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INTO THE FIRE (Undaunted Courage book #1) by Irene Hannon, Reviewed by Rebecca and Paula #newRelease

"Fire was cleansing. Sacrificial . . . and soon . . . very soon, the flames would come. But first . . . "

As arson investigator Bri Tucker sorts through the remains of a fire that appears tidily accidental, her ATF Special Agent colleague Marc Davis comes to the same conclusion, instincts telling them both that there may be more than meets the eye, while the evidence clearly indicates "case closed". The irony? The deceased, Les Kavanaugh, was a retired fire investigator still working off the record on several incident reports that apparently formed a curious connection, puzzling him enough to contact Bri about reviewing them for herself, or at least that is what she surmises in hind sight. Then things start to get really strange . . . where there's smoke, there is always fire . . . right?

Readers will love the clever plot intricacies in this story, Bri and Marc are summarily stumped, and rightfully so. The mastermind is precise in detail and except for one little broken off piece of Waterford crystal, the fire would have been put out . . . for good. In the interim, Bri and Marc decide to investigate their own sparks, which there are plenty of; just about the time they opt to feed those flames, Bri disappears.

"Bri was a threat. Bri would always be a threat . . . That was the harsh reality - and it left . . . only one choice."

"Life often doesn't seem fair, and the suffering of innocents is hard to fathom given how much of the evil in this world goes unpunished . . . 'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, my thoughts higher than your thoughts.'"

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I also purchased a copy. The opinions stated above are entirely my own. 3.5 stars

Another page turner from Ms. Hannon that starts a new series. This book is about Bri Turner, a former smokejumper, now a fire investigator for the county in St. Louis. I always enjoy this author because she sets her stories in the city I called home for twenty years.

With a look into the warped mind of an arsonist who is crafty enough to cover the evidence, this was a tense, exciting story. But Ms. Hannon also crafts Bri and ATF agent Marc Davis with determination and the ability to work together in order to solve the case of a retired arson investigator who died in a house fire. As the case heats up, sparks fly in the romance department. This author never disappoints in her polished plotting, believable characters, or credible faith thread. With themes of redemption, forgiveness and justice served, this was an excellent beginning to the stories about the Turner siblings.

*A complimentary copy of this book was provided by Revell through Interviews and Reviews. I was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*5 stars and a solid faith thread

BackCover Blurb
Instinct only takes you so far. After that, you need proof. But cunning killers hide their tracks.

As a former smokejumper, arson investigator Bri Tucker knows her way around fires. But after a mysterious blaze takes the life of a former colleague, Bri inherits a curious puzzle from him that raises questions about several fiery deaths.

Someone, however, doesn’t want her picking up where he left off in search of answers.

When she teams up with ATF Special Agent Marc Davis to solve the puzzle, the case heats up—as does the attraction between them. Sparks fly as the danger escalates, but will they manage to track down the person behind the mysterious deaths before their budding romance—and maybe even their lives—go up in flames?

In this pulse-pounding new series from the bestselling and award-winning queen of romantic suspense, you’ll be swept up in a whirlwind of danger, mystery, and romance. Get ready to burn through the pages as Bri and Marc race to solve the puzzle and uncover the truth.

Revell Publishing, October, 2023
Available in digital ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook:


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