Wednesday, June 26, 2024

JUSTICE DELAYED by Sarah Hamaker (Seeking Justice Series), Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

A Christian Romantic Suspense Novel (The Seeking Justice Series Book 1)

"Nineteen years ago, my brother's only child - Melender Harman - killed my son Jesse."

Having served a seventeen prison sentence for a crime that she didn't commit, Melender Harman is slowly and quietly trying to re-imagine life on the outside, working night shifts for a cleaning service while she contemplates how to uncover the truth of what really happened on the night Jesse Thompson disappeared. On one such evening, Melender interrupts a convenience store robbery and is hailed as a hero, the incident bringing her into contact with journalist Brogan Gilmore who is instantly intrigued with the beautiful, reclusive woman, and against his better judgement agrees to help her review the Thompson case.

"Child, when we allow anger over wrongs done to us to take root in our hearts, we're saying to God Almighty that crimes committed against us are worse than crimes committed against Jesus . . . How can we hang on to unforgiveness when our Savior does not?"

This particular dive into "delayed justice" is brimming . . . no, actually overflowing . . . with the kinds of unexpected discoveries that can be universally attributed to cover-ups, pay-offs, and ulterior motives. Expertly cast, and with perfectly pitched plotting, this story moves with an elegance that belies its subject matter. And what I loved the most? Deep within its core strums the steady heartbeat of Brogan's determination to find the truth, tempered with Melender's cautious trust in his ability to do so.

Such a good book! 

*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.

BackCover Blurb:
Journalist Brogan Gilmore had been a rising star when an unethical shortcut on a story leads to his fall from grace. A chance encounter with convicted murderer Melender Harman a few months after her release from prison provides Brogan with a chance for career redemption—if he can land an interview with her.

After serving her 17-year sentence, Melender has one objective: To uncover the truth about what happened to her cousin the night the toddler disappeared. When Brogan pursues her for an exclusive story, she reluctantly agrees if he’ll help her reexamine the original investigation into Jesse’s presumed kidnapping and murder.

While re-investigating the case, Brogan struggles to keep his objectivity as he begins to believe Melender is innocent of the crime—and starts to envision a possible future together. Then a shocking discovery throws their relationship—and investigation—into turmoil.

As Brogan and Melender come closer to solving what happened to Jesse, will their budding relationship survive the truth?

May, 2024
Available in digital ebook and paperback:

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