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CHRISTMAS FOREVERMORE Anthology, Reviewed by Trixi Oberembt

A Family Christmas by Sally Britton:
Cryril Grant spends Christmas time with his family after years abroad but doesn't feel he fits in. Jane Allen, a ladies companion to his grandmother, shows him kindness and eases him into the holiday fun with all his cousins. Her gentle ways soon lead his heart to fall in love with her. It seems this Christmas had a magic all its own!

Christmas Forevermore
by Sarah M. Eden:

Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol re-imagining story that was every bit as delightful as the original! Against her wishes, the local matchmaker sets Minna Schofield up to meet three gentlemen in hopes for a wedding by Christmas day. Minna is just as determined to thwart her efforts! Loved the twists and turns and the references to the movie/book were cleverly sprinkled throughout. It was also a friends-to-more romance which I absolutely love! If you are like me and enjoy watching Charles Dickens movie every year, you'll be delighted with Sarah Eden's contribution to this wonderful collection.

Christmas at Cranfield by Ashtyn Newbold:

Siblings William and Hannah Somerton are invited to spend Christmastide with their childhood friend Samuel in his newly inherited estate. Both Hannah & Samuel carry a secret adoration for each other and hope this holiday season will spark a romance between them. However, circumstances conspire to keep them apart; will their someday love story ever come to pass? I loved this friends-to-more troupe by a favorite author of mine! Newbold pens heartfelt stories that tug at your emotions and this was no exception. What a perfectly lovely novella!

A Thrill of Hope by Karen Thornell

A snowstorm forces Isabel Reid and Robert Collingham to spend Christmastide at her aunt’s estate. They haven’t seen each other since childhood & it wasn’t with fond memories either. Sparks fly between the two but most certainly not the romantic kind! Will their close proximity bring more strife or perhaps a possibility for love? I didn’t care for this one as much because I had a hard time liking Isabel’s character. I felt she was much too abrasive, abrupt, aggravating and childish at times. I didn’t see enough redemptive qualities for my taste, even in the end. All in all, I did enjoy getting to know her aunt & Robert, and all the Regency Christmas traditions play out in the pages.

Each one of these stories brought Christmas to life in all of its festive traditions of old and through the eyes of the characters. If you’re looking for your next holiday read, might I suggest picking up Christmas Forevermore to enjoy?
I received a complimentary copy courtesy of Covenant Communications through Interviews & Reviews and Netgalley. *

BackCover Blurb:
"To those looking for a sweet Christmas read, look no further!"

"If you like sweet and satisfying happily ever afters and a little bit of Christmas magic, don't miss this charming collection."

This holiday season, fall in love with a brand-new collection of swoon-worthy novellas from four of your favorite historical romance authors. From meddling matchmakers to fortuitous fiascos, the holidays have never been more magical!

A Family Christmas” by Sally Britton: After years abroad, Cyril Grant worries about relating to his highborn relatives at the family’s holiday celebration. But an unexpected connection with a member of the household staff opens his heart—in more ways than one.

Christmas Forevermore” by Sarah M. Eden: In this reimagining of the beloved Charles Dickens tale A Christmas Carol, spinster Minna Schofield is inadvertently ensnared by a local matchmaker whose meddling launches Minna on a journey of self-reflection that could lead her to unexpected love.

Christmas at Cranfield” by Ashtyn Newbold: Though childhood friends Hannah and Samuel secretly adore one another, fate conspires to keep them apart. But after years of shared holidays and missed opportunities, this Christmas brings the hope that their stars will align.

A Thrill of Hope” by Karen Thornell: After a devastating loss, Christmas holds little appeal for Isabel Reid. But when a snowstorm traps her in the company of a surprising traveling companion, the perpetual winter of Isabel’s heart may just begin to thaw.

Covenant Communications, October 3, 2023

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