Monday, July 15, 2013

Royal Baby Watch!


by Susanne Royal-Watcher Dietze

I may be voyeuristic, but I've been peeking at Twitter feeds,, yahoo news, and Facebook for The Big News. Any minute now, the world will know the scoop about Wills and Kate's baby!
File:The royal family on the balcony.jpg
I've been waiting for their baby since their wedding! Photo by Magnus D

As of press time (aka bedtime last night), The Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) had not yet given birth to the Prince or Princess of Cambridge (aka future king or queen of England, since the rules have changed and now the first-born, boy or girl, will be monarch).

Poor Kate. Overdue, with the entire world watching. I'm sure she looks glamorous, though. She's looked great through her pregnancy.
File:Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.JPG
One month ago, looking lovely, with Wills and Uncle Harry. Carfax2

News media, paparazzi, and regular ol' people are camped outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London where Kate give birth, and Kate hasn't even checked in yet.
Wills' birth in 1982 at the same hospital--so sweet! from marie-clare

Depending on which article you read, some half million-150 million pounds have been wagered in Britain over the Royal birth. The baby's gender, weight, length, hair color, and name are all subjects of popular bets. The odds were 5-to-1 that Kate would give birth yesterday, July 14. (Americans can weigh in, too, just not for money. NBC has a web page devoted to making predictions about the royal baby, and if your guess comes close, a producer from the Today show may contact you.)

The Palace officially claims Wills and Kate do not know the baby's sex, but Kate may have slipped up when accepting a teddy bear from a woman. She started to say something like, "thanks, I'll give this to my d--", although who knows if she was really going to say daughter.

Currently, the name Alexandra is the top favorite for a girl, and George and James are the favorites for a boy. (Personally, I think the baby is a girl and her grandmothers' names, Diana and Carole, may somehow factor into her name, but if so, they'll be third and fourth in the mix. I think her second name will be Elizabeth or Victoria.There's my unofficial bet.)

A newborn royal's name, btw, usually isn't announced for a week.

In the meantime, Kate and Wills are going on with life.Wills took leave from his job as an air-sea rescue helicopter captain, leaving his base in Anglesey to be with his wife. However, he spent the weekend with his brother competing in a polo event at the Hampshire estate of Phantom of the Opera composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber, which benefited William and Harry's African charities. Harry's team won, by the way.
File:Prince William, 2007.jpg
Wills plays polo is 2007, just as he did this past weekend. Phooto, modified by Gridge
Kate, who was due either July 11 or 13 (I've seen both) has been out of the public eye for her last month of pregnancy, the better to avoid paparazzi whilst suffering from swollen ankles and moving around with a duck waddle. She's been hanging out at her parents' home in Berkshire this weekend, supposedly to escape the 80+ degree temperatures in London. (I had a July baby, myself. I well remember how the heat affected me, Kate. Sisterhood!)

I just love that she's so close to her family, don't you?

I guess the reason I'm so excited is that I love babies, royal or common. New life is something to celebrate because it's always, always a miracle from God's hand.

Are you excited about the Royal Baby? Assuming the baby hasn't been born yet and/or the name hasn't been released, what's your guess?

Royal Watcher Susanne Dietze got up at 2 a.m. with her mom to watch Princess Diana marry Prince Charles. At the time, she thought Diana's gown was the most gorgeous thing ever. Her tastes have changed a bit.


  1. I love it, Susie. Yes, I'm not at all shy about admitting to checking news updates during the day to see if there's news. Girl, and I do hope Diana is in her name somehow.

  2. Good morning, Suzie! In honor of our Royal Baby Watch, we're enjoying a breakfast of scones, tea, and other British delights. I have a tea blend called Royal Wedding with a light bouquet--just perfect.

    If it's a boy, I wondered about the name David, but that's the Christian name of Edward VI, QE's uncle who abdicated. I can't see them picking it.

  3. Tea sounds mighty lovely this morning. Thank you. I do like the name David, as well.

  4. I'm still voting for tomorrow, since it's my birthday!

    For names, I like Victoria better than Alexandra, for a girl, and James better than George for a boy.

  5. I'd bet Kate would be happy to have the baby tomorrow, too, Niki! Happy Early Birthday to you.

    I wonder if the baby will have some surprising name that didn't make any of the Top Ten Royal Options lists.

  6. I haven't kept up with the baby watch, but I'm sure she is more than ready to have this little one and be done.

    My brother and I are a year and two days apart. Both of us "heat of the summer in Texas" babies. I don't know how Mom stood it.

    Oh, and she had my other brother in August. Gah.

  7. Every time I get online I look for the news. So far, Susie, we are still able to bet.

    I'm going with Victoria Diana or Victoria Elizabeth.... sorry MOM but Carol is just not royal!

    But -- as I can't seem to get Kate to twirl for me so I can predict the child, I'll go with your news of the possible slip of the tongue.

    I thought she looked like she was carrying a boy early on.

    Baby names? William Spencer (now that would tick off some people!) No, just kidding. I am betting it's not Henry but maybe George. Ah, a new Georgian era would be excellent as well as the new Victorian.

    I do hope it's soon and the little one is very healthy, and doesn't look like Grampa Charlie...

    anyway...I am waiting for Twitter to explode as I have way too many British links there.

  8. Oh DeAnna! Your poor mom! You know what I did to survive being nine mos pregnant in this heat? I set up a wading pool, Set my older one in it to play, and I'd pull up a chair and soak my swollen ankles. A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.

  9. Deb, I wouldn't be surprised if he's George, too.

    If it's a girl, I wonder if she'll be named something that isn't Alexandra or Charlotte, since those seem to be the top two names. I've been wondering about Mary (The Queen's name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary). Keeping names in the family for boys, he could be Philip or Arthur. Oh, the pressure.

  10. Yes, I had a Labor Day baby so I went all summer. I'm sure Kate is being kept cool and comfortable!

    So, here it is tuesday the 16th. WHERE's THAT BABY?

  11. Jumping in a day late... and Waity Katie still hasn't had her baby. LOL

    So sorry, couldn't resist. I haven't been watching emails, twitter, facebook, news, nothing... so for all I know I may be the loyal subject of another royal. :)

    Good news for the numismatic world.

    Now that the British law is changed as far as gender is concerned, it doesn't matter to me if the baby is a boy or girl. I say that because I always felt sorry for Princess Anne who was born first but had to step back and let Prince Charles take all the glory.

    Off to watch the news...

  12. I think you're right, Deb. Kate is certainly being cared for.

    I didn't live near family when my kids were born so I envy Kate the chance to stay with her mom when she's 9 mos pregnant, being kept cool and comfortable, hopefully relaxing.

  13. Lol, Anita!

    Charles is the eldest, so Anne was second in line until Andrew was born. Then she got pushed back, and Edward's birth pushed her to #4. Anne is about to be a grandmother, too. Her daughter Zara is expecting.

  14. Caught that, didya. It was something my mom said when I was young about how Princess Anne was pushed aside for Charles. I suppose I never bothered to check the details. But now I wonder if mom meant that the attention was always on Charles and none on Anne - that mom wasn't talking about their ages at all, but their social status so to speak.

    So I guess I'm not a ROYAL watcher, but a royal watcher. heh.

    Really, my main interest in the royal family is the face on my coins. :o

  15. So...apparently Kate was taken to London by helicopter earlier this afternoon, and the police presence has increased at St. Mary's hospital. Does this mean we'll soon have a Prince or Princess to admire?


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