Sunday, September 6, 2020

BETWIXT TWO HEARTS reviewed by Trixi Oberembt

Authors: Amanda Tru, Cathe Swanson, Kari Trumbo, Alana Terry, Carol Moncado, and Chautona Havig

What a collection!! There are so many book tropes to enjoy in it--ie: Friends-to-love, Enemy-to-love, etc, that I think readers will find some of their favorite ones among this set. These authors are all new-to-me and that was an extra bonus, I'll be looking for books written by each one for future reading! The stories themselves are full of Christian faith playing out in imperfect people, so you'll meet characters like people you may already know living out everyday life. I felt like they could become friends in real life and I'm a huge fan of character lead stories. Some secondary ones I liked over others, but it just made for a well-rounded cast of characters.
Lastly, I've never read books based around a Christian online match-making service (not a dating site), so it was extra fun to meet the couples who were matched through it and see their love story being played out! There's so much to adore about each story and I'm sure readers will find this a refreshing faith-filled set of romantic fiction that satisfies both heart and soul.

*I borrowed this from Kindle Unlimited, and was under no obligation to provide a review.

BackCover Blurb:
Six of today's Best-selling Christian Authors weave six brand-new, unique, interconnected stories where nothing comes between the love betwixt two hearts.

Betwixt Two Hearts by Amanda Tru
With control of their dating website the prize, Bailey and Camden embark on a matchmaking competition that snags on unexpected results. All is fair in a contest of love. May the best matchmaker win.

The Swedehearts Glory Quilt by Cathe Swanson
Eleanor ran away to find herself. David knew exactly where he wanted to go. Could a matchmaking agency put them on the same map?

Whole Latte Love by Kari Trumbo
Misguided Drew thinks all quiet women hide harmful secrets. While pretty, new best friend Addi's soft-spoken nature reminds him too much of past hurts to move their relationship forward. Can a matchmaking agency change his heart?

Seoul Refuge by Alana Terry
Caroline is a new believer, excited and passionate about her faith. Calvin is a Boston police detective, an atheist who can hardly believe Christians have brainwashed his wife. Caroline just wants to follow God. Calvin just wants his wife back.

Guardian of Her Heart by Carol Moncado
Signed up for a dating service by friends and brought together by a stowaway cat, Mark and Casey must decide if they want to overcome their apparent incompatibilities or go their separate ways.

Random Acts of Shyness by Chautona Havig
Heath's sister, Selby, has laid down the law. It’s time to let her take over his love life. After a series of first and only dates, Heath embarks on her new scheme to help him overcome the debilitating nervous habit that has plagued him all his life. However, between dates, each worse than the last, he tries one more time to do things his way… sort of.

Please Note: The Crossroads Collections are sets of stories that are interconnected in some way, but the collections are independent, complete, and can be read in any order. 

Available in digital ebook, paperback or hardcover:

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