Tuesday, July 7, 2020

FLYING IN LOVE by Chalon Linton, Reviewed by Trixi Oberembt

“I wanted a man who would love me wholly; I also wanted a partner whose faith matched my own. Someone who would open my door, hold my hand, pull me into a hug just because. Someone who wanted to share his life with me. ~Paige”
As someone who has been through what Paige went through—an unexpected breakup of a long term relationship through no fault of her own—I could totally relate to her. All the emotions, the feeling of betrayal, the questioning of “what went wrong” and “could I have fixed it”, the “why couldn't I keep him”, and the feeling of never wanting to trust a man again sort of things that cause some pretty deep hurts and a bruised heart. Also the lesson of what I call “rebound romance” that rarely ever works out and just adds to the fuel of hurt. For Paige, she quite accidentally meets Captain Jake Summers, an air force pilot and one man who could literally shake her world upside down. Except she's not ready to go there again, if ever! But then he begins to dig under the armor she's put up with his boyish charm and genuineness. Will she allow her heart to be healed or will she close herself off to the one man who could be her “Mr. Forever”?

This isn’t what I call a fluffy romance; it's filled with real life situations that any newly formed relationship can go through and can either destroy, or make it stronger. Linton throws both Paige and Jake in the fire pretty early on and I looked forward to how they handled each one as it came up. I rooted for their love to grow in spite of hard things that came their way. I felt they both handled things in a mature manner and learned to be honest with each other. I also loved when Paige shared with Jake how her strong faith in God had helped through some deep valleys in her life. I also liked seeing her relationship with her family develop and how that played a major role in changing her heart. It was fun to watch all things play out from the sidelines! The only thing I wished was different, what was Jake's faith like? The author didn't make it clear, though we have a few hints he believes in God. I just wanted to know for certain where he stood since Paige said she really wanted a partner whose faith matched her own. That's just my take and probably wouldn't bother some other readers as much.

Anyone who loves contemporary romance with an inspirational thread would enjoy this one. It's not too long or overbearing and has just the right amount of pacing for the romance. I really enjoyed getting to know Paige because of how much I related to her in my own life. I'll be looking for more books by Chalon; her writing is fantastic in my opinion!
*I received this book courtesy of Covenant Communications, through Interviews and Reviews, for my honest opinion. I was not obligated to leave a favorable review. *


Back Cover Blurb:
Will Paige decide to share her heart or fly solo?

Paige Hall’s happy ending may just be in sight. She has been dating her boyfriend for months and feels confident their relationship is going in the right direction—until she catches him kissing another woman. Humiliated and hurt, Paige retreats from the dating scene and pledges to never fall hard again as she throws herself into her work as a speech therapist. Her vow is upended in a grocery store parking lot when she is nearly run over by a handsome and very apologetic air force pilot.

Captain Jake Summers is everything a girl could dream of: charming, considerate, and hardworking. Despite Paige’s determination to avoid falling into another relationship, her resolve is no match for the whirlwind romance that ensues. When Jake is not flying, he and Paige are inseparable, and Paige begins to believe in happily ever afters again. But when the couple faces a heartrending loss, they must find strength in each other and in their faith or risk losing a once-in-a-lifetime love. 

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