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THE THING ABOUT HOME by Rhonda McKnight, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"Do the things I couldn't. The women before you could only dream their dreams."

In the blink of an eye, social media influencer Casey Black's dream had morphed from a highly anticipated happily-ever-after into a first class nightmare of epic proportion, which because of her millions of followers status had been viewed as a very public event. Wanting and needing to drop off the face of the earth, so to speak, Casey road-trips from her home in New York City to beautiful Georgetown, South Carolina in order to discover her roots. Her father's family, the family she has never known, the family that has more depth than the loamy soil upon which her heritage has been carefully and lovingly turned. Has Casey finally found a place to call "home"? . . . "not a place. It's a feeling".
Faith, family, and food; three hallmarks of southern culture that this author uses so effectively and with obvious affection as she chronicles a young woman's journey to wholeness and authenticity, utilizing an honored legacy and ancestry to construct a firm foundation upon which to build Casey's metamorphosis from who she thought she was into who she is and can become. There is so much to love about this story (including the love!). 
*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.
BackCover Blurb:

Home is not a place—it’s a feeling.

Casey Black needs an escape. When her picture-perfect vow renewal ceremony ends in her being left at the altar, the former model turned social media influencer has new fame—the kind she never wanted. An embarrassing viral video has cost her millions of followers, and her seven-year marriage is over. With her personal and business lives in shambles, Casey runs from New York City to South Carolina’s Lowcountry hoping to find long-lost family. Family who can give her more answers about her past than her controlling mom-slash-manager has ever been willing to share.

What Casey doesn’t expect is a postcard-worthy property on a three-hundred-acre farm, history, culture, and a love of sweet tea. She spends her days caring for the land and her nights cooking much needed Southern comfort foods. She also meets Nigel, the handsome farm manager whose friendship has become everything she’s never had. And then there are the secrets her mother can no longer hide.

Through the pages of her great-grandmother’s journals, Casey discovers her roots run deeper than the Lowcountry soil. She learns that she has people. A home. A legacy to uphold. And a great new love story—if only she is brave enough to leave her old life behind.
  • Inspiring contemporary fiction
  • Stand-alone novel
  • Book length: approximately 100,000 words
  • Includes discussion questions for book clubs 
Thomas Nelson Publishing, May, 2023
Available in digital ebook, paperback, and audiobook:

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