Monday, October 29, 2012

Jennifer AlLee. Book Release Party!

Pull up a chair inside or out on the deck. Don't worry about feeling underdressed (I happen to be in sweats at the moment)  In a moment, you'll find out who this lovely woman is!

Welcome to the Party!

I know. I know. 
We are partying fools this month! 
Lisa, Gina, Dina and now Jen.

This week we are celebrating

the release of Jennifer ALlee's

Have you heard about the brand new Quilts of Love line from Abingdon Press? If not, you will!

We've moved the party to the west coast because of The Storm.
That fabulous Manhattan apartment I'd picked out is on the 31st floor and if the electric goes water...
So, I've rented out a nice little Malibu beach house for the week.

If we can ask Bradley Cooper to serve Red Velvet Cake, I figured I could afford a beach house on the earnings from my last modeling assignment. (It was for Halloween and I didn't spend more than five minutes in MakeUp! Who knew?)

We didn't bother with Halloween decorations.  Orange is not my color, darling!
But we've done a little Christmas decorating and we've got the holiday music playing out on the deck.
The deck. That view! Those eyes. I mean. What a view!

Ho ho ho!

 Yes, we have a nice buffet of healthy foods. After all it's California and I haven't had guacamole since...yesterday.  Please! Mingle!  And try one of the desserts on our dessert table.!


Our wait staff is eager to assist, but they are taking turns decorating the tree,  cooking and keeping the kitchen clean (I love that part!). And
taking walks along the beach. Sigh.

Some guys just look so at home in the kitchen, don't they?

  and in case you are wondering who Jen pictured for her 
Christmas hero in A GOOSE WATCH CHRISTMAS...

"Hey Girl! Yeah, you. You didn't think I'd miss your party, did you?"

Did you notice our little Hollywood theme today?  
A lot of it has to do with this woman, the lovely Marie Staats
She happens to be the inspiration for Grandma Isabella in Jen's story...

A real Hollywood gal who danced in Show Biz until she met the man of her dreams...
   Don't you love these photos?


Stop by throughout the week as we celebrate Jen's release with a look at the history of quilts as an art and form of story-telling, and some more on Abingdon Press. We'll be here all week celebrating!

All this sugar is making my heart race...

We wish you the best on your latest release!

Leave a comment on any Week of Jennifer post
 this week and we'll enter your name in a drawing
 for a copy of Jennifer AlLee's, 
A Wild Goose Chase Christmas.


  1. Ooooh, what a delicious assortment!

    Grandma is GORGEOUS. And, oh, what clothes they had back then. Sigh.

    Makes me want to watch some Film Noir.

    Congratulations on the book! As a reader and a quilter, I'm excited for you!

  2. Thanks DeAnna! I'm having a hard time holding off on that chocolate cake.

    This monster storm, 1000 miles wide of tropical storm and hurricane force winds sent us to the west coast but it really feels just right given Jen's grandmother's part of the celebration. We'll be hearing more about her.

    I'm praying for protection over lives this week as we face this unprecedented storm that is going to play havoc with our lives over the next two or three days.

    Can't wait for your post about quilting!

  3. Now that's what I call wait staff! And Jen's Grandmother was exceptionally beautiful. LOVE the pictures. Jen's book is a really fun Christmas read. If you haven't already read it. I think you'll enjoy it!

  4. Ugh, all this partying is bad for my waistline. Give me some of that healthy California food you mentioned. How about some spicy tuna rolls with brown rice? Okay, maybe it's a little early for that. Let's go cheese, fruit, and whole grain crackers. And coffee of course. Plenty of coffee.

    All this partying does make me happy, though. Way to go Inkies. Happy Christmas to all.

  5. Good morning, Ladies! What an amazing party this is... although I feel a little guilty snacking on Red Velvet Cake for breakfast ;+)

    I have to bop out for a bit (with a very mundane trip to the DMV... UGH!) But I'll be back. And I'll share some dancing grandma stories.

  6. MMMMMMMMmmmmm me liking chocolate and other sweet treats, me want chocolate, Now me may have to go out tomorrow and buy chocolate!

    Congrats by the way!

    Maybe if me finish draft essay tonight, me can justify chocolate reward on the morrow!

  7. Congratulations Jen! Your grandma was gorgeous, and there is a strong resemblance between you two! Love the pics.

    Hmm...Ewan McGregor is part of our waitstaff at just about every Inky party. We all have such good taste. And he must love the Inkwell very much to keep dropping by to offer us scones.

    Speaking of love, I love Jen's book. One of my favorite Christmas romances ever.

  8. I agree, Medieival Girl... I have to use the carrot on a stick at times to complete tasks.

    Jen, we'll try to keep busy while you are out at the DMV. That is just so wrong to have to subject yourself to that on a big day like this. ugh!

    I can't wait to read Jen's book either, Susie. Jen personally picked out the wait staff this time around.

  9. I survived the DMV! Boy oh boy, am I ready for some sugar :+)

    Okay, I promised a dancing grandma story... Grandma was part of a dance troup that travelled around the country. She was only 15 when she joined, but she lied about her age to be allowed in. One of the publicity stunts they did was to have a race down the main street of a certain town. Sounds easy, but the race was on pointe. Yes, wearing toe shoes, on pointe for a couple blocks. There were lots of bloody toes when that was over!

  10. Jen, I can't wait to read this book. Your grandma was gorgeous. I can imagine she had lots of dance troupe stories. Congrats! Cute wait staff, btw.

  11. Oh, DeAnna, you mentioned film noir. I really love it. It was my favorite chapter when I took my film class.

  12. Thanks, Suzie! The wait staff is pretty easy on the eye.

    I do need to make one clarification about the book... even though my grandma is the inspiration for Izzy's grandma, the book doesn't go into lots of detail about her dancing. It's Izzy's story, after all. But today, it's just fun to share some stuff with you about MY grandma :+)

  13. A race in pointe shoes. That's funny, although probably not very safe for the dancers.

  14. Oh, wow. I actually did have red velvet cake for breakfast.

    It sounds more indulgent than it was. It's left over from hubby's birthday, and since I'm counting calories, I figured I'd have to have it in place of a meal instead of after one.

    Congratulations, Jen! Wow, it's one continuous party here on Inkwell. Not that I'm complaining...

  15. i love the parties and wait staff at the Inkwell. Is it just me or were people just more beautiful "way back then"? that picture of Jen's grandmother is beautiful. it sounds like she had quite the adventure when she was young.

    makes me want to read about Izzy and her grandma.

    congrats Jen on your release. it's been a fun month of celebration, no?

    other than having to take a weather day for work (which overjoyed my toddler), the storm hasn't affected my family too much as of yet. Thank the Lord. I am praying for people who are getting flooded.

  16. Glad to hear the storm isn't paying too much attention to your family. That's one time when you want to be ignored!

    I don't know if people in general were more beautiful back then, but they sure did know how to glam it up :+)

  17. Electricity feels like a luxury right now, so I'll post again before I lose it. Thank God for Kindle. It's too hard to read by candlelight!

    Thanks for stopping in Deb!

    Have a great evening everyone. I'm looking forward to DeAnna's, Anita's, CJ's, and Lisa's posts to round out another release week!


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