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Isaiah 53:5

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  1. What an appropriate verse as we enter into Holy Week. May we never forget the costly grace given to us.

  2. Susie! So sorry I missed this yesterday! This is wonderful. Resurrection cookies sound so fun. I'm saving this for the day I have grandchildren to celebrate Easter with. I'm a true sucker for Easter candy. Oh my favorite are those Cadbury mini-eggs with their crunchy candy shell. I used to make Toll-House cookies with them instead of chocolate chips. Oh my. I will watch The Passion of the Christ, too. We always watch Bible movies at Easter. My husband loves them all. I think I've seen The Ten Commandments every year since we've been married. So this week it will be time number 32. Actually, though, he watched it a couple of weeks ago, so it's already 32 times. Great post, Susie.


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