Wednesday, February 28, 2024

LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON (True Crime Junkies #5) by Christy Barritt, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney #NewRelease

(True Crime Junkies Book 5)
"The day was so normal. . .until the Lights Out Killer chose her. "

A cold blooded killer is stalking Anchorage, Alaska residents, striking only at night, and leaving a signature symbol carved on the corpses. The Arctic Circle Murder Club (whose cases contribute to their popular podcast) just happens to be meeting in Anchorage for the weekend, so naturally they respond to a request by one of the victim's family members to take a look at the evidence. Meanwhile, the killer strikes again.

Team member Andi Slade has troubles of her own to contend with . . . starting with dumpster diving in order to escape the authorities after she was nearly caught on one of her clandestine surveillance missions. Consequently, Andi has put the entire team in the cross-hairs of her dangerous personal vendetta. Fortunately Duke McAllister is determined to help protect Andi from herself, as they work together to keep Andi safe while investigating the bizarre killing spree going on around them. The clues are sparse, bodies are showing up every other day, and what may link the victims to each other is tenuous at best.

"Maybe you're a bit like Esther . . . She was created for 'such a time as this'. Maybe you were too."

I say . . . "leave the lights on" while you read this creepy crawling story with its dual plot lines that merge and diverge throughout every chapter. It's a conundrum that bears solving . . . stay tuned! 

BackCover Blurb:

First the lights go out . . . then they die.

The body count is rising. Six murder victims. The only connection? An X carved into the dead person’s chest. When the family of one of the victims asks the Artic Circle Murder Club to investigate, the team dives into their toughest case yet.

Stopping the murders isn’t the team’s only challenge. When Duke McAllister sees his teammate Andi Slade dodging the cops, he knows she must be in deep trouble. But Andi isn’t the only one on her team on thin ice. Trouble seems to be following them all.

With more murders making the headlines, the threat level reaches an all-time high. The end game has begun. The clock is ticking, and disaster looms near. Will they stop the killer before the deadly grand finale? Or will the lights go out one final time?

River Heights Press, February, 2024

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