Monday, October 7, 2013

Christmas Party in October! Celebrating Mistletoe Memories

Come on into the Party!

(Susanne here, wearing a Santa hat and a fluffy scarf.)

But ... it's only October! Well, yes, it may be too early to be thinking Christmas…except when it comes to Christmas fiction.

Today at the Inkwell we’re celebrating the release of Mistletoe Memories, a 4-in-1 collection of Christmas novellas by Carla Olson Gade and our own Gina Welborn, Lisa Karon Richardson, and Jennifer AlLee!

Forget pumpkins, autumn leaves, and harvest stuff. Shut your eyes for a minute.

Ooooh, feel that? That, my friends, was the winter wind. Go ahead and open your eyes. Look! Snow! Ta-da--It's December! We're in New Jersey!

Fortunately, just ahead is a very special house. It’s a lot like the house where the novellas take place. Hurry on inside for a cup of cocoa garnished with a candy cane and a nice plate of just-sprinkled-with-sugar Christmas cookies. There’s a comfy seat by the fire blazing in the hearth waiting just for you. Mmm, smell that candle? Pine and berry. Ahh.
House decked for Christmas
Doesn't it look inviting?

Now that we’re settled in and a selection of Christmas carols is playing softly in the background, let’s get down to business. You know, Snow Business.
Mistletoe Memories: Four-in-One Romance Collection (Romancing America): Jennifer AlLee, Carla Olson Gade, Lisa Karon Richardson, Gina Welborn
Don't you want to curl up with this book and a blanket and a cup of something warm?

Spend a heartfelt Christmas on Schooley’s Mountain as four generations make a house a home. Carpenter Stephan Yost vows to build a precocious spinster a home by Christmas. Civil War widow Mary Ann Plum learns the greatest peace on earth comes from giving and receiving love. Olympia Paris must protect the orphanage she grew up in from a man intending to play Father Christmas to most of the town. Joy Benucci turns to a modern-day Scrooge to save a transitional home for foster kids. Will Christmas be a season of miracles in their lives?

What’s this, you say? Four generations? You bet your jingle bells. That means there’s four historical periods to suit different tastes: 1820, 1868, 1910, and contemporary.

And what’s more—Oh, pardon me. It seems our waitstaff is offering us eggnog and gingerbread.
Michael Fassbender
The eggnog is calorie-free.
Ah, delicious. Where was I again? Oh yes. What’s more, all four stories are full of romance and Christmas cheer.

'Tis the Season by Carla Olson Gade (1820) tells the story of doctor's daughter Annelise and carpenter Stephan, who might never have met if it hadn't been for a whistle.

Mercy Mild by Gina Marie Welborn (1868) finds sheriff Zeke and widow Marianne at odds over orphan Polly.

Midnight Clear by Lisa Karon Richardson (1910) sees Christmas magic come to life between orphanage manager Olympia and resort owner Teddy.

Comfort and Joy by Jennifer AlLee (contemporary) sees sparks fly when transition-home manager Joy is greeted by lawyer Evan--and an eviction notice.

Ooh, don't they all sound fun? (They are! Trust me!)

Feel free to stay all day and enjoy the buffet of Christmassy treats as our server replenishes the table. Relax and enjoy the delights of the holiday season, without any of the hassle of holiday stress. No gift shopping. No cards to address. Just friendship and a good book.

**The authors have kindly offered THREE copies of the book for THREE lucky readers this week! To enter the drawing, please leave a comment, including a way to contact you.**

In your comment, include your favorite Christmas sweet: cookies, divinity, gingerbread, etc. Today, calories mean nothing!

All photos are taken from Lisa Karon Richardson's Midnight Clear Pinterest page


  1. I absolutely love this collection because each story is so enjoyable!

    My favorite Christmas treat is...too difficult to choose but there are certainly things I only have once a year like shortbread, peanut butter blossom cookies, and plum pudding.

    If any of our readers are a tad bit of a Scrooge, they can join my "let's simplify Christmas" club and I'll confirm that you don't have to be a big fan of Christmas Stories to love this book. The stories are simply wonderful and I enjoyed them all.

    If I'd been thinking, I would have gotten out of my jammies and at least brushed my teeth before having to face the waiter.
    I'll just sneak out and return later...umm... bye!

  2. Because my dad's family is from Denmark, our Christmas morning tradition is homemade Danish - with apple, cherry or traditional prune filling. It looks a bit like a strudel with snowy white frosting garnished with chopped walnuts and halved maraschino cherries placed to look like red buttons down the length of the strip. It's a time intensive recipe, but my daughter and I love to make it together. You really can't beat a couple slices with fragrant coffee or decadent hot chocolate - great for a snack as well as breakfast... Guess what I'm thinking about now!!
    I would love a copy of the book - dsks88{at)gmail DOT com.

  3. Congratulations, Ladies! I brought my copy to ACFW so you all could sign it. Guess what? It's still unsigned. Boo. We were just too busy!

    My favorite Christmas treat is definitely divinity. But, since my grandma is in heaven, no one's divinity can quite measure up.

  4. Hi ladies,

    Susie thanks for throwing the wonderful party! My favorite Christmas treat is peppermint anything, (But especially a white chocolate peppermint mocha.)

    And since Michael is manning the espresso bar at the moment, it seems appropriate to mosey my way on over there.

  5. Sandy, that cherry Danish sounds heavenly. I'm almost drooling over here. Yum.

  6. Ooh Sandy, that danish sounds wonderful! (I have some Danish ancestry, too, but my family traditions didn't include that yummy treat.)

    You're entered into the drawing for the book! Thanks for coming by!

  7. Lisa, I think I'll join you for a peppermint mocha latte. Sounds perfect, and the waiter is very good with mochas, so I've heard.

    Ladies, I forgot to tell you, let's leave our shoes at the door of this beautiful house! Cozy slippers for all!

  8. Oh so fun! I LOVE Christmas and would be completely ok for it to take up at least 3 months not just December hehe. I'll join the party here and say my favorite Christmas snack has to be sugar cookies - making them with my mom to give out to our neighbors and friends is definitely a highlight for me.

  9. I love Christmas. Pass the eggnog. I might just pick up a few of these for Christmas gift exchanges this year. And congratulations, ladies, on yet another excellent job done.

  10. I've never been fond of eggnog. Did someone say we have some warm cider?

    Congratulations, ladies! Three Inkies in one collection. Sounds cozy!

  11. Sorry, did someone say something? I'm just busy watching the waiter. He looks like a character in one of my books. strange.

    Love seeing such cheery faces here today and I know you'll all love the book!

  12. Deb!!! I'm watching the waiter. We can't all watch him . . . oh never mind. He is too watchable not to watch.

    Lovely party!

    Lovely waiter!

    Lovely book!

    Lovely coffee and treats (which does not include the waiter)!

  13. Hi Emilie! Welcome to the party! I love sugar cookies. I have no patience when it comes to rolling them out for cut-outs. But YUM.

    Do you want to enter the drawing? I've got your email but I need to make sure.

  14. Barb, there is absolutely cider! I'm not an eggnog fan myself, but it seemed to go with our waiter's outfit.

  15. Our waiter is indeed rather familiar. He's rather Magnetic (sorry, bad XMen pun).

    I have a feeling he is on several Inky fiction storyboards on Pinterest.

  16. Susie, you sure can throw a party! Thanks for stopping by, ladies. This collection was so much fun to work on.

    As for holiday treats, I'm a fan of the nog. Especially when it's served by such a debonair waiter!

  17. Gina, the waiter has got to be used to people watching him. I mean you can't be that good looking and not be aware that people are going to give you the once over, more than once.

  18. Jen, have you ever tried frozen, shaved egg nog? It is super yummy. A total Pampered Chef thing. I bought their little ice shaver and it was one of the recipes included. Man, is that delicious.

  19. Typing with frozen fingers, here... I needed a nice, toasty party!

    Favorite Christmas treat? Penuche. It's like brown sugar fudge. Yum. Not, however, calorie free.

    Congratulations to Gina, Lisa, Jen, and Carla! And thank you, Susie, for a cozy party!

  20. Penuche - must try this out. I learned to make toffee and it was so easy I told myself never to do it again!

    Niki,this Christmas in October thing my be a little disconcerting for you if you still have snow on the ground.
    We, on the other hand have have 80 degree days this week. Strange!

  21. Lisa, our waiter may have gotten the once over more than once.

  22. Great party! And congrats to Carla, Gina, Lisa, and Jen. It really is a delightful anthology and I'm enjoying reading through the years.

    The thing I like best about Christmas stories is that they get me in the mood for Christmas. Between the Christmas fiction and Christmas music, I get in the mood to make my favourite Christmas treat...


    Yes, call me a dud, but I love fruitcake. And to make a really good batch, I need to start in November - the earlier the better, so even October would do. That way the flavours have a chance to meld together into a delicious taste of the season.

    I make my fruitcake in mini-loaf tins - usually about 6 to a batch - and wrap them in those decorated seasonal bags with a Christmassy label. That way I have plenty on hand to give away to friends and relatives WHO WANT THEM.

    Believe me, I have real people wanting them, and if they don't, then more's for me. :D

  23. This book is already sitting in my to-be-read pile. I'm really looking forward to it! And even more so after today's post!
    Congratulations all!

  24. I would love to have this book. What an awesome book. I love all the different types of candy, cakes and pies my family and friends make for Christmas. The homemade fudge, the fresh coconut cake and the lemon icebox pie and many more goodies. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. Please enter my name.
    Barbara Thompson

  25. Barbara, those goodies sound delicious! Mmm, now I'm thinking about my Christmas baking...

    Thanks so much for coming by! You're entered into the drawing!

  26. Anita, I'm sure your fruitcake is tasty. And pretty healthy, too! All that dried fruit.

  27. Elaine, I hope you enjoy it! I don't know about you all, but I'm feeling Christmas in the air. We're having a cold snap so that helps too!

  28. Ooooh, this Christmas party sounds lovely. So cozy and relaxing and, of course, a great book to top it off!

    I like hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows. Yum!

  29. i love book releases at the Inkwell. The wait staff is almost as interesting as the book being introduced. I love Christmas stories - but then, I love Christmas.

    thanks for sharing about another book I want to put on my radar.

  30. my favourite Christmas sweet is....nut rolls :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  31. I love stollen, chocolates, egg nog...

  32. Karl, you're a brave man to join this party! Thanks for helping us celebrate. :)

  33. Hi Elaine K! I am sure you'll enjoy the book. So glad you could stop by and celebrate with us!

  34. DeAnna, save some hot chocolate for me. I definitely need a cup. With whipped cream!

  35. Hi DebH! So glad you could stop by the party! If you'd like to be entered into the drawing, be sure to come back and leave your email addy.

    I love Christmas, too. Can't wait.

  36. Karen K, nut rolls sound yummy. Just right to go with a cup of tea.

    You're entered into the drawing. Thanks for stopping by!

  37. oops. forgot that email. i'm always up for something written by an Inky or two (as well as others) *heh*

    nm8r67 at hotmail dot com

  38. Glad you came back, DebH! You're officially entered into the drawing!

    Thanks for the kind words. <3


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