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  1. Good morning, Jill. Great post! I'm always on the losing side of the 'paper war', much to my husband's frustration :-) It doesn't help that I procrastinate over cleaning up the mess! Our latest recycling venture involved turning the wooden framing and slats from my son's old bed into garden beds.

  2. Good morning Narelle!
    great idea on the raised bed.

    Good morning Jill when you get here!

    I use the back side of paper from work that goes into their recycling, for my printing jobs here at home. I like to edit on paper. Then they go into a pile that I fold and use to line the bottom of nursery pots (plant nursery 'liners' for repotting shrubs and trees). So my words become part of what supports and feeds the plants.

    Now if we could only get the makers of junk mail to desist. So much of it gets ripped up and put in the blue box. I do have a shredder for it and the shredded paper goes into my compost bin.

  3. This is a WONDERFUL article! And the images are so funnnn!

    Okay. I have a new comrade in the Green Army.

    Waving across the cyberwaves.

  4. Good Morning Narelle, Deb, and Patti,
    I must give you gals credit. You are way ahead of me. Narelle, the fact that you utilizes your son's old bed is pretty creative. I would've never even thought of that! Way to go! And the paper war is always raging at my home, office, and sometimes even the car.

    I love what you said here, "So my words become part of what supports and feeds the plants." That is really cool. I'll have to try that.
    And that junk mail makes me nuts. I finally got organized enought to use a basket in the front hallway to collect the mail in every day and then weed out the junk from the important stuff. Currently, the basket is overflowing onto the table it sits on and now mail is falling off the table onto the floor. Maybe this will be the weekend I get it cleaned up. So much for organized.:)

    Hi Patti Girl,
    Glad you like the pics. As far as the Green Army goes, I think they are about to arrest me. :)

    Have a great day you awesome recycling gals.

  5. Hi Jill,

    Who is that guy sitting at my desk, and how did you sneak in with him to get the photo??? By the way, I print all my drafts on scratch paper, mostly on the backs of menus from the nursing home where my mother is now living. They don't recycle there, so my sister persuaded the dining room staff to give her the menus after they are used. And my daughters call me The Recycle Queen or, when they don't think I'm listening, "a recycle freak." Thanks for encouraging the saving of the environment, while encouraging us to unclutter our lives.


  6. Wilda! You are a riot! Who is that guy sitting at your desk? Love it! So glad I have company.:)

    Now both you and Deb said you use the back of paper that's already printed on. Someone told me that is hard on our printers. I don't know if that's true or not, do you gals know? Have you experienced any problems when printing on your recycled paper?

    That's great that you both are doing this. I'm going to look for opportunities to collect paper around the college today. I hope to be a "Recycle Queen" too. A wonderful comment.

  7. Hey Jill! Great post! I'm waving at you from my perch surrounded by paper that needs to be filed -- some of them in the cabinet, some metaphorically in the recycling bin.

    I use backsides of papers to make notes for stoies, contests, blog schedules, etc. My problem is I need to organize the notes. I'm surrounded by them. Ugh.

    The only thing I struggle with recycling is the "stuff" that comes home from school. I have under-bed boxes to store major projects, cute drawings, etc, that the kids have made over the years, but what about all of the stuff I'm not sure I want to save? I need to designate a place for later evaluation.

  8. I'm cleaning out my world this week. Tossing and recycling and giving away all the above shall commence soon. I'm having a huge party in a month and I really want the house sparkling. I'm going to need a miracle. All prayers welcome. =)

  9. Hi Susanne,
    I remember those days with the kids bringing home all their cute artwork and papers, etc. That is a challenge.

    Organizing notes. Ouch. I was going to keep all that "stuff" filed in my computer, but that didn't work. Now I need to organize my computer files and my paper files. If you come up with a great solution, please share!

  10. Hi T. Anne,
    Okay, don't tell if you don't want to, but what's the T stand for? I'm really H. Jill because I was named after my auntie Helen, but my family never called me Helen. It's always been Jill, or Jilly, or Jillian.

    There's nothing better than having people over for parties or dinners, etc. to get the house cleaned up. I think I better start doing more of that. Good for you! That's a huge challenge. I will definetly put you on my prayer list. Okay, Inkies: get T.Anne on your lists too.

  11. I'm always a little torn about recycling. My city gives us recycling bins, but then they just toss it in the dump from what I hear. So, that's not much incentive. I make some effort, but not much.

    I'm great at reusing gift bags, though. Does that count for anything :) And all my kids wore hand me down clothes more often than not until they went to public school a few years ago.

  12. Hi Dina,
    Why would they give you recycling bins just to throw it all in the dump? That's weird. I think you should call them and ask. And anything you can do to reuse stuff is great! I try to do that to.

    Well gang,
    I hope this was helpful in some ways today. I learned a lot. Have a great day tomorrow, even if it rains. Let your lights shine.

  13. Nutter Clutter, that's funny. I'm about to start purging out the clutter, too. Time to get a grip on the paper piles.


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