I. to catch a dangerous hacker; screen name . . . Jinx.

It was nearly impossible for me to put all the pieces of this complicated puzzle-plot together, but one thing was certain from the very beginning, Pipe and Nick fit together perfectly! Fast action, amazing characters, great story! 

*I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 


BackCover Blurb:

Tracing cyber criminals is what he lives for…

When hackers breach hospital security to steal patient records and begin blackmailing them, Veritas Center’s cybercrime expert, Nick Thorn is hired to locate security holes and patch the system. But he doesn’t stop there. He wants to bring down the hacker and make her pay. Problem is, he inadvertently inserts himself in FBI Agent Piper Nash's sting to catch the same hacker, and Piper has no choice but to arrest him and force him to stand down.

But the job is suddenly hitting too close to home.Nick finds himself attracted to Piper and wants to comply, but when his grandmother falls prey to a cyber-attack by the same hacker, he takes the assault very personally and will stop at nothing to find the hacker. Not even stop for Piper’s warnings to take care. They’re in a dead heat to the finish line, but what Nick doesn’t realize is the hacker has no intention of going to jail, and she’s reserved a bullet with Piper’s name on it. With time ticking down can Nick partner with Piper to find the killer before a point-blank shot takes her out?

Available in digital ebook, paperback, and audiobook:
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