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DEDICATED TO THE ONE I LOVE by Beth K. Vogt, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"I want you to do whatever it takes to finish writing that book."

No pressure, right? Except that it had been three years since her husband had died in a tragic accident and best-selling romance novelist Kylie Franklin (pen name Veronica Hollins) had not been able to finish her novel-in-progress. What she had been able to write were friendly, entertaining emails with a man named Joe, whom she had met in an online group, Words With Friends.

"Dear Kylie . . . Here's a question for you: Where did the Jolly Rancher Candy Company originate? Joe"

Military suspense author Joe Edwards (pen name Tate Merrick) has been given an ultimatum from his literary agent; his sales numbers are continuing to sag . . . so, add romance! What???? Never. His main character, Remington, would never go for it.

Can you see where this story is heading???? Joe and Kylie get along just fine, but Veronica and Tate? That's an entirely different story, and that is exactly what this author has written! Quite cleverly, I might add.

*I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars 

BackCover Blurb:
She doesn’t believe in love anymore. He doesn’t either.

They’re perfect for each other.

Beloved romance novelist Kylie Franklin walked away from her pen-name career as bestselling and award-winning Veronica Hollins the day her husband died. Her loyal readers are eager for the final book in her sensational series. But Kylie’s given up on love, both fictional and in real life. Behind her back, Kylie’s agent contrives a way to get her writing again.

Joe Edwards has made a name for himself with his popular military suspense novels under the pen name Tate Merrick. Yet he can’t quite break onto the bestseller list. What his books need, his publisher suggests, is some romance. Joe flat refuses. However, his publisher is determined and hires Veronica Hollins to save the day—and his career.

Veronica and Tate quickly realize they’re Kylie and Joe, good friends who connected online via a popular word game and their mutual love of trivia. Surely they can wrangle their alter egos into this literary collaboration. But as the deadline looms, their differences threaten the romance developing off the page. 

June 2023, Available in digital ebook or paperback at Amazon

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