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Today's the Day!

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Good Morning Visitors!

Don't forget that today is the last day of the GRAND OPENING giveaway. To be in the drawing, you need to leave your email address (safely); this lets us know you want your name in the hat.

Each time you make a comment and leave your address, your name goes in the virtual hat.
As you can see, our Prize Czar is busy!

A big Inky THANK YOU to all of our followers, our guest bloggers and most importantly to those of you who take the time to comment. We have loved to get to know you!

What have you enjoyed about our blog? What would you like to see more of? We love our interaction with you!

Today, I say HANG IN THERE!
God has a plan for your life and He'll take you where you never thought you could go!


  1. I have enjoyed this blog. Keep up the good work. Blessings.

  2. Thanks April! We are so happy you found us!

  3. Hey, Deb, very nice post. I haven't heard of this book, but will look for it at the library. Thanks. Have a great day.



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