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ONE LAST CHANCE by Susan May Warren, Reviewed by Kim


(Alaska Air One Rescue Book 2)

I’m gonna start this review by saying One Last Chance is my favorite Susan May Warren book to date! Get ready for some gushing! This story is everything I want in a romantic suspense! It has it all- great characters, edge of your seat suspense that will literally have you holding your breath, an insta-romance that is done perfectly (and that is saying something because this trope is not my favorite), a great faith thread, banter that will have you smiling, and one of the most charismatic heroes I have read in a long time!

Axel had my heart from the very first nail biting scene in this story! His personality just jumps off the page. Alex and Flynn’s first “meet” is perfect- one of my favorites to date! I knew at that moment their romance would be epic. The suspense/action had me turning the pages as fast as I could. Some of the scenes are so intense I won’t soon forget them! The faith thread was so well done and really spoke to me.

I cannot wait for book three! I have been wanting Moose and Tillie’s story since book one! If you have not started this series, I highly recommend it! I was expecting a lot after book one and The Last Chance more than delivered! I am sure this will be a top read of 2024!
*I purchased this book. 5 stars!

BackCover Blurb:
The voice on the radio saved his life.
But when he discovers who she is…it just might cost him everything.

Axel Mulligan was built to be a Coast Guard rescue swimmer. He could swim faster, endure longer and became a miracle for those in peril in the sea. Until a tragedy destroyed him and sent him home, to Alaska.

Now, three years later, he’s not going to let the past repeat itself, so as an Air One rescue swimmer, he’ll do anything to save lives. Including lose his own---which is what he expects when he goes into the icy waters of the Bering Sea, trying to rescue a cruise group of tourists. But for the voice on the other end of the Ham radio, he might have given up, let hypothermia win.

But it didn’t. Now he’ll do anything to find the voice and thank her.

Except the voice—Flynn Turnquist—is not who he thinks. A national wildlife researcher, she’s deep in the bush, tracking wolf pack patterns. Or is she? In fact, she’s a former cop, tracking down a serial killer. And she’s close enough to see his handiwork in the trail of bodies. She nearly had him—until he escaped into the Bering Sea. But she just knows he’s still alive…and she’s sure she’s on his trail…

When Axel finds Flynn…and what she’s really up to, it stirs up a terrible nightmare he’s been dodging for years—the kidnapping and death of his own cousin. Worse, he’s led the killer right to her doorstep. Now, it’s a race through Alaska to stay alive… and when tragedy strikes again, he must choose between rescue or redemption…

An exhilarating adventure through the Alaskan Wilderness!

Alaska Air One Rescue
Book 1: One Last Shot
Book 2: One Last Chance
Book 3: One Last Promise
Book 4: One Last Stand 

June, 2024
Available in digital ebook, paperback, and library binding:

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